Chapter 712: Slacker, Hurry Up And Work

While they were on the road with Xin Bai in the car, Xin Bai suddenly said, "Wait. Let’s go to a place before going home. Do you know of the Henghui housing community?"

Chen Shi searched on the GPS and the route was automatically marked. He asked, "Going to meet a friend?"

Xin Bai was silent.

When he arrived at the housing community, Xin Bai wandered around like a fly without his head, and Chen Shi said impatiently, "If you want to inquire about something, just ask people directly. Why are you embarrassed to speak?"

Xin Bai replied, "Xu Guolong may have rented a house here. I once heard him talk about renting one while he was on the phone."

"Let’s find the property manager and ask!"

They found the landlord through the property manager. This landlord had signed a rental contract with Xu Guolong in January of this year.

It was a basement that was airtight and the rent was relatively cheap. The landlord said as they walked, "Aiya, you’re the police? That man said that he operates a small business and rented the basement to store his carts. I really didn’t know that he was a criminal."

"It doesn't matter. We have only just found out about this matter, and we won’t hold you accountable." Chen Shi reassured.

When they got to the front of the basement, the landlord opened the door as Lin Dongxue unbuttoned her leather gun holster in alert. Chen Shi used his mobile phone to illuminate the basement. The basement which was barely ten square meters was empty. A dog’s leash was tied to the heat pipe, and a food bowl and toilet bucket were placed on the floor. Although the toilet bucket was empty, there was still a smell in the house. It was the rotten smell of people who’ve been detained for a long time.

Xin Bai covered his mouth and nose. "I don't know if this will help you or not."

"It seems that this place is used to hold the hostages. Perhaps Lan Xiao was kept here." Chen Shi said.

"Lan Xiao!" Xin Bai drew a deep breath. "Is it that Lan Xiao?"

"Yes, it’s that Lan Xiao. He intended to give Lan Xiao as a ‘gift’ to you. Let me ask you something. Did you personally rent the work studio?"

"It wasn’t me. Ever since he imprisoned me, he’s done everything on my behalf. Only, the money spent has been all mine."

After leaving that place, Lin Dongxue called Lin Qiupu and told him of this clue.

The three arrived at Xin Bai's original home. When they were about to open the door, a female neighbor walked out from the opposite door and greeted them with a smile, "Mr. Bai, you have guests at home? How rare."

Xin Bai blushed and said shyly, "They’re distant relatives."

"Hello." The female neighbor smiled and greeted Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue before going downstairs with a vegetable basket. Xin Bai looked at her back as she left and couldn’t get the key into the keyhole for a long time.

"Why are you in such a daze?!" Chen Shi asked.

Only then did Xin Bai wake up, smiling, "It's great to be home."

"The neighbor is so beautiful." Chen Shi commented.

Xin Bai's face blushed again, and Chen Shi figured that there was an 80% chance that this guy was interested in her.

Returning to a familiar place, Xin Bai took a bath before ordering takeaway. He invited Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue to eat. The takeaway was actually from Haidilao. The hotpot base and the dishes totaled to over 400 yuan. This was the most luxurious takeaway meal Chen Shi had ever eaten.

Eating duck intestines and drinking beer, Xin Bai's tears fell down. "I haven't been so comfortable in a long time. I didn't know how to cherish it in the past. Now, I only have one wish. I hope I can live like this every day."

"What are you dreaming for? Go and write your manuscripts after dinner!" Chen Shi said.

"I... I want to take a day off today."

"Don't talk nonsense. You have to update even if it’s shit today. Otherwise, don't eat tonight."

Xin Bai looked resentful and his mouth pouted like a child.

After eating, Chen Shi helped clean up the table. As soon as he came out of the kitchen, he saw Xin Bai sitting cross-legged in front of the TV and playing Fortnite. He begged, "Just playing one round. Just playing one round. I’m just adjusting my condition. "

Lin Dongxue looked helpless. "I just went to pour a glass of water, but he turned on the game console himself. I couldn't stop him."

Chen Shi reprimanded, "Give me a break! Get to work."

As he said this, he turned the console off. Xin Bai opened his mouth wide like he was about to rage. "The game console can't be turned off like this! It will damage the motherboard, you illiterate!"

"I will pay you back if it breaks."

"Then I’ll turn it on and check if it’s broken."

"Get lost and go to work!"

Chen Shi could then see this guy's procrastination prowess. He made tea, ate snacks, listened to music, stood in front of the window to enjoy the scenery, or lay in his bed to play phone games. He kept making it sound nice by saying he was adjusting his condition and state of mind, but three hours passed. When the word document was opened, it was still snow white and clean. 

"I really don't want to write anymore!" When Chen Shi urged him to write a manuscript for the tenth time, the writer rolled around the bed and wailed. "Every time it's killing, investigating, and closing cases. How can readers not get bored with the same routine? During New Years, Lantern Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, I haven't rested for even a day. Can you let me rest for two days and let myself relax? If you force me like this, it will only generate crap."

"Teacher Bai, you should be more content. Think about when you weren’t well-known. If you go and find a convenience store worker and tell him about this job where you type on the computer every day to be able to eat and clothe yourself without issues, don’t you think he’d do it?"

Xin Bai looked upset. "I would rather do manual labor. At least I wouldn’t need to use my brain. My brain is almost dry from thinking up cases!"

“One’s hard work is the ease of others. Think about your readers who get off after a hard day of work, take the bus to go home, open the novel and read two chapters. They can temporarily forget the trivialities of life. It’s a kind of relaxation for them. The process of writing online novels may be unpleasant, but after you finish and get the manuscript fee, you can go to a restaurant where you can enjoy the fruits of other people’s labor. Everyone gives out a portion of labor so that this society will function healthily and get better. No matter what reasons criminals use to justify harming others, they are always just destroying the other person's labor. Even if Moriarty the second was born, he wouldn’t be as great as a cleaner because labor is the most valuable thing... Aren’t those words you’ve said?!"

"I understand, but..."

As soon as Chen Shi heard this, he sighed. This guy was really lazy to the bone. Even prostitutes who pick up customers are more conscious than him.

"If he doesn’t want to write, then don't write. Don't try to persuade him. I’m getting annoyed just listening to it all." Lin Dongxue persuaded.

"Officer Lin is so kind!" Xin Bai cheered.

"No, it must be updated today. Today's update is very important. We aren’t sure through what channels Xu Guolong would know about Xin Bai’s release. Maybe it’s through the novel updates. In order to prevent the next victim from appearing, every possibility must be considered." Chen Shi said.

Upon hearing this, Xin Bai was downcast again. "Alright, alright, get out. I don't want anyone to disturb me when I work."

The two stayed outside for a while. They couldn't watch TV and bother him. They just sat there and went on their phones. Chen Shi closed the window and carefully checked every corner to make sure there wasn’t surveillance equipment installed.

When he went to the bathroom halfway, he came back and found Xin Bai standing in front of the living room window with his hands on his back. Chen Shi said, "Why are you touching fish[1] again?"

"It's finished!" He said leisurely.

"What? It’s finished already?"

Chen Shi took out his phone to see that it was actually updated, and the quality wasn’t too bad with a full four thousand words. He thought to himself that this slacker was actually very talented. If not, it wouldn’t be possible to live so lazily.

He looked up and noticed that Xin Bai was looking at a person outside. It was a woman...

1. Slacking. 


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