Chapter 737: The Truth Is Almost Out

Rubber gloves, wig, women’s clothes, and forged documents. He threw these things into the burning iron barrel. The matter was done. He could finally open a bottle of beer. Half of it was poured on the ground for his elder sister and half of it was for himself to drink.

"Look at Weibo!" someone sent over a message.

He opened Weibo and was stunned. The Internet was full of news about Long'an’s Headless Man. The rumors mixed with the truth, making the whole incident even more confusing. Live videos could be found on Weibo. After watching the videos, he fell into a panicked silence.

Zhang Xiao who died at his hands had been resurrected?!

With a clatter, the phone fell from his trembling hands onto the ground.

He sat down and bit his nails, thinking hard. He finally made up his mind, picked up the phone and prepared to send a message to the group. "Hey, is that headless man Brother Xiao..."

After thinking about it, he didn’t think it was a good idea and deleted the message. He logged into a sockpuppet account and sent a message to a friend, "Brother Xiao was killed!"

The other party was shocked. "How do you know?"

"The police came to question me in the morning. I heard that his body had already been taken away. Oh yeah, he had died from being beheaded."


Soon after, this person himself talked about the matter within the group, and a second person said, "The headless person that’s causing a commotion on Weibo looks more and more like Brother Xiao!"

"Brother Xiao had also died of beheading and the time matches."

"Fuck, this is too shocking, right?"

"Could it be that Brother Xiao was unable to rest in peace due to his obsession about wanting to have a threesome?"

Everyone discussed this with one other. Seeing that the fire was already burning, he sneered and sent a message: "I suggest we should meet up and hold a memorial service for Brother Xiao."

"Okay, I agree!"

"Where shall we meet?"

"Wait till I get off work!"

Everyone agreed and he smiled in triumph...

The reporters who went to the Public Security Bureau after receiving the news formed an impenetrable crowd. Chen Shi just glanced through the window and was noticed by a keen reporter who yelled, "Hey, isn't that the policeman in the video? Sir, can I interview you?"

Chen Shi hurriedly closed the curtains and smiled bitterly at the others, "What's this?"

Lin Qiupu had been summoned by the chief to discuss countermeasures. Before leaving, he had ordered everyone not to disclose a single word. Before he came up with countermeasures, they mustn’t let the situation escalate.

The situation right now was like a big house burning up. It could be seen from a hundred miles away. The small basin of water in the hands of the police was completely useless.

In fact, Chen Shi didn’t care about the headless man issue. He believed that Peng Sijue would be able to give a reasonable explanation through an autopsy. He felt that it was more troublesome that the reporters made it so they couldn’t go out to investigate the case. For something like this to happen during this critical juncture, the murderer may take other actions. Haii, how annoying.

"Hey, there is a policeman who is being surrounded by reporters." Someone discovered  through a gap in the curtain.

Everyone moved over. It turned out that he was a police officer from another department who had gone out on call. The reporters swarmed up to him. The policeman in question was embarrassed. He said that he didn't know anything, but the reporters didn't believe him at all and asked him questions relentlessly.

"There have been some conspiracy theories on the Internet saying that a certain mysterious department is conducting human experiments, and that the headless man is a specimen that had accidentally escaped." Lin Dongxue was reading on her mobile phone.

"Eternal conspiracy theories are a form of poor imagination that thinks of everything in the most exaggerated way." Chen Shi commented.

"I guess they won't believe anything even after the official explanation is given in the end."

"I still don't understand how a person can get up without a head?" Xu Xiaodong said. On average, someone would bring up the question again every few minutes. This time, it was Xu Xiaodong's turn to take over the baton.

"Stop talking! What's the use of discussing it? Wait for the results of the autopsy!" Old Zhang was already impatient.

Chen Shi brought his thoughts back to the case. It wasn’t time for him to participate in this national carnival. He had thought of something and he needed to confirm the evidence.

When he got up and walked out, Lin Dongxue also stood up and asked, "Where are you going?"

"I thought of a clue and it should be investigated."

"Haha, me too!"

One of the two went to the information department and the other went to the evidence room. After half an hour, the two met in the corridor. Lin Dongxue asked, "What did you find?"

"I think I already know who the murderer is."


"Zhang Xiao drew three little people on the ground. Although I don’t know what he means, it reminded me of something mentioned in Little Wei’s chat record. He said that the third intake’s lecture record in the group sharing area had been deleted. There are three people who were from the third intake – Little Wei, Big Ox, and Little Four! I wanted to call the other members to ask about when the third intake members had joined. However, I suddenly found that I couldn’t ask anyone, because the other six people belonged to the first and second intakes, and until the 23rd, they didn’t know the third phase members, except for Zhang Xiao and the deleted record!"

"The truth is almost out. Big Ox’s death has been solved. The murderer is Little Four. The motive for killing Little Wei and Big Ox was to prevent the time when he joined the third intake from being exposed. In other words, it is likely that Little Four might have only joined after Duan was killed."

"I also thought of two details at the same time. The first is that Little Four is left-handed. The second is that he treated everyone to a bath. He has a low income and is a newcomer. There was only one reason for him to be doing this. He wanted to observe everyone’s naked bodies and letting them take a bath was the most convenient method. As the person who killed Duan Lin once fled along a water pipe, he most likely had unhealed bruises!"

After expressing this reasoning, Chen Shi felt relieved. A big stone had finally left his heart. He also admitted, "I had never suspected Little Four. Perhaps I was deceived by his frivolous image. But when I think about it carefully, a basic PUA skill is  crafting one’s persona, and the dissolute image he showed us was just his persona. Or perhaps he was already very good at acting."

"I think your reasoning is correct." Lin Dongxue said, "I’ve been thinking about Li Xiangran’s connection with the murderer. She doesn't personally know these people, so I called the police in her county. The result was very unexpected. There was a vicious murder case three years ago. The suspect was identified as a man named Guo Yang. I found Guo Yang’s wanted warrant online!"

Lin Dongxue picked up a piece of paper, and the person on it was clearly Little Four. Although he had become thinner and his hairstyle had changed, it was the same person.

"I investigated in the opposite direction. Guo Yang had come from Li Xiangran's school. Maybe she used to be his teacher, but she didn't know."

"Sure enough, Little Four is a veteran criminal. Why did he originally kill and go on the run?"

"It was allegedly for his elder sister..."


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