Chapter 740: Headless Mystery

Lin Dongxue hurried over upon hearing the news. Little Four was cuffed and taken away. She asked, "What's wrong with his face?"

"I sprinkled flour on him." Chen Shi replied.

"Where did you get the flour?" Lin Dongxue asked with a smile.

"I was afraid that he’d have a knife on him as that would be difficult to deal with, so while strolling around downstairs, I borrowed a handful of flour from a nearby noodle shop... Isn't it a bit mean of me?"

"Haha, I don't want you to be too brave. As long as he was caught, it’s okay."

The fire was quickly brought under control. The police found that the fire wasn’t actually that big. Little Four had wrapped the cards in the bar with cotton cloth, sprinkled them with water, and burned them to create a lot of smoke.

The most shocking thing was that there was a large wooden bucket next to the door, which was full of tap water. Little Four had been hiding in it at the time. When the police broke in and the whole house was enveloped in smoke, he got out of this bucket of water quietly and escaped in the chaos.

What a plan to cross the sea by a trick!

There were a total of seven people held hostage in the bar. They were the owner and a part-timer in addition to those five who all had their throats slashed. However, Little Four deliberately didn’t cut them too deep. The reason was so that the wounded would stall the police. Even if the police found out that he had escaped, the police could only give priority to the preservation of lives when the five people could die at any time.

They were sent to the hospital and all survived, but it would take them some time to recover. They were currently unable to speak due to their throat injuries.

After running around the whole day, both Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were exhausted. Lin Dongxue suggested that they should hurry home and sleep. Chen Shi raised both hands in agreement. Just as they were about to take a taxi home, they received a text message from Lin Qiupu - "The headless mystery has been uncovered!"

"Do you want to go back to the bureau now?" Lin Dongxue asked.

Chen Shi pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Let’s go back and have a look. I also want to know what's going on."

Back at the Public Security Bureau, the reporters had already left. The chief had personally promised that a press conference will be held in the near future to explain the headless mystery and the causes and results of this case. Personal interviews before this wouldn’t be accepted.

Although the peace there had been restored, the Internet became even more lively. Many city residents got home after work and joined the discussion excitedly after seeing this Weibo post. The first few live videos had been reposted over one million times. Countless advertisers were competing for the hot spots.

Walking into the public security building, Lin Dongxue was extremely excited, as if she was about to open a gift. Chen Shi said, "Don't be too excited. The truth is often not so mysterious."

It was a full house in a certain conference room. Besides the members of the second team, there were a few fresh faces. Lin Qiupu saw the two come in and said, "You’re here. We’ve waited for a long time. Let's start then! Let me introduce you to these experts in neurosurgery from the city hospital. Thanks to their valuable opinions, and their afternoon-long discussion with Captain Peng, we now understand the cause of the whole thing.

A white-haired doctor nodded and smiled, "This time’s matter has caused quite a stir, and it’s our great honor to be able to participate."

Another young doctor said, "Although there’s indeed a medical explanation, I can only use ‘miracle’ to describe encountering this kind of thing in my lifetime."

Peng Sijue stood up and said, "The autopsy has been completed. Here, I must first conduct a self-review. After the murder happened in the morning, I rushed to the scene. Usually, I’m used to observing the pupils and checking the carotid arteries to confirm death. This time, as the deceased had been beheaded, I had the preconceived notion that he was already dead, so I skipped this step. This was my grave negligence!"

"You mean Zhang Xiao, who had no head, was still alive when he was brought back to the autopsy room?" Chen Shi was surprised.

"He must have been alive then. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have 'resurrected'."

Lin Qiupu said, "Captain Peng has always been rigorous. This time, such a careless mistake actually happened. It can be seen that common sense is the most likely to mislead people. When you see a headless body, you think it must be dead. Everyone must take this as a lesson."

"Old Peng not confirming a death was an unlikely event. The policeman on duty in the hall was called out by the old lady to ask for directions. This was the second unlikely event. 'Resurrection from the dead' itself was the biggest unlikely event. Having all three of these happen together is the coincidence of coincidences, but there’s also a certainty in it, because this is called Murphy's law!" Chen Shi said. Everyone could tell he was defending Peng Sijue.

Peng Sijue asked his assistant to start the slideshow. A photo was projected on the white screen. Most of the people present couldn’t recognize the organ. Peng Sijue said, "During the autopsy, I found that there was gray soft tissue with many grooves in it within the spine of the deceased. The subsequent brain autopsy revealed that his right brain was squeezed by a huge tumor. The tumor took over most of the blood supply and the entire right brain was in a state of necrosis. I contacted the doctor in his hometown. It was confirmed that this brain tumor was discovered in March last year. As it had grown along the artery, it was difficult to remove. The doctor said that the deceased had signs of hemiplegia at one point. However, the success rate of the operation was too low. A decision was made to recreate a right brain for the deceased. That is, stem cell transplantation!"

Hearing these words, the audience below started discussing spiritedly and took a long time to calm down.

"Stem cells are primitive, undifferentiated cells with multi-directional differentiation potential and self-replication ability. They are commonly known as universal cells. They can replace any cells in the human body. Doctors injected stem cells into the bone marrow of the deceased, and the bone marrow has the same cerebrospinal fluid as the brain. The neuron structure is also the same. The injected stem cells ‘settled’ there and gradually formed the ‘second brain’. Of course, this was only a transitional medical plan. The doctor originally planned to wait for the second brain to be fully formed before removing the tumor along with the necrotic right brain."

"When the deceased was decapitated, there was actually a right brain in his body, but the decapitation also took away his cerebellum and paralyzed the autonomic nerves throughout the body. I discussed with the experts and reached a conclusion that as this second brain was connected to the spine, it assumed part of the functions of the cerebellum. Human neurons have strong adaptability. There was a medical case where the patient’s finger nerves were wrongly connected, but quickly returned to normal function. When the deceased was taken back to the autopsy room, he was in a state of suspended animation caused by hemorrhagic shock. In order to save itself, his nervous system rebuilt his cardiopulmonary function through the second brain and completed the ‘resurrection’!”

"The evidence to support this conclusion is in the video taken at the scene. After the 'resurrection', only the left half of the body could move, because the right brain controls the left half of the body. However, this 'resurrection' was just terminal lucidity. First of all, his body gravely lacked blood. Secondly, without the filtering function of the respiratory tract, the air directly entered the trachea. During the autopsy, I found that his alveoli were swollen and showed signs of slight inflammation. As the body already lacked blood, with the internal organs failing, the inhalation of unfiltered air meant that the blood was unable to detoxify itself. Various cumulative reasons led to his true death."

After hearing this speech, everyone was amazed. Chen Shi said, "No wonder he drew on the ground before he died. It was because he no longer had the left brain that controls language and logic."

Lin Dongxue only felt that the deceased was really pitiful, actually dying twice. She said, "If we found out in time, could we have saved him?"

A doctor replied, "That’s almost impossible. It was his adrenaline and adenosine diphosphate converted from adenosine triphosphate that prompted the deceased to move. This is equivalent to squeezing energy out of the last bit of cell storage. In fact, he already had severe organ failure. The bacteria in the air entered the blood directly, and it’s a miracle that he could move like that for even a few minutes."


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