Chapter 710: Don’t Think You Can Use Me As Bait

Lin Qiupu assured the man that the police would find a way to find his father before the man was no longer in distress. Then, Lin Qiupu sent someone to investigate near the Xiehe Hospital.

The sky was getting darker when a phone call arrived at Lin Qiupu's mobile phone. Xu Guolong said in a gloomy voice, "You haven't released him yet, so you’ve successfully killed another innocent citizen."

"Help..." An old man's voice sounded over the phone.

Lin Qiupu suddenly understood that the hostage Xu Guolong was holding was the old man who had disappeared at the entrance of the hospital. He said, "We’ve already let him go. Don't break your promise. Can you get past your conscience when you attack an old man? Don't you have a father!?"

"No, you didn't let him go!"

After speaking, Xu Guolong hung up the phone. Lin Qiupu was never contacted by that number again.

Lin Qiupu looked at the time and found that it was exactly 12:00AM. Everyone had unknowingly investigated for a whole night. He felt extremely frustrated. He returned to the bureau and asked them if they had released Xin Bai yet.

A policeman reluctantly said, "Captain Lin, the writer is unwilling to leave, saying that he’s afraid. Although he has gone through the release procedures, he’s been squatting at the door being unreasonable. We can't drive him away."

"Why didn't you notify me?!" Lin Qiupu roared.

"Ten phone calls… You never answered..."

Lin Qiupu glanced at his mobile phone. Sure enough, there were over a dozen missed calls, because he hadn't heard them while on the road at all. He was so frustrated that he violently kicked a street light.

He made a call. "Dongxue, Xin Bai is unwilling to be released. You and Chen Shi should go back and deal with it."

Chen Shi said, "The old man can't be saved no matter what, but you don't have to blame yourself. The purpose of the murderer is to throw the blame to the police. However, he’s the one who committed murder. No one is responsible for the behavior of this lunatic."

Lin Dongxue said, "It's been a busy day, brother. You should go back and rest!"

Lin Qiupu wanted to say something but stopped. He was full of anger now. He just wanted to find Xu Guolong and destroy him with one shot.

He had never been so irritated from a criminal since he became a police officer.

"Go now. Coax the writer away so that we don't have a third victim." He waved his hand weakly.

It was already 2:00AM by the time Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue got back to the Public Security Bureau. They saw Xin Bai squatting in the hall, holding the legs of the bench like a spoiled child with leftover food and mineral water on the bench.

A police officer said, "Thank God you came back. This guy didn't want to go anyway no matter what we said. We bought him a boxed lunch and water. He’s been squatting here for six hours. He’s too stubborn."

Xin Bai was already drowsy and was awakened by the sound of the words. "I won't go! I won't go! You want to use me as bait? Don't even think about it!"

"Who said we’re using you as bait?" Chen Shi asked.

"Nonsense. Can I still not understand? I’ve written these kinds of stories. If you suddenly release me, it must be that the person gave you conditions. I won’t leave no matter who persuades me!"

"I've read your novel. The protagonist of the story cooperated with the police and finally caught the bad guy. Isn't everyone happy?"

"The novels are all deceptive!"

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue looked at each other and smiled bitterly. "Okay, I'll make it clear. Xu Guolong is killing people outside..." Xin Bai shuddered when he heard the name. "The condition for him to stop committing crimes is to release you. However, the police also thought of a sure-fire plan. Captain Lin arranged manpower to monitor and protect you every half-step."

"You see? That is the case! You’re using me as a bait. I don't care what he does! I! Won’t! Go!" Xin Bai hugged the legs of the chair tighter.

"What should we do? Pull him out forcibly?" Lin Dongxue asked in a low voice.

Xin Bai seemed to have heard her words. "Don’t. If you drive me out, I will commit a crime when I go out. I’ll smash a car or act like I got hit by a car to see if you’ll arrest me. Why are you police officers so frustrating? You can’t arrest him, so you’re using me as bait?"

Chen Shi said, "What you said is quite biased. Long'an City is so big. It’s difficult to find someone to begin with. We can definitely find them, but it takes time. We don't have that time right now. You are the magic weapon that can buy time for us!"

"Yeah, do you know that a woman was killed today? Then, another old man disappeared. I'm afraid it’s boding ill rather than well. Although it’s for these people you don't know, you should make a little sacrifice and show the face of a grown-up, okay?" Lin Dongxue persuaded.

Xin Bai was a little shaken, but then reverted to his old attitude and said even more stubbornly, "How many sacrifices have I made? How many crimes have I suffered? Why does it have to be me? I just want to peacefully write novels and occasionally watch movies or play games! When I get the manuscript fee, I can get escort services, so why can't I do what I want?!"

After talking so much, Xin Bai remained unmoved. Chen Shi said, "Call your brother and explain the situation."

"Haii, I don't know what to say." Lin Dongxue picked up the phone.

Chen Shi said to Xin Bai again, "Don't squat here either. Squatting for a long time isn’t good for your anus. Just go to the detention room and sleep. If you want something to eat, I will buy it for you."

Hearing this, Xin Bai got up in silence and followed the police. However, instead of going to the detention room, they found a conference room, brought a bed and quilt over, and bought some food for him. He was bored and had to turn on the projector to watch movies. They eventually met his requirements.

At 3:00 in the morning, Xin Bai was lying on the conference table eating snacks and watching "Edward Scissorhands", completely enjoying himself. This scene made Lin Dongxue completely speechless. Chen Shi said, "Let's not stay here anymore either. What time is it right now? Let’s go to bed!"

"It's 3:00. How long does it take for a return trip? Or maybe we can just sleep here? Old Zhang has a foldable recliner."

"How is a recliner enough for two people to sleep on? I think we should order a room to sleep in."

"Okay, but... we can only sleep!"[1]

"Nonsense. I'm so sleepy that I’m about to fall down."

After taking a rest for the night, the police came to work with dark circles in the morning. They were surprised to see an uncle in a conference room sleeping on a bed. Disregarding how nice it looked, the room smelled of stinky socks.

Lin Qiupu asked what was going on. Lin Dongxue explained the situation, and Lin Qiupu sighed. "Why is this guy so shameless? Find a way to drive him out."

"Even if we drove him out, he would run back by himself. He’s a patient. Today, I’ll try to convince him to cooperate with us."

"What patient? I think he’s simply acting mad while taking advantage of the fact that he’s sick. You don’t have to do anything else, but you must make him leave by the early morning."

"Understood! I will also perform the task of protecting him. I will bring Old Chen with me. Xin Bai has taken a liking to Old Chen."

Lin Qiupu felt this was too dangerous and didn't want to agree to it. However, thinking that Lin Dongxue was no longer the little police officer from the past, he said, "You must pay attention to your safety."

That morning, everyone was dominated by negative and exhausted emotions. They dragged their sleep-deprived bodies and continued to look for the missing old man. At around 10:00 in the morning, he was finally found under a bridge. The old man’s corpse was shocking!

1. Usually people “order a room” when they’re going to have sex. 


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