Chapter 756: Midnight Invasion

Seeing Chen Fengde evaporating directly from the world, Chen Shi's reason told him that this was impossible. He said, "It’s fake. No one can escape from prison like this!"

Suddenly, the scene changed like a curtain on a stage. He was at the factory where the prisoners were working. At this time, the escape had already happened. A group of prison guards were investigating the scene. Behind a bucket full of liquid, they found that the wall had a hole in it.

"It's over! It’s over! He ran away!" Guard A said.

"Why didn't you keep watch at that time!" Guard B said.

"I... I went to the bathroom. I had constipation!"

"He’s a death row prisoner. If he runs away, we would all lose our jobs and maybe even go to jail... I think it's better if we have a unified testimony where we say we don't know how he ran away."

"Then this hole..."

"Seal it with cement before the police find it!"

Chen Shi listened to this on the side and everything seemed reasonable, but he immediately denied it. When the prisoners went to work, more than one prison guard was monitoring the scene. Even if the prison guard went to the toilet, no matter how long he stayed in the toilet, nobody could use this time to dig a hole leading to the outside.

Besides, there were other prisoners at the scene! Reporting someone else’s escape is considered a meritorious deed. How could so many prisoners just watch Chen Fengde break out of prison?

This was just a useless plan he reasoned in his brain. It didn’t count as a fresh clue.

The image in front of him suddenly stopped. The prison guards stood motionless, and the cigarette in their hand solidified in the air. A little girl in a white dress walked slowly through the still picture up to Chen Shi. She was the little girl they had seen that day.

"Dream Master?" Chen Shi asked.

"You already know who I am? Dreams are my kingdom, where I can create everything and even interfere with reality."

"Through your believers?"

"Believers? Huh, you’re really keen. There are people who believe in me, so I gave them gifts."

"What you can give is nothing but an illusory dream."

"What human beings pursue all their lives are illusory anyway. In a dream, you can have another life. You can dominate a kingdom, you can be free from the shackles of reality and morality, and you can do whatever you want at will. Furthermore, it doesn’t disappear. Dreams are always there. As long as you close your eyes, you can get rid of the troubles of reality and come to the kingdom of dreams! Song Lang, your heart is full of contradictions and anxiety. You’re escaping from your past. You must have thought of living another kind of life where the thing that ruined you didn’t happen. You and Han Luoxi could be together, living as a 'police legend'. Or, you could discover your talent, completely liberating your nature, and use evil to control evil!" The little girl stretched out a hand. "As long as you want it, I can give it to you."

"Prove it to me!" Chen Shi said gloomily. "Prove that you really have this ability."

"Why should I prove it to you? Proving something is a sign of weakness. You only need to believe in me to open the door to dreams."

"Hmph!" Chen Shi sneered. "Forget it, these... these... are all things I see with my eyes and hear with my ears. This dream is just a scrap of my thinking. Even you are. The deep dream pool and the Dream Master doesn’t exist at all, and no one can enter the consciousness of others!"

The little girl smiled. "The door of madness and reality is right in front of you. The thing that locks it is called reason. The key is always in your hands. It depends on whether you want to open it or not. Try it out!"

After saying that, the little girl drifted away like mist. Chen Shi sat up from the bed and pinched his arm to confirm that it was reality.

He went to drink some water, and stepped on something soft as he got out of bed.

It was the cat, Maoqiu. It always liked to sleep everywhere and was often stepped on. Chen Shi had already developed a conditioned reflex and he immediately retracted his feet before he put any more weight on his foot.

Maoqiu let out a grunt, and Chen Shi knelt down to pet it. "Why don't you go to Yueyue's room? Did you come to find me?"

He found Maoqiu trembling. There was a very light click in the midnight silence. Chen Shi rushed out of his bedroom, opened the door, and saw a dark figure sprinting down the stairs.


He couldn’t chase after the dark figure in slippers. The dark figure was already gone. He gasped and returned angrily, only to find that the door was closed by the wind and he had no key. Hence, he had to ring the doorbell.

Tao Yueyue opened the door and asked, "Why are you running out in the middle of the night?"

"Shhh. Someone entered our house... Go and get gloves!"

Chen Shi put on the gloves and checked the keyhole carefully. There were indeed signs of prying. He asked Tao Yueyue, "Have you picked the lock recently?"

"I went downstairs to buy potato chips the day before yesterday and forgot to bring the key..."


In this way, it was impossible to judge whether it was the person just then who pried it or Tao Yueyue.

Back in the house, the danger was lifted. Maoqiu jumped into Tao Yueyue's arms and acted affectionately. Chen Shi found that a cup had been turned over on the table and was sitting upright. There was still some water in it. He picked it up and observed. This "thief" was drinking from a cup?!

The next morning, Chen Shi brought this cup to Peng Sijue for identification. It was confirmed that the lip lines weren’t from Chen Shi and Tao Yueyue, but there was no database for lip lines unless they found the person for comparison.

Someone did enter his house last night, and no valuables were gone from the house (Though in fact, nothing was valuable in the house). It was unknown whether it was an ordinary thief or a malicious criminal.

Could it be that he was hypnotized?

The defense of the brain is very weak in a person's sleep. It can be hypnotized by just a few words of guidance in the ear. He had strange dreams for two consecutive nights. Was it related to this mysterious person?

He couldn't figure this out, so Chen Shi didn't think about it anymore and continued to investigate the case today.

Xu Xiaodong made an important discovery. He said that it was a large hospital with well-preserved data. He found the data of the patients who were killed ten years ago. The three people of the same age came from the same place. They were from a small town called Yinxian, which was next to Long’an. In fact, they used to be classmates. The three of them travelled by car together and fell into the lake in a car accident. Because they were not rescued in time, they were brain dead for about five minutes and became vegetative.

"There’s another clue. Prior to the incident ten years ago, Liu Tao changed his wife’s ward and it happened to be with these three vegetative people." Xu Xiaodong said.

"Awesome, you’ve been really helpful to find such detailed information."

"Hehe, Brother Chen, how are you going to reward me?"

"I treat you to lunch at noon!"

At noon, Chen Shi treated Xu Xiaodong to have a teppanyaki meal. At the food table, he said, "Lu Ming and the three vegetative people are all from Yinxian No. 1 Middle School, which is consistent with my speculations. I think the murderer also came from there."

"Isn't the murderer Chen Fengde?" Lin Dongxue asked, "You mean there’s a mastermind behind the scenes?"

"Yes, this mastermind behind the scenes knows how to manipulate people's hearts. Chen Fengde and Liu Tao are both their pawns. The murder may not be for utilitarian purposes, but for personal revenge... In fact, I think they’re a secret cult!"


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