Chapter 754: Gu You's Secret

Gu You looked at Chen Shi in surprise and asked, "Did you investigate that?"

"No, I just observed your reaction. You care about Chen Fengde a lot and it’s not like the attitude of a psychologist towards their patients. Furthermore, when we asked about his daughter, you were a little nervous."

Gu You burst into laughter. "Sure enough, nothing can escape your eyes, Mr. Chen... Yes, Chen Fengde is my biological father. My mother and him weren’t married. The relationship between the two lasted until I was ten before it was over. I took my mother’s surname. She said that she didn't seem to have any privacy in front of Chen Fengde. He could see through everything she did or even thought about. That feeling was very unsettling, so they both broke up."

"My mother took me to live in another city. Later, a car accident took my mother's life. I was helpless and had to go back to find Chen Fengde. Although Chen Fengde showed no nostalgia for my mother, he had always been missing this daughter of his. He always dreamed of me, so he set me as a marker to recognize in his dreams. X is me! He thought he would never see me again in his lifetime. Who knew that one day, I would cry and appear in front of him. He treated me very well, but because of my appearance, he gradually couldn't distinguish between his dreams and reality. I think I was the source of his madness. Over the years, I’ve felt guilty and want to prove that he hasn’t gone mad and that the deep dream pool is real. I’m very conflicted knowing that this kind of thing sounds too absurd."

As she said this, Gu You felt another wave of sadness and took the tissues from Chen Shi to wipe away her tears.

"Do I need to keep it a secret for you?" Chen Shi asked.

"No, no need. I was hiding my relationship with him because I was afraid that you wouldn’t help me."

"You’ve thought too much. We’ve known you for so long, so we believe your character. Of course I will help you... By the way, why doesn't Chen Fengde want to see you?"

"I don't know. A year ago, he refused to see me. He refused to see anyone."

"Have you ever dreamed of him?"

Gu You smiled. "Mr. Chen, you aren’t starting to believe this fallacy, right?"

"I’m just curious."

"I dream about him often. In my dreams, I would always look like I did when I was twelve. He would take me to the playground and talk about a father’s teachings. It’s strange to say that whenever I encounter troubles, he appears in my dreams. Maybe I’m too eager to get comfort, but these dreams really gave me a lot of encouragement and courage. Every time I wake up, I record in detail what happened in the dream. In fact, I have an ulterior motive. I will verify these dreams with Chen Fengde again when I see him again. If he can tell them all to me, it will prove..."

"Prove that he can really enter other people's dreams?"


Chen Shi pointed to the screen. "Look at his expression when he talks. That is an expression that shows he’s certain of the truth. Whether the deep dream pool is real or not, it’s real to him."

Gu You stared at the screen while holding her cheeks. "I have a deep inferiority complex in my heart. My father is a death row prisoner. He’s killed so many people. The newspaper describes him as a demon. I dare not tell this to anyone. Dating Captain Peng, I didn't dare to talk about my father either for fear that he would dislike my background."

"Old Peng's family situation isn’t good either. The influence of his family has created his current awkward character. You can tell him honestly. It’s a blessing to have someone to lick each other's wounds."

"He is a perfect person who can transform his dark side into a positive side of his character, calmly handle his life, stick to his beliefs, and not interfere with others. In my eyes, he’s so perfect. It often makes me feel ashamed from inferiority."

Chen Shi smiled. "We have one thing in common. We both like him very much."

Gu You smiled. Her emotions had settled down. Chen Shi said, "I’ll keep the matter of Chen Fengde being your father a secret for you. If you want to make it public, you can make it public yourself."

"Thank you!"

They continued to watch the interrogation video. In these records, Chen Fengde had been talking about dreams and mysteries. All the questions thrown at him by the prison guards were answered by the deep dream pool and Dream Master.

An hour later, Lin Dongxue and Xin Bai came back and asked if they had found anything. Chen Shi shook his head. "There are no valuable clues. This person is completely living in his own world."

"Actually, I’m also a person who lives in my own world." Xin Bai said. "For most people, fantasy is just an adjustment, but for me, fantasy is my life."

"Haha, solving cases is everything to me." Chen Shi smiled.

As they turned to leave, Lin Dongxue stared at Gu You's face and curiously asked, "Miss Gu, have you been crying?"

"We talked about some things and I was a little sad, so I cried." Gu You answered frankly.

"Just let people keep a little privacy!" Chen Shi said.

"You didn't make Miss Gu cry, right?"

"Absolutely not."

Lin Dongxue glanced at Chen Shi suspiciously.

Xin Bai said on the way that it was an eye-opening experience to visit the workshops where the prisoners went to work. This place was mainly used for electroplating and parts processing. Work was an important part of a prisoner’s life. Earning work points allowed them to exchange them for many necessities and reduce their sentences.

"Any leads?" Chen Shi asked.

Lin Dongxue shook her head. "There were fingerprints and footprints everywhere, and there’s no way to examine them. After the escape, the prison should have contacted us as soon as possible. They were hopeful, thinking they could chase the fugitive back and missed the best opportunity for investigation."

"Who was the last person to see Chen Fengde?"

"Prisonmates A, B, C, D, etc., We’ve questioned them one by one. They kept saying that they knew about the situation, but in fact, they just figured out a way to be lazy. The things they said were worthless... However, one person mentioned that Chen Fengde was very thin and often skipped dinner. However, his energy levels were always very good. The man said that no one had better sleep quality than he does, and he often laughed in his sleep."

"How thin was he?"

"It’s said that the legs are thinner than the average arm. He was practically skin and bones."

"Starving himself into a thin stick to get out from somewhere?" Chen Shi pondered for a while. "Impossible!"

"My brother is currently investigating his personal belongings."

When they got to an office, Lin Qiupu had put a big cardboard box in front of him. He took the things out one by one. Chen Shi found an item and held it in his hand.

It was a piece of soap, carefully carved into a human shape. It was a woman, but the lower body was just a large tentacle shape with many strange symbols on the back of it, making it look strange.

"Is this the so-called Dream Master?" Chen Shi said, "Hey, look. Have you seen the face of this statue?"

Lin Dongxue leaned over and said in surprise, "That little girl?!"


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