Chapter 767: Woken Up

Gu You flashed the key to the handcuffs in front of Chen Shi's eyes and said, "I’ve already told Officer Lin that as long as you don't try to wake up through suicide, I will release the handcuffs for you."

"Sure!" Chen Shi said.

"’Sure won’t do. You have to promise."

"Okay, I promise!"

After Gu You unlocked Chen Shi's handcuffs, he stood up and walked to the window. It was indeed Song Lang's face reflected in the glass, but the scenery outside was so ordinary that he was very confused.

"Do you remember when you fell asleep?" Gu You asked.

"It must have been last night. Today, when the people in the hotel committed suicide one by one, I was thinking, this wouldn’t all this be fake, right? I’ve been having weird dreams the past few days, and I stayed in those dreams for a long time. Someone must have hypnotized me. This damn guy!"

Gu You knew that the more she tried to convince Chen Shi, the more suspicious he’d get. Just like her father at the time. Chen Fengde was also a very smart person, but once a smart person gets into a dead end from stubbornness, no one can change their minds.

"Since you know you’re dreaming, why not tell Lin Dongxue who you are?"

"I... I dare not say. I'm afraid this dream will turn into a nightmare as soon as I talk about it... Haii, wake up quickly! Can I go out for a walk?"

"As long as you don't mess around."

Chen Shi went outside with Gu You. Even when he walked in the familiar corridor, Chen Shi had an illusory feeling. The obsession of "this is a dream" occupied his heart like a virus.

At this time, the police were interrogating "Hanmeng", but the little girl did nothing but sneer while sitting on the interrogation chair with her arms hugging her legs.

When Chen Shi was outside the interrogation room, Lin Dongxue asked in surprise, "Old Chen is all right now?"

Gu You made a ‘be silent’ gesture.

Lin Dongxue changed the subject. "Old Chen, do you want to hear about the case?"

"Yes." Chen Shi said, thinking that breaking through cases in a dream could be really interesting.

"All the people affected came from different places. They booked a hotel room to rest last night and were given urine tests. Hyoscyamine was found in their bodies. The hotel surveillance footage was altered by someone. The footage from 11:00PM until 3:00AM kept repeating. We suspect that someone snuck into their rooms during that time period and hypnotized them."

"What kind of hypnosis can make a person confuse dreams and reality?" Chen Shi asked, "If this was true, is it possible that what happened to Xiaodong was an experiment?"

"My father was in such a state back then. He tried to 'wake up' through suicide several times, but was stopped by me. Day after day, he was trapped in a 'dream' called reality. He became restless. Losing interest in everything, his whole person became like the walking dead."

Hearing Gu You say this, Lin Dongxue glanced at Chen Shi sadly, hoping that he wouldn’t become like this.

Chen Shi stared at the closed-circuit television outside the interrogation room and was silent for a long time. Suddenly, he said, "I want to talk to her."

The interrogation couldn't go on anyway, so the interrogator inside came out first and Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue replaced them. After getting seated, the little girl with her head down looked up at Chen Shi and said, "You know what? When people are in a dream, they can’t verify that it’s a dream unless they wake up."

"Shut up!" Lin Dongxue said, for fear that this little girl would confuse Chen Shi's heart.

"Why do you want to do this to me?" Chen Shi asked.

"Because you hide a big secret in your heart. You’re very confused right now. You don't know whether you’re in reality or in a dream. As long as you believe in me and learn to control your dreams, you’ll be free."

"Stop talking!" Lin Dongxue scolded. She regretted agreeing to let Chen Shi talk to her.

"Did you kill those people in this manner?" Chen Shi asked.

"Don't they deserve to die?"

"It's not up to you to decide whether or not they’re deserving of death."

"Your so-called justice is just self-righteousness out of context. One person kills another. You only see blood and brutality, but you don't know what the murderer had previously experienced..." The little girl's eyes changed. "What I experienced was worse than hell. Can you understand this? What right do the people who personally sent me to hell have in order to say that they’re innocent? As outsiders, why do you interfere with all of this?!"

Suddenly, her lower body turned into countless tentacles, twisting enchantingly. Chen Shi's eyes widened in shock and Lin Dongxue kept tapping the table and roaring, "Stop talking!"

Seeing the weird smile on the little girl's face, Chen Shi held his head and rushed out. Fearing that something might happen to him, Lin Dongxue hurriedly chased after him.

She saw Chen Shi run into an office, kneel on the ground, and touch the desk and chair. Then, he turned on a computer and browsed the contents on it. Lin Dongxue was shocked. Gu You rushed over and said, "He vaguely noticed something and is judging the authenticity of this world."

"How would he judge it?"

"Details! The real world can be infinitely expanded. For example, if you go to a supermarket to buy a pack of instant noodles, the packaging will clearly indicate the formula and manufacturing location. If you go to that location, you will see an instant noodle factory. You can talk to the people in the factory. Everything in the factory can be traced back to the source... The world that can be unfolded infinitely must be reality. He’s waking up through his own reason!"

Chen Shi raised his head and said tremblingly, "I understand what they did to my brain!"

In his last dream, he became Chen Shi in his dream. This was impossible. Now, he found himself as Song Lang in reality. However, if he was Song Lang, Lin Dongxue, Lin Qiupu, and the others’ reactions wouldn’t be so ordinary.

There must have been a mistake there. Someone swapped the two interfaces in his brain so that he would think it was Song Lang when he saw Chen Shi, and vice versa.

"Miss Gu, please treat me!" Chen Shi requested.

Chen Shi was taken to Gu You's consultation room. When he woke up again, he immediately took out his mobile phone and took a picture of his face. He had changed back to Chen Shi.

"Great!" He breathed a sigh of relief.

"Feeling better?" Gu You brought him a cup of hot tea.

"I’m okay. This is reality, right?"

"Correct. Officer Lin is waiting for you outside!"

Chen Shi walked out and when Lin Dongxue saw that he was completely normal, she cried with joy and went up to hug him. Chen Shi patted her on the back and comforted her softly. However, he suddenly wondered whether Gu You’s hypnosis didn't work and whether it was a dream when he saw himself as Chen Shi.


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