Chapter 751: The Murder In The Gym

“The boundless horizon is my love, and the flowers are blooming at the foot of the green hills..."

In the early morning, the employees in Hot Pot City opposite of the Public Security Bureau began to dance again. Whenever Lin Dongxue heard this, it meant that she was late, but this time, she wasn’t actually late. Then, she saw Xu Xiaodong appear with dark circles under his eyes greet her.

"Did you stay up late playing games again?"

"I didn’t play the game. The game played me. I was stuck on a boss for four hours last night... But I’ve passed it now." Xu Xiaodong still showed a trace of pride on his face.

"You can die suddenly like this."

"No, the experts said that working overtime is called enduring late sleep, but playing mobile phones and computers until late is just going to sleep late, which doesn't have much of an impact on your health. What does it matter if young people sleep for a few hours less? Aren’t I still very energetic every day?"

"There are heaps of experts, but you just pick this kind of thing to listen to!"

At this time, a taxi appeared on the side of the road, and a man jumped out of the car. Xu Xiaodong let out a "Huh?" and asked, "Isn't this what’s-his-name from the last time?"

Seeing Lin Dongxue, Xin Bai ran over excitedly and shouted, "Dongxue, it’s me! It’s me!"

Lin Dongxue frowned. Why did this damn uncle call her in such an intimate way? She said, "I won't necessarily go to the prison today!"

"No, I'm Chen Shi!"


"Last night, we swapped bodies in our dreams!" Xin Bai scratched his hair. "Damn it, why did this happen?"

Lin Dongxue opened her mouth wide in shock. At this moment, a rolled up newspaper knocked on Xin Bai's head. Chen Shi suddenly appeared and said, "Don't make such silly jokes."

Xin Bai grinned and asked Lin Dongxue, "Officer Lin, were you deceived by me?"

"You bastard! Old Chen, you don't look too good."

"Oh, I had a nightmare last night and didn't get a good rest... I really shouldn't have watched ‘Ring’ with Yueyue before going to bed."

In that dream that was like a serial drama, Chen Shi kept going till dawn, which made him very haggard. Of course, it was impossible to exchange bodies. He woke up and thought about it. All the images in the dream were experienced or heard by himself previously. From this, it could be seen that they were just ordinary dreams.

But from this dream, it could also be seen that his subconscious was also tempted by the fallacies of Chen Fengde and Liu Tao.

Lin Dongxue went to see Captain Lin. She came out and said to them, "Okay, the prison procedures haven’t been completed yet. Why don’t we go investigate the case today?"

"The one in the gym?" Xin Bai asked.

"I wasn’t talking to you. Can you not follow me?" Lin Dongxue said in contempt.

Xin Bai shook Chen Shi's hands. "Mr. Chen, take me. Let me broaden my horizons."

"Take him and let him know how boring it is to investigate cases."

Lin Dongxue sighed. "Don't regret it!"

"Awesome!" Xin Bai raised his hands and cheered.

The deceased in the gym was called Lu Ming. The scene was surveyed yesterday. Lu Ming maintained his fitness habits all year round. It’s said that he ate 70 egg whites a day and bought human milk online. He was very muscly – So much that he needed two autopsy beds side by side to lay his corpse down.

After being dissected, it was understood that Lu Ming was stabbed in the heart with a 30 cm long sharp weapon, and he was killed on the spot without any resistance. Since the murder scene was a shower room, the murderer likely went in naked and "generously" left a footprint. Judging by the length of the sole, it was a male of about 1.7 meters, who was leaning towards being thin.

No matter how you looked at it, it was an ordinary case that could be solved on foot just by visiting people.

Lin Dongxue's assignment was to visit Lu Ming's girlfriend, Liang Jing.

The two were currently living together. When they got to Lu Ming's house, Xin Bai was as excited as though he was full of beans. As he was going upstairs, he said, "Should I go downstairs to lay in ambush?"

"Who are you ambushing? A golden retriever that urinates everywhere?" Chen Shi asked.

"No, as soon as you knock on the door, the murderer in the house would know that the situation isn’t good for them. They will definitely jump out of the window to escape. Then, you will chase after them. Who knows how many stalls get overturned in the chase before the murderer finally escapes. You can only head back in failure to investigate his girlfriend's body."

"You’ve watched too many movies. If this kind of thing is really going to happen, I’ll take your last name!" Chen Shi said.

The three went to the apartment and rang the doorbell. No one answered the door for a long time. Xin Bai put his ear on the door to listen and hooked his finger. Chen Shi curiously leaned forward. He heard the sound of a window opening inside, and then there was the sound of a cry a man made when jumping from the building. Based on the Doppler effect,[1] it must have been called out during the jump.

"No way!" Chen Shi was shocked. Xin Bai’s crow's mouth came true, and they immediately rushed to the stairs.

When they got downstairs, they saw a man rolling down from the awning on the first floor, rolling a few more times on the ground, getting up, and then running away. Chen Shi was shocked because the man was naked.

"Look at that man!"

"Is he mad?"

Residents in the housing community stopped to watch drama unfold.

"Don't run!" Chen Shi caught up with him in a few steps and pressed the man to the ground. The man yelled, "The dick is about to rub off, let go!"

Chen Shi didn't have any rope or handcuffs. Seeing an older sister walking a dog next to him, he borrowed the leash from her. The older sister was almost completely dazed the entire time.

It wasn’t easy to tie him up using the leash, so he could only put it around the man’s neck and hold it.

The man sat up and checked his genitals. "Is this necessary? It’s just an affair."

"Ah? Then why did you run?"

"Fuck, I was in the middle of my business when someone suddenly came back. How could I not run? Her boyfriend is as strong as a cow! Were you the one who pressed the doorbell?"

"Head back with me for questioning."

Chen Shi held the leash and walked, but the man refused to go. He asked, "You were sent by him to catch us in the act?"

"No, I’m a policeman." Chen Shi lied, though not necessarily to trick him.

"Oh, that's great then." The man breathed a sigh of relief.

Bringing the man back, Lin Dongxue and Xin Bai were standing in the house for questioning. When they saw a naked man being brought back, both of them widened their eyes. Liang Jing buttoned up his buttons and said, "You knocked on the door without saying you were police, making me think it was that guy who came back."

"Don't you know that Lu Ming is dead?" Lin Dongxue said.

"Huh?" The hand that was buttoning stopped. Chen Shi thought this was a very normal reaction. "How did he die?"

"He was killed in the gym. Do you know if he had any enemies around him?"

"Tch, he has many enemies. Don't look at this guy's tasteful daily life. In fact, he owes a butt load of debt to the loan sharks. He hides from them all day. He’s a man who doesn’t work and doesn't want to earn money honestly. He just wants to start a business and make a fortune in an instant. He fooled around for a few years and none of his businesses were successful. He borrowed a lot of loans and even asked me to help him pay it back. I'll tell you the truth. My relationship with him is irrecoverable. Who would want to be with this kind of hopeless man? However, he struggles and insists on not letting go." Liang Jing raised her chin towards her lover. "See, this is my new boyfriend. He’s a photographer."

The naked man sat on the bed and fiddled with his genitals, saying frustratedly, "You have to compensate me for my mental damage. I can't get it hard even after playing with it for so long. I might have been scared into impotence by you guys."

1. The Doppler effect is the change in frequency of a wave in relation to an observer who is moving relative to the wave source.


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