Chapter 734: Murder Trap

Song Lang, my name is Human Observer. I’ve been observing you for a long time...

Chen Shi woke up from the nightmare, thinking that these strange dreams might be caused by the sunlight coming in through the windshield and shining on his eyelids.

He had slept really poorly, and was even more tired than before he had slept. He found that Peng Sijue and the others had already surveyed the scene and left.

There was a bang behind him. It turned out that Lin Dongxue had rolled off her seat. She cried out and then woke up, asking blankly, "What time is it?"

"It's 10:00."

"This night of sleep has been really uncomfortable." Lin Dongxue rubbed her sore shoulders, crawled back to her seat, and continued lying down in a different position.

Her mobile phone rang. Lin Dongxue took it out and glanced at it. She suddenly sat up. "Hey, I have located Zhang Xiao's mobile phone number! It's in Haitang New Street."

"Let's head there now."

"Okay, let me talk to my brother."

At the same time, in an alley on Haitang New Street, Zhang Xiao had a woman with heavy makeup following behind him. The jagged bricks under her feet were like unavoidable landmines, which would splash dirty water on her feet if she wasn’t careful.

"Brother, are we still not there yet?!" the woman asked impatiently.

"It’s just ahead. It’s just ahead."

In the end, the wish of having a free threesome was still not realized. Except for the girl named Amy, no one else agreed. Zhang Xiao could only compromise with reality and pay for a sex worker.

Haii, I just barely made the number! After all, this is the closest I’ve had in my life to my wish of a threesome.

He suddenly had a lightbulb moment. There seemed to be a roundabout way of working around it. If Amy provided the prostitute for him, he wouldn’t have spent any money. Wouldn't it mean having a threesome for free?

No, no, no, it’s best not to. No matter who the money came from, it can't change the fact that she was a paid addition.

"Oh my god, my feet have been splashed with mud. How dirty... Brother, why haven't we arrived yet?" the sex worker complained.

"Don't talk anymore, okay?"

Her accent put off Zhang Xiao. She was like a female version of Big Ox. When he was paying the prostitute’s fee, he had turned on his mobile phone and vaguely saw someone in the group talking about something happening to Big Ox. He had turned the phone off without looking carefully.

Nothing should have happened to Big Ox, he thought.

Finally, they got to a dilapidated motel deep in the alley. Zhang Xiao asked if there was a girl in Room 1143 at the front desk. The front desk checked the registration book, answered “Yes,” then looked at Zhang Xiao and the woman behind him with an ambiguous smile.

Walking up the narrow and dark stairs, Zhang Xiao's heart was pounding. His long-awaited wish was finally coming true. Hugging two women left and right, like an emperor. As long as a man has done it once in his life, then death would be worth it.

"You also called a girl over? I can tell Brother is someone who knows how to play. Do you want to buy some medicine first? I have it here..." The woman behind took out a small bag, ready to fish for some extra money.

"No need, no need. Stop talking. Don't talk later on too!" Zhang Xiao waved his hand impatiently.

When he reached the door, he straightened his collar, brushed his hair with his hands, and knocked on the door.

A girl in a dress opened the door. She might have been too shy, because she kept her head down the whole time. Zhang Xiao was ecstatic and said, "Amy, right? I'm Brother Xiao! How about it? Am I more handsome than the pictures?!"

He went into the room to change his shoes. The dirty little motel made him look forward to it. The girl was very attentive and had already closed the curtains, but the TV was on in the room, and the sound was a bit noisy.

He turned around and hung his clothes up. There was a muffled noise behind him. When he turned his head, he saw that the woman he had brought with him had collapsed onto the floor with a syringe stuck in her neck.

He was taken aback, thinking, this woman is even taking drugs? Sure enough, three hundred yuan wouldn’t get me anything good!

Suddenly, a huge force dragged him onto the bed. Zhang Xiao’s legs were tripped by the edge of the bed. He lost his balance and fell onto the bed. Amy raised her head. A cold pair of eyes stared at him. Zhang Xiao grinned naughtily. "What? You can't wait? Soon, Brother will treat you... Ah!"

His smile froze. Why was “Amy's”face so familiar? He saw "her" take off her wig and “she” said in a low voice, "What was Elder Sister to you? A toy? An achievement? A trophy to show off?"

"Hey, you... what are you doing?! Are you toying with me? Who do you mean by ‘Elder Sister’!"

"I gave them all anesthetics, but you aren’t worthy!"

After that, the other party picked up the ashtray and smashed it on Zhang Xiao's head. A muffled sound echoed in his head. He fell onto the bed and saw a shiny knife through his eyes blurred by blood.

At that moment, he understood everything and shouted in his heart, No! No! No!

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue quickly rushed to Haitang New Street. The two looked around. Chen Shi's eyes fell on an alley off the road. He saw a stray dog pawing at a trash can, as if there was something delicious in it. The stray dog couldn't wait, scratching at the galvanized iron trash can, causing screeching noises.

Chen Shi walked over and the stray dog barked and ran away. Chen Shi opened the trash can and he immediately spotted a bloody ball. He held up the item with both hands. Lin Dongxue was so scared that she covered her mouth. That was Zhang Xiao's head!

"Damn it, we’re too late! Get a plastic bag and put this thing in first."

Putting his head into a plastic bag, Chen Shi saw some intermittent drops of blood on the ground. There was a motel at the end of the alley. The two rushed to the front desk immediately, displayed their IDs, took out Zhang Xiao’s photo and asked, "Has this person been here?"

"Oh, are you here to arrest prostitutes and their clients? They just went up to Room 1143. He brought the woman himself, and it has nothing to do with us!"

"He brought a woman."

"She was a streetwalker from the red-light district opposite us. I recognized her at a glance. He’s probably feeling really good now!" The person at the front desk gloated with schadenfreude.

"Could we please trouble you to come up with us?"

The person at the front desk took the keychain and accompanied the two upstairs. On the way, Chen Shi asked if there were any security cameras there. The front desk said, "How could a motel that costs fifty yuan a night afford to install security cameras?!"

"What about ID registration?"

"The guests fill them in by themselves. Didn't you see a book at the front desk?"

Chen Shi thought that this was really a "good place."

The person from the front desk opened the door carelessly thinking that he was about to watch a good show of catching prostitutes and their clients. In the end, what appeared in his eyes were a bed full of blood and a corpse that had lost his head. He screamed in fright.

Judging from the size and clothes of the corpse, it was Zhang Xiao. There was also a woman lying on the floor, seemingly unconscious.

This murderer was very reasonable and didn’t kill indiscriminately, but this made Chen Shi even more suspicious. Why did he kill Big Ox last night? There must be a reason. There must be a reason!

"Who booked this room?" Chen Shi asked.

"I... I don't know! I might remember if I look at the registration book."

Chen Shi asked Lin Dongxue to stay on guard there and contact the police. He went to the front desk. In the registration book, the name registered for Room 1143 was Li Xiangran, followed by a long string of ID numbers. The front desk said, "Oh, I remembered. It was a gaudily-dressed woman, but I didn’t see her face clearly because she kept her head down. I thought she was a school girl who was embarrassed because it was the first time she was booking a room for a sexual tryst. Half an hour after she booked the room, that fat guy brought the prostitute here and went to that room."

"When did this girl leave?"

The person from the front desk shook his head. "I had just gone to the bathroom and didn't notice!"


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