Chapter 715: Justified Defense

“Fu... fu... fu..."

Xin Bai leaned on his knees and kept panting. Cold sweat was expelling from every pore of his body. Chen Shi stepped forward to inspect Xu Guolong's body. "He's dead, Dongxue. Your shot was a bit cruel!"

"I couldn't aim at his hand, so I could only shoot at the chest." Lin Dongxue said.

"But it’s good that Xin Bai is okay. I suppose it's finally over." Chen Shi breathed a sigh of relief.

The two found out that Xin Bai was missing shortly after he had quietly left. In addition, the two police officers outside were looking for him like crazy. Xin Bai had called for a taxi at the gate of the housing community. Chen Shi, who discovered this from surveillance footage, immediately contacted the taxi company and found the park after following the leads.

It could be described as a critical matter.

"Teacher Bai, what were you doing deliberately increasing the thrill of this story?" Chen Shi complained.

Xin Bai looked ashamed. "He... he sent a fake photo saying that he kidnapped my neighbor and asked me to come alone, so I just..."

"Wouldn't you knock on her door to confirm?"

"I was afraid of waking you guys up. When I went out, I heard my neighbor's child crying. I thought she really had been kidnapped."

"Haii, there were 10,000 ways you could have avoided this situation. You chose the most thrilling one!" Chen Shi sighed. He suddenly noticed a stab wound on Xu Guolong's abdomen. He was holding a knife in his hand. It seemed to have come from Xin Bai’s house.

He thought to himself whether it was possible that this guy came secretly to kill Xu Guolong?

"By the way, hurry up and save people. Lan... Lan Xiao is still in the woods. I dare not see him." Xin Bai said.

As soon as Lan Xiao was put down, he ran behind the tree and let out his urine for three full minutes. Then, he walked back while pulling up his pants and cursed, "Bastard, bullying me? Where’s Xin Bai and that psycho? Let’s see if I won't stab them both to death!"

"Enough from you!" Lin Dongxue showed him her badge. "Wait for the police to deal with it!"

Lan Xiao sat under the tree in anger and asked, "Do you have any cigarettes?"

Lin Qiupu and the others rushed to deal with the scene. Lan Xiao and Xin Bai were both taken back to the bureau to record their testimonies. Although the versions of what they recounted were slightly different, they were generally the same. The knife Xin Bai stabbed was considered a legitimate defense to save Lan Xiao, because at that time, Lan Xiao would have been in life-threatening danger at any time.

At 4:00 in the morning, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue waited for him at the door of the Public Security Bureau. Xin Bai walked out and sighed emotionally. "It unexpectedly ended like this. Thank you for your care over these past few days."

"You’re welcome. There’s no cars at night. Let me take you home!"

"Why don't we have breakfast and take a shower? I'm all sweaty..." Looking at the sky outside, Xin Bai said, "I can finally walk outside with peace of mind."

On the way, Xin Bai lowered his head in silence. Chen Shi said, "Don't think about it. I know this has caused you a lot of psychological trauma. Your counselling hasn’t ended. If you need to find Miss Gu, you can contact me."

"What is the relationship between Miss Gu and you?"


"Wow..." Xin Bai exclaimed and looked at Lin Dongxue. "Officer Lin doesn't mind?"

"Why should I mind?" Lin Dongxue smiled.

"Actually, I'm thinking about how to finish this volume. Didn't I write that a person walked out after entering the forensic laboratory? I can't leave such a big hole in the story. Can Mr. Chen provide some suggestions?"

"Suggestions?" Chen Shi thought for a moment. "Has that person been dissected yet?"

"I only said an autopsy was done. I didn't mention the word dissect."

"But the forensic pathologist would definitely confirm the death. Generally, the liver temperature is measured and the autopsy would be done. How can this person come back to life?"

"Aiya, I know it's unrealistic, but I didn't consider so much at the time. Novels originally don't consider reality factors, but only the possibility. As long as it can happen in a 1 in 10,000 probability, it can happen in the novel. Mr. Chen, help me think of that 1 in 10,000 probability! Please." The Xin Bai right now seemed to be more energetic.

Chen Shi racked his brains. "What if it's that?"


"That’s that!"

"That’s that?"

"Haha, figure it out for yourself!"

"Fuck, Mr. Chen, are you messing with me? I won't treat you to dinner!"

"Do you want to hear about the cases I’ve previously experienced?"

Xin Bai's eyes lit up. "Okay, okay, where do you want to go for breakfast?!"

Everything returned to normal, but Xin Bai didn’t discuss the matter on any social media platforms. He continued to bury his head in updating the novel. He took part of his savings and gave it to the families of the victims.

The long-delayed volume finally came to an end. Xin Bai took a sip of the coffee that had long been cold next to his computer, thinking about the content of the next volume. The story of this volume would be very exciting.

At this moment, a knock on the door scared him so much that his cup almost fell out of his hands. A fierce voice shouted at him from outside the door. "Little Fool, do you live here? Get the fuck out for me!"

Upon hearing this voice, even Xin Bai’s soul was scared. He ran to the door to see that Lan Xiao brought a few brothers to the door to settle the matter. Lan Xiao had been imprisoned for nearly two months and was chained like a dog, eating only old pickles and rice. He was full of anger and had nowhere to vent. He angrily kicked the door. "If you don’t come out, I will smash this door of yours!"

Xin Bai knelt down, leaning his back against the door. He took out his cell phone and called Chen Shi. "Mr. Chen, things aren’t boding well. Lan Xiao came to my door to seek trouble. You... need to come and save me!"

That day, Chen Shi happened to be running his driving services nearby. After receiving the call, he rushed over and went upstairs. He saw a few fierce and burly males holding water pipes and sharp iron weapons, clamoring and kicking at the door.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Ah, you’re the policeman from that night. Good timing. I was imprisoned for such a long time. This kid didn't give me a dime as compensation. Has the police made this right for me? Has the law made this right for me? Today, I came to seek justice for myself." As he said this, he twirled the crowbar around in his hand.

How was this the attitude of a victim? Chen said, "First of all, I’m not a policeman. Secondly, I hope you would seek legal assistance instead of becoming a perpetrator. Lastly, Xin Bai is a victim of this incident just like you. He doesn’t need to take any responsibility for your case."

"What did he say? He isn’t a policeman?" As soon as Lan Xiao heard this sentence, his attitude immediately became even more arrogant. "Fuck your mom’s vagina. Don't interfere with my matters."

Chen Shi sneered and hooked his index finger at him. "I want to interfere!"

Afterwards, there were sounds like that of ghosts crying and wolves howling in the corridor. With every loud noise, Xin Bai hiding behind the door covered his ears and shivered. Finally, he heard Lan Xiao yelling, "Okay, okay, you’re quite something. Watch your back!" Then, there was the sound of this group of people rushing downstairs.

The sudden knock on the door shocked him. Chen Shi’s voice came from outside the door. "I've 'asked' them to leave!"

Xin Bai opened the door. Chen Shi’s fist was scratched and was shaking his hands. Xin Bai said, "Mr. Chen, you’re so brave! It's great knowing you."

"It's a small matter! If you encounter this kind of thing in the future, please call the police directly."

"Oh, I shouldn't trouble you."

"That's not what I mean. I mean you should call the police if someone is harassing you. Finding the police is the fastest way to solve the problem. You have to trust the police, okay?"

"Understood!" Xin Bai nodded.

The opposite door opened and the beautiful neighbor came out rubbing her eyes. "Why was it so noisy just now? My baby woke up... Ah, Mr. Bai, you’re home!"

"I’ve been working!" Xin Bai smiled shyly.

"By the way, I'm reading the novel you wrote. It's quite interesting. I can't stop reading it."

"You like it...?" Xin Bai scratched his head. "I thought girls didn't like reading things like this."

"No, we like it a lot. I gave you a comment."

After the beautiful neighbor went back inside, Xin Bai rushed to the computer to read the message. Although there was only one phrase of "Add oil"[1], it made him feel warm. Chen Shi teased while leaning on the bedroom door, "You two are making progress! It seems this incident made you a bit brave."

"I told her the other day that I was a writer."

"Haha, she likes your novel. It's not a bad start!"

"Aiya, hehe!" Xin Bai scratched his face and laughed shyly.

1. Chinese slang for something like “you can do this”. The same as “fighting” in Korean or “Gambatte” in Japanese. 


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