Chapter 721: Mushroom Cultivation Skills Exchange Group

“Brothers, the police are already on to us. Quickly delete all the photos, videos, chat records, and everything else that can be deleted. I have deleted all the ones in the group sharing area. You guys should delete all the ones on your mobile phones. Don't leave any evidence behind!"

In a certain chat group, a newly-sent message caused a commotion between the group members.

"Brother Xiao, is that necessary? Which law stipulates that picking up girls is illegal?!"

"Little Doggie, you fucking said that you had a car accident in the United States and asked someone to send you forty thousand yuan. Isn't that illegal?"

"How can a consensual transaction be considered illegal? Besides, I can’t even remember which girl it was. Can the police still find it out?"

"I don't know if it's illegal to send money for a car accident, but I know that if the police knew about Big Ox spiking a drink with drugs and then bringing the girl back home, it would be enough."

"Big Ox, come out and say a few words!"

"Hehe, it’s just a debated style. You guys use words and I use drugs. The effect is the same."

"Using goddamn motherfucking language? I rely on my looks. My looks!"

"Let’s not talk about it anymore! I just came out of the Public Security Bureau and they’ve already found out about Linlin's situation. I didn't expect the police to be so efficient. I don't know whose girl Linlin was. No matter who it is, the evidence must be deleted. Don't let the police catch any slips of ours, no matter how minor... The police might call us in individually for questioning. If they ask what we do, we should say... Mm, it's an interest group. I'll change the group name."

"Oh wow, mushroom cultivation skills exchange group. How creative!"

"Haha, what the hell are mushroom cultivation skills? Brother Xiao, you really can think of anything."

"Brother Xiao, are there any police flowers[1] in the Public Security Bureau?"

"Yes, the one who found me definitely scores 95 points in terms of figure and face."

"Do you have a photo?"

"It's a pity that she has a boyfriend. A failure of an uncle. Haii, the good cabbage was eaten by the pig."

"I can't wait to be called for questioning. Does the police flower wear a police uniform? I can’t resist uniforms."

"Quiet down, you beasts. I’m deleting the chat logs. From now on, don't say the word 'girl' in this group."

"Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl... Aiya, the cat accidentally stepped on the keyboard."

*Little Four has been removed from the group chat*

Coming out of Peng Sijue’s lab, Lin Dongxue posted this clue in the WeChat group, and each person went to investigate one of the group members. The two of them got ready to see the father of the deceased first.

After getting into the car, Chen Shi glanced at his phone and asked, "How’s your driving skills now?"

"What kind of car?" Lin Dongxue asked with a smile.

"Naughty. You should drive."

Lin Dongxue shifted across Chen Shi and sat in the driver's seat. Chen Shi started using his phone. Lin Dongxue asked him what he was doing and Chen Shi replied, "These bastards suddenly deleted their WeChat Moments completely. They must have been informed, but this is even more suspicious."

"I just remembered that there’s a death control method in PUA, which is to continuously deepen the control over the girl, finally making her die for oneself. Some bad PUAs take this as their highest honor. This girl seems to have died by cutting her wrist. That Zhang Xiao is so secretive. Is it possible that she had died like this?"

"I also thought of this, but you should have studied the law before. What’s the crime for instigating suicide?"

Lin Dongxue thought for a while. "It seems that there’s no charge for instigating suicide."

"Didn’t Ji Changxin break the law? He seems to be still in jail right now!"

"Ha, that was intentional murder!"

"Exactly. This isn’t the end of it. If Linlin was really subjected to 'death control', then her boyfriend committed intentional murder."

"The word ‘boyfriend’ is tainted by this kind of person."

"Yes, only a gentle, considerate and wholehearted person like me can be called a boyfriend." Chen Shi smiled.

When they arrived at a certain downtown area, they saw a middle-aged uncle with graying hair standing under the scorching sun. He had a sign hanging on his body with a photo of Duan Lin taken before her death. Although this girl wasn’t beautiful, she was in the prime of her youth and had a beautiful smile on her face. She was charming in her own way. Below the photo was written: "I beg kind-hearted people to help out by providing any clues regarding my daughter."

Passers-by came and went, casting their curious gazes upon him, but they couldn’t help even if they wanted to.

Chen Shi sighed sympathetically and stepped forward to say to the uncle, "Uncle, we’re the police. About your daughter..."

"Where is my daughter?!" The uncle asked agitatedly.

"No need to be impatient. Let's talk somewhere else." Lin Dongxue said.

After learning of his daughter’s death, the uncle, who was sitting in a coffee shop, covered his face and cried. His thin and frail shoulders couldn’t stop shaking. He said, “I only had this daughter when I was 40 years old and I treated her like my treasure. In order to send her to school, we sacrificed everything we had. Even when her mother became ill, we kept it secret. Oh my Linlin, you died so tragically! How should I tell your mother when I go back?!"

Facing the sad family member of the deceased, Lin Dongxue didn’t know how to comfort him, so she could only wait for him to finish crying.

Chen Shi handed over a tissue to him. "Uncle, my condolences. We’re investigating this case. When was the last time she contacted you?"

The uncle wiped away his tears. "Is this for investigating the murderer? I will definitely do my best to cooperate, I hope you can give Linlin justice... The last time she called me was last month. She said that she had found a boyfriend in the city. She said that the man had studied in the United States previously and that his parents were both public prosecutors. I told Linlin to be careful not to run into liars as the people in the city are very complicated and that they lie to young girls like her who don’t know anything. She said it wouldn’t happen and that her boyfriend treated her very well. I came to the city to look for her two days ago and found that she wasn’t at home. I looked for her colleagues and friends but they didn’t know of her whereabouts either. Only then, did I report it to the police. Who knew that it would end up as a white-haired person sending off a black-haired person? Haii!"

"On what date did you go to her house?"

The uncle took out his mobile phone. He was actually using a smartphone. "Uh, March 25th."

"Can we go there and have a look?"

"Okay, it's near here."

Chen Shi called Peng Sijue, and he sent two people over. Then the two went to Linlin’s residence with the uncle. It was a low-rent apartment and a collapsible wire bed[2] had been set up in the living room. The blanket on it hadn’t even been folded. On the table were leftover instant noodles and the broken shells of tea eggs. However, there was a large bed in the bedroom, which was very clean and tidy. The sheets were as if they were brand new, and the blanket was folded like a tofu square.

"You’ve been living here these past two days?" Chen Shi asked.

"Yes, the guest houses in the city are all very expensive. Linlin had loved being clean since she was a child. I didn't dare to sleep in her bed, so I set up a wire bed outside and hoped that she would come back one day." A sad sigh accompanied these words.

Chen Shi couldn't help thinking that if Tao Yueyue disappeared one day or had something happen to her, he would probably also be in pain like this. He could more or less understand the feelings of this elderly father.

What would bring him the greatest comfort would be solving the case.

At this time, someone knocked on the door. The forensic police sent by Peng Sijue had come over. Although the uncle didn’t understand what collecting evidence for the investigation meant, he still agreed, so the forensic police collected fingerprints around the house and looked for blood stains.

"Captain Lin!"

The forensic police suddenly called Lin Dongxue over to the bathroom. Under the action of the chemical reagent, a large pool of bloodstains had appeared on the floor...

1. Beauties. 



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