Chapter 742: Case Closed

In the interrogation room, Little Four had one leg propped up on the arm of the chair with his right hand on his knee, and he was biting his nails. His sitting posture was like that of an unruly child. Lin Qiupu reminded him three times before he returned to a normal sitting posture. He coldly said, "I’ll only talk to Officer Lin."

"Why are you willing to talk to me?" Lin Dongxue walked in. "Do I remind you of your elder sister?"

"Because you look good." Little Four smiled.

This time, the interrogation was conducted by Lin Dongxue and Lin Qiupu. In fact, Lin Dongxue mainly asked the questions. After asking for his basic information, Lin Dongxue began to verify the details of the case. Little Four spoke slowly. The whole process was similar to Chen Shi's speculation.

In fact, when Zhang Xiao said in the group chat that the head he received was disfigured, he had already guessed it was him. However, he didn't want to be arrested after killing people, so he still killed Little Wei and Big Niu in turn according to his own plan. Then it was Zhang Xiao. Only these three people knew when he had entered the association.

"I originally planned to use self-mutilation to hide the truth from you. I’d chop off my right hand, fake the scene, and act as if I was found by the murderer but accidentally escaped with my life. I even bought painkillers and rope, but... I couldn't do it. Maybe my survival instincts are too strong. I bit my lips until they split but I still couldn’t cut my hand off."

"I have something I’m very curious about. Since you knew their addresses from the beginning, why not just kill them one by one?"

"That would be meaningless. I must find the person who killed my sister, look into his eyes, make him repent, and then kill him slowly!" As he said this, Little Four's eyes showed a flash of viciousness.

"Did Zhang Xiao repent before he died?"

Little Four sneered and shook his head. "Died without repentance... Officer Lin, I have a question to ask you. If you met a PUA, would you recognize one?"

"I don't think I would be fooled like that."

"But my sister would. She was a very innocent girl. Every day, she fantasized about meeting her Prince Charming. This was her cute but unfortunate side... Both my elder sisters were like this. The more innocent a woman is, the more people will deceive her. The world never protects the weak until one day when the weak turns into a jackal and fights back against the despicable people."

Lin Qiupu frowned when he heard the remarks. They were words that shirked responsibility. However, Lin Dongxue didn’t intend to lecture a person who was about to be sentenced to death. Chen Shi said that behavior determines values, and a few words cannot change their thinking.

"I don't mean to offend. What did your original sister do?"

"She was an ordinary employee."

"But according to the police, she was secretly a prostitute, and the little hooligan you killed was her 'customer'."

Little Four took a deep breath and didn’t fly into a rage. He said, "It was those people defaming her. My sister was the kindest and gentlest woman in the world. In order to earn money for me to go to school, she gave up her own studies and got a job in a small workshop. It’s the kind that makes the mobile phone charms which people use. Her job was to string small beads on them. One hundred of those would only  earn her one yuan. She was always very gentle. Only one thing would make her angry, which was my desire to quit school and get a job. I felt that it was too hard for her by herself. She refused to agree to this matter no matter what. She said that our parents had passed away early, and that I must study in order to be successful. For this goal, it didn’t matter how tired she was or how hard it was on her."

Lin Dongxue thought of how Lin Qiupu had taken care of her when she was a child. Although they were orphans, they were fortunately supported financially by relatives. Although their childhood was difficult, they could both receive an education.

"Do you know that your sister is dead?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"Yes, I found out about it a year ago, but I was away trying to lie low and couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t go back to mourn her. Then I met Duan Lin. She treated me as though she was my elder sister, and I found a sense of familiarity with her. I was willing to regard her as family. A woman can be an older sister, a mother, a lover, and at the same time, women are themselves. They have their own unique value, but when I saw her being used as a plaything, with the video of her suicide being shown off in the group, I could no longer calm down. In the eyes of this group of people, women are worthless except for being playthings."

"So you thought you were ridding people of a scourge?" Lin Qiupu couldn't help but ask.

Little Four glanced at him disdainfully, ignored him, and continued saying to Lin Dongxue, "Why do you want to save those people? I slashed their throats. As long as you took a little longer to call the ambulance, or if the ambulance was delayed on the road, they would die. Why do you want to save these people? In your eyes, as long as it’s a life, is it more important than everything else? No matter how bad a person is? If you knew what each of them was doing, you would feel that all of them deserve to die...In fact, when I did that, I had a thought in my mind that for every scum like this that’s killed, there will be fewer unhappy women like my sister."

"Little Four, I discussed this with Old Chen. Bad PUAs are indeed hateful things. To make them disappear and prevent women from being deceived, it requires media advertising, public efforts, and legal protection. The most important thing is the awakening of women themselves. The idea of treating women as playthings is widespread in society. It was only in this soil that the deformed product, PUA, was born. This process is arduous and the road is long, just like curing a disease. It’s very slow, but it’s the only way to solve the problem. Killing a few people won’t solve the problem. By the way, we are investigating those people. They are suspected of fraud and rape. If there are no unexpected circumstances, they will all be punished by the law."

"Elder Sister Lin, is it because you’re a police officer that you’d never agree with murder, or is it because you originally thought that way?"

"I originally thought that everyone has their own value. Even people who are regarded as rubbish by everyone have their own value and unlimited possibilities in the future. No one can deprive a person of the right to live."

"Is even a person like me valuable? What is waiting for me must be the death penalty. The death penalty means that the law considers me to be garbage that should be disposed of!"

"Have you ever heard of the prisoner who invented the brushless electric motor[1] one day before he was due to be executed? His sentence was reduced and he was finally released. Never give up on yourself. As long as you’re still alive, there are endless possibilities!"

Little Four covered his face and his shoulders shook. It turned out that he was crying. He said, "I really wish I could eat the stir-fried tomatoes and scrambled eggs made personally by my sister!"

1. Also known as electronically commutated motors. 


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