Chapter 731: Uninvited Guest

After the questioning, Zhang Xiao fell asleep again. Lin Qiupu received a call and went out for a while. Chen Shi sat with Lin Dongxue at the bench by the door. He might have to stay overnight tonight.

"Disgusting guy!" Lin Dongxue said suddenly.

"There’s no need to care about such words!"

"As a woman, I can often feel gender discrimination. When I first went out on a police call during my internship, the other party actually complained about them sending a woman, and his tone seemed to indicate we were disrespecting him. There are also some leaders who would say when they saw me, ‘Yo, there is a beautiful woman in your team!’ Whenever someone emphasizes that I’m a woman and that I’m different from the others, I can feel the hidden discrimination. Maybe they don't even notice it. They think that this kind of remark is very normal. I don’t know if other women are so sensitive, but there is one thing I’m sure of. Every woman in the world has thought at least once about how nice it would be if she were a man!"

"I haven't said such a thing, right?" Chen Shi examined himself.

"Do you think you haven't?" Lin Dongxue smiled.

"Let me talk about my views. I think that gender equality will happen one day, and it will be in the near future. Discrimination against women is based on the exploitation of women, because women are born weaker, and the disparity in physical strength has been the cornerstone of all inequality. This shows how primitive and backward the world we think civilized actually is. Power still determines everything. However, with the development of technology, the gap in physical strength will gradually be eliminated. Look around us. There are more and more feminine men. This is because the world gradually no longer requires muscles. For example, a docker only needs to be able to operate the machines. They don’t need to be strong. I think this is a good phenomenon. People don’t have to live according to gender stereotypes. Men can be like women and women can be like men. People can choose the lifestyle they like. This trend will continue to grow. Over time, gender and sexual orientation will no longer be labels that define everyone. A person is a person first and foremost, and then the gender to which they belong to comes after. At that time, sexism will naturally disappear."

Lin Dongxue smiled. "What do you mean power determines everything? That's a really masculine point of view. You don't understand. The reason why women are inferior to men is because they give birth to children. The 9 months of pregnancy determines that they will always be worse off than men in the labor force, and it also determines their status."

"So it’s like that!" Chen Shi smiled, "It seems I have to reconsider."

"Thank you for your comfort. I’m in a much better mood now..." Looking at the ward with the lights turned off, she said, "Let’s continue to protect this man!"

"Would you like something to eat?"

"Mm, no." Lin Dongxue didn't want to eat in the hospital.

"I'll go out to buy some drinks. It’ll be a long night."

"Okay then. I want black tea."

Chen Shi bought drinks for three people. When he came back, he found Lin Qiupu and Lin Dongxue sitting together. Taking a drink, Lin Qiupu thanked him and said, "There’s no need for three people to stay here and monitor him. Let’s find an empty ward and take turns to sleep!"

"Captain Lin, are you sure you want to stay here tonight? You have to work tomorrow!" Chen Shi asked.

"Right now, there isn’t enough manpower in the team, and no one else can be sent... Dongxue, why don’t you go and sleep first."

"It's only 10:00. I'm not sleepy at all. I'm just bored."

"Then go and lie down in a ward. You can play with your phone for a while."

Chen Shi suggested, "Why don't I go and have a rest first? Firstly, I can fall asleep, and secondly, it’s a bit embarrassing for me to sit with Captain Lin."

Lin Qiupu looked disdainful. "You shameless guy. Go!"

Chen Shi found an empty ward, set an alarm on his phone, lay down and cleared his mind. He fell asleep soon after.

After 12:00, Chen Shi swapped with Lin Qiupu so that he could rest. He kept Lin Dongxue company. Lin Dongxue was gaming on her mobile phone and asked Chen Shi to join her.

Chen Shi asked for the WIFI password of the hospital and found that he couldn’t connect to the WIFI.

A nurse in the corridor also said, "Why can't I connect to the WIFI?"

However, the WIFI connection automatically resumed after a while, and Chen Shi didn't pay it too much mind.

After a while, staring at their phones became too uncomfortable for their eyes. The two simply sat there chatting with each other. Fortunately, they always had endless topics to talk about. They talked about everything. The trivial, daily interactions are exactly what nourishes love. It was also what Chen Shi liked most and was passionate about.

After sitting for a long time, Lin Dongxue got up to stretch and move around. She suddenly noticed someone peering out from the head of a flight of stairs at the end of the corridor, and then quickly retracting their head.

At first she didn't pay any mind to this. When she sat down again, she jumped up and went in that direction. Chen Shi said, "Where are you going?"

"Hush!" Lin Dongxue made a gesture. She subconsciously reached for her gun, only to remember that she didn’t have it with her. When she got to the stairs, she looked around, but the person was long gone.

Upon seeing this, Chen Shi also became vigilant and opened the door, checking on Zhang Xiao who was still lying in the ward while Lin Dongxue went to both ends of the corridor to investigate. She asked the nurses if they had seen anyone come in.

She couldn't stop worrying, and said, "I seem to have seen someone familiar just now. I'll go and check the surveillance!"

"Go and come back quickly." Chen Shi urged.

When she got to the surveillance monitoring room of the hospital, Lin Dongxue called up the video for that corridor. Just ten minutes ago, someone had sneaked up the stairs, taken a look, then turned and left.

When she paused the video, Lin Dongxue leaned towards the screen to take a closer look, and her mouth hung open in surprise. It was Duan Lin's father!

Why was he here?!

She hurriedly called Chen Shi and said, "Duan Lin's father has come to the hospital..."

"I see." Chen Shi's tone was extraordinarily calm. "He's right here."

Chen Shi put down his cell phone, and the uncle standing in front of him pleaded, "Officer Chen, please, let me meet the person who killed my daughter. I want to know why. Who did my daughter offend or what wrong did she do that she had to die?!"

Not long after Lin Dongxue left, the uncle went to Chen Shi. Perhaps he realized that he couldn’t escape Chen Shi's surveillance no matter what, so he pleaded directly with him.

"Uncle, this won’t do." Chen Shi said.

"Why do the police protect a bad guy? He killed my daughter!" The uncle pointed at the door in great agitation.

"We’re not trying to protect the bad guys. We are upholding the law. He will pay for what he did, but it must be through legal means. I hope you can calm down and trust the law!"

The uncle became even more agitated, "Do you think... Do you think I would do something to him? I just want to see what he looks like and talk to him. I want to know what my daughter said before she died!"

Chen Shi shook his head. "I noticed something hidden under your clothes. Is it a knife?"

The uncle subconsciously covered it up with his hands and gritted his teeth. "Since you won't let me in!"


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