Chapter 766: Trapped In The Dreamland

Standing downstairs smoking, Old Zhang was startled by the huge movement, and saw a man fall onto a car with a smile on his face.

Before Old Zhang could calm himself, another woman jumped down and fell on the road. Her whole body was deformed, and the screams of bystanders echoed in the sky.

"Everyone come to the 16th floor!" Lin Qiupu shouted over the radio.

Old Zhang immediately threw his cigarette butt away and rushed to the 16th floor. The scene was already a mess. The crowd screamed and some people squatted in the corner with their heads in their hands, trembling. There was a bloody corpse lying on the ground while Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were holding down a struggling person.

A man was actually tearing at another woman's clothes. Lin Qiupu immediately held him back and shouted, "What are you doing!"

With a foolish smile on his face, the man said, "Disappear from my dream."

"Cuff him!"

After being handcuffed, the man violently broke free from the police, shouting, "No more, no more, I want to wake up!" Then, he rushed straight toward the window.

If it weren't for Chen Shi's quick reflexes throwing him down to the ground, it would have been another life lost.

After a lot of hard work, all these "lunatics" were brought under control. Not all of those that were invited to attend the class reunion had been affected. It was only some of them. A total of three people died. One of them killed themself and two of them jumped off the building.

At this time, Chen Shi suddenly found that "Hanmeng" was sitting leisurely on the edge of the stage, eating a piece of cake in her hand as if it had nothing to do with her. When Chen Shi saw her, she raised her hands as if to say: "Please catch me!"

"She’s the suspect?!" Lin Qiupu said incredulously.

"Yes, I suggest taking her for an individual examination to see how old her actual age is." Chen Shi said. He was full of doubts and didn’t know how she had done it.

These crazy and suicidal people had one thing in common. They all thought they were in a dream.

"Hanmeng" was taken away and Lin Qiupu asked the policeman in charge of tracking the safety exits and elevator, "Who saw her coming up?"

Everyone shook their heads and Chen Shi said, "Dongxue and I have been watching the entrances and exits at the scene. It’s impossible for us to not find a "child" coming in..." Chen Shi looked at a few large boxes with speaker equipment beside the chair and walked over. He opened them one by one and smelled the insides. One of the empty boxes smelled of sweat. He said, "She was hiding here in advance to ambush the reunion."

"Take it back for the interrogation!" Lin Qiupu sighed feebly. Such close surveillance still allowed for something to happen.

Chen Shi was also exhausted. He followed everyone down the elevator. When he walked into the elevator, he suddenly saw his face reflected on the elevator wall. Suddenly, he said, "Fuck, here we go again!"

"What's wrong, Old Chen?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"What did you call me?"

Everyone's gazes fell on Chen Shi. Chen Shi reached out and pressed the elevator button and went straight down to the ninth floor. It happened so suddenly that Lin Dongxue thought he was going to the bathroom, but she saw him run across the corridor towards the window at the end.

"No, even he was affected!" Lin Qiupu was shocked.

Lin Dongxue rushed out of the elevator to catch up, and threw Chen Shi to the ground at her fastest speed. She cried, "Wake up! You’re not dreaming!"

Chen Shi gently said to her, "Okay, okay, I know. Get off of me!"

Lin Dongxue, who thought Chen Shi had already woken up, let him go. This scene had frightened her. Lin Dongxue's tears kept pouring out, and she couldn't wipe them away no matter what. Chen Shi stretched out his hand to wipe her tears away and said, "Even in a dream, I love you so much and don't want to see you cry."

"Hey!" Lin Dongxue was shocked. "This is reality!"

She pinched Chen Shi's arm extremely hard, and Chen Shi's tears almost fell from the pain. He took out his phone and opened the front camera to look at his face. After looking at it, he seemed to understand something and his expression became more determined.

Lin Qiupu caught up and said, "Another one’s gone crazy? Handcuff him!"

"I’ve already woken up, okay?" Chen Shi said.

"I can tell when someone is lying, even if it’s you." Lin Qiupu said confidently.

"Hahahaha, Little Lin, you’ve learned well!"

Lin Qiupu was astonished for a moment. Nobody had called him "Little Lin" for a long time.

Everyone was surprised as well. They didn’t know when Chen Shi was affected. Lin Dongxue said that she had been with Chen Shi for the past two days, but Chen Shi often had strange dreams before that and was a little unstable.

So, they could only ask Gu You for help.

Lin Qiupu invited Gu You, and Chen Shi was locked in a conference room with his hands cuffed to the back of the chair. Gu You sat in front of him and asked, "Why do you think you are dreaming?"

"Give me a mirror!"

Gu You opened the front camera of her phone and handed it to Chen Shi. In the image, he was Song Lang. This would never happen in reality, so he was quite sure that this was a dream.

An extremely real dream!

"Take a picture!" Chen Shi said, "Who do you see in the photo?"

Gu You took a picture and looked at it suspiciously. "It's yourself."

"Who am I?"

"Chen Shi!"

Chen Shi shook his head and said in a low voice, "It's Song Lang. That’s who I am originally. I only have this identity in my dreams."

Gu You got up and said, "I'll pour you a glass of water."

When she got outside, she said to the police officers who were waiting outside, "In reality, he saw a sign that only appeared in his dreams. I guess someone adjusted this while he was sleeping and buried this 'catalyst' in his consciousness in advance."

"I can't believe that a clever person like Chen Shi would also be affected by such a cheap trick!" Lin Qiupu was shocked.

"The smarter the person, the more he believes in his own judgment. He now firmly believes that he’s dreaming and no one can change that." Gu You said. "Don't force him. Forcing him will only make him pretend to compromise and deceive you with lies... I will follow along and tell him that this is indeed a dream. I will give him hypnotic suggestions when he falls asleep."

"Xiaodong was also tricked in the same way last night. He couldn't distinguish between reality and his dreams... Today's deceased and ‘crazy’ people are probably like that due to the same principle!" Lin Dongxue said in horror.

"I'll go to Captain Peng for a urine test to see if he has been drugged." Lin Qiupu said.

"You should interrogate the suspect first. I’ll take care of Mr. Chen."

Everyone left one after another. In the end, only Lin Dongxue was left. She asked Gu You, "What was the marker that Old Chen saw? He seemed to care about his face. Is it related to this?"

"I can't reveal any secrets of the patient, but you can ask him yourself. He thinks he’s dreaming, and he might tell you."

"This probably involves his secret, so I won't take advantage of him!"

"You respect him very much!" Gu You smiled.


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