Chapter 730: Ambulances Are Expensive

Lin Dongxue said, "But the murderer may not know that Zhang Xiao will be hospitalized."

"Yes, you’re right. His illness was a sudden development, so you might as well contact your brother and arrange for someone to monitor Zhang Xiao's residence from downstairs... Why don’t we monitor everyone at the same time?"

"How can we have so much manpower?!"

Instead of calling, it was better to explain in person. The two returned to the bureau and reported the situation to Lin Qiupu. Lin Qiupu said, "The murderer is in the group? This is just your guess. There might be other clues that haven't surfaced yet!"

"Even if the murderer isn’t in the group, he must have his own information channel!" Chen Shi said.

Lin Qiupu muttered and nodded, "Okay, I will arrange for two people to stake-out Zhang Xiao's residence, and I’ll go with you to the hospital... That kid wouldn’t be pretending to be sick, right?"

"Yes, let's go there quickly, lest he runs away." Lin Dongxue said.

When the three got to the hospital, Zhang Xiao was still lying in bed with an intravenous drip, looking at the ceiling in a daze. He seemed to be really sick. Chen Shi asked the doctor about his condition. The doctor took them outside and asked, "Are you family members of his? "

"No, we’re the police."

"Oh... I just performed a CT scan on him. He has a tumor in his head. He seems to have had surgery before, but it wasn’t completely removed. Now, the tumor is growing bigger and bigger. The right half of his brain is being crowded out. His life is in danger at any moment if he doesn’t have surgery."

"Is the operation success rate high?" Lin Qiupu asked. If Zhang Xiao went to jail, the operation fee would also be borne by the government.

"It isn’t high. I suggest going to a big hospital in the province, because he has cerebrovascular malformation. The tumor had grown on the main artery..." The doctor shook his head. "He’s still so young."

After the doctor left, Lin Qiupu said, "Don't question this kid, lest he gets too agitated and dies. You’d have to bear responsibility in that scenario."

"Hey, is he awake?" Lin Dongxue looked into the room.

They saw Zhang Xiao sitting up and taking a selfie with his mobile phone. Lin Dongxue snatched the mobile phone and saw that a message had been sent. "Brothers, I'm in the hospital. Police Flower was the one who sent me here."

"Who let you post that?!" Lin Dongxue scolded hurriedly.

"Dongxue." Lin Qiupu reminded her.

Zhang Xiao looked innocent, "I'm sick. Can't I ask friends to show care for me?"

"Don't disclose your information casually. Haven’t you noticed that we’re trying to protect you?" Chen Shi said.

"Haha, protect me? What protection does my crappy life need? The doctor has already told you..." Zhang Xiao pointed to his head. "I have a time bomb in here. I don't know when I’ll die. Originally, my family had tightened their belts to let me undergo the operation. After the operation, do you know what I felt the most deeply about? It was a guy on the opposite hospital bed. His girlfriend came to feed him every day. As I watched them, my pillow was soaked in tears. I might say goodbye to the world without even holding a girl’s hand. Therefore, I participated in the PUA training course after I was discharged from hospital. The world hasn’t given me much, and it won’t give me anything in the future. I’m a person who might not be able to see the sun tomorrow. The future is too far away for me. I just want to spend every day happily and heartlessly."

"Did Duan Lin's death make you very happy?" Chen Shi asked.

Lin Qiupu rolled his eyes at him.

However, Zhang Xiao's attitude had already changed at that moment. He decided not to hide anymore and took out his mobile phone to play a video.

In the video, Duan Lin was sitting under the hot water that was coming out of the shower head with her clothes on. Her hair and clothes were already soaked through. She said sadly, "My dear, you’re right. To live is to suffer. To prove that I love you, I decided to die for you!" Then she made up her mind and cut open her wrist with a knife. The red blood gushed out of the veins and turned into a red river as the hot water flowed into the drain.

Zhang Xiao said calmly, “She said that she had quarrelled with her father that night and asked me to comfort her. Instead of comforting her, I gave her a push! I was both excited and scared to see that she had really committed suicide. I seemed to hear a ‘dingdong’ noise, as if I was unlocked a new achievement. There was a woman in this world willing to die for me!"

Lin Dongxue frowned when she heard this, but Zhang Xiao had a sick smile on his face. "For her, death was a release. She was stupid and ugly. She came to the city dreaming of becoming Cinderella and dressed herself up gorgeously, longing to meet the Prince Charming in her heart. Every woman is innocent and naive before reality deals her a blow. She met me before her fantasies were shattered. I gave her the experience of an unforgettable love, and her life stopped in that second. It’s so perfect. It ended like a fairy tale."

"What are women to you? Playthings?" Chen Shi said sarcastically.

"Are they not? The world is inherently unfair. Half of humankind are born as playthings and slaves for the other half. If you admit this, you will find that life gets better!" Zhang Xiao grinned. "Oh, Officer Lin, I’m not talking about you. You’re definitely a stunner!"

"I'll go out for a while." Lin Dongxue prepared to go out. If she stayed any longer, she was going to beat up this damn fat boy.

Leaving the room, Lin Dongxue sat in the corridor. She felt as if the ward was full of poisonous fumes, and that she could only breathe after coming out.

She also hoped that Chen Shi and Lin Qiupu would not accept such distorted ‘straight male cancer’ values. Although she knew that the two of them wouldn’t be affected, she felt sick when they heard such disgusting words.

Hence, she pricked up her ear to eavesdrop on the conversation in the room. Chen Shi turned the subject back on track and asked, "When did you go to Duan Lin’s to deal with the aftermath?"

"After the dinner at about half past ten. I had a foreboding feeling that she couldn’t be saved because I didn't call an ambulance when I was going there. Ambulances are expensive!"

"They are truly expensive. We shouldn't have called one today." Chen Shi mocked.

"Hehe, just pretend I don't know. When you called an ambulance for me, you were using public money. If I had called an ambulance for her that day, half of my monthly salary would be gone."

"After you went there, what did you see?"

"She had died and was already cold. When I looked at her body at the time, I was wondering whether I should unlock another achievement-"

"Shut up!!!"

"Okay, okay, I didn't close the door at the time. I was going to leave with the mobile phone. Who knew that someone would suddenly appear behind me. Lights weren’t turned on in the house, so I didn't know who it was. I was so scared that I gasped out loud. I jumped up the wall and escaped out of the window. After that, I slid downstairs while holding on to the water pipe. The water pipe was also wickedly designed. It stopped at the second floor. I fell onto the lawn and nearly broke my butt... I didn’t have the leisure to care about that at the time, so I got up and ran away."

"Where’s the cell phone?"

"I’ve deleted everything, broken the card and sold it, earning a thousand yuan!" Zhang Xiao actually let out a peal of delighted laughter.


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