Chapter 71: Suspicious Informants

Lin Dongxue asked, "What happened to you? What did you think of?"

"Let me have another look at Old Peng's report."

Chen Shi took the autopsy report and read it carefully. He rubbed his chin in silence. "It seems that you still have to go over there."

The contact information of Wu Hao left from last time turned out to be useful. Chen Shi dialed the number and informed Wu that he wanted to visit his residence. The first reaction of Wu Hao was, "Are you suspecting me?!"

"Isn’t your residence the same as your brother's residence? We just wanted to see your brother's room."

Wu Hao breathed a sigh of relief, "Ohhhh. Why do you need to look there?”

"No reason really, we just need to go take a look anyway."

"But I am still at work now."

"We can wait."

"Well, I’ll go over around three o'clock in the afternoon then. Century Hua Fu Community. Wait for me there.”

Upon hanging up the phone, Chen Shi sneered. "This guy. He keeps screaming over and over that he wants to kill the adulterers, but he keeps trying to avoid us when we want him to cooperate with us.”

"I understand now!" Xu Xiaodong exclaimed loudly.

"What do you understand?"

"He is the murderer!"

“Why’s that?”

"Because Brother Chen, when you show this kind of confident expression, you usually already know who it is in your heart.”

Chen Shi smiled. "I also have this expression when I shave... Find a place to eat, then go to the community."

After getting in the car, Lin Dongxue asked, "What does Captain Peng’s report mean?"

“In short, the deceased was bedridden for a long period of time.”

"I don't understand. Maybe it's just a matter of his personal habits. Didn't the others say it? The deceased worked at home."

"I will tell you a story!"

"Okay then?"

"I have a friend who studies medicine. He once went to the photo studio to help a young woman with big breasts to take art shots. The friend asked, ‘Miss, can I touch your chest?’ The young woman actually agreed. This friend told her that she had a hard lump on one of her breasts and that she needed to go to the hospital to get it checked. When it was checked, they found a tumor.  Fortunately, it was detected early, and it was removed in time to save her life."

Lin Dongxue mocked, "Your friend is not an honest or good person."

“I just want to say that the eyes of professionals can often see more information. Old Peng’s conclusions must be taken seriously and should be the key to solving the case.”

Lin Dongxue nodded. "Hey, you and Captain Peng are not familiar... Why do you always call him ‘Old Peng’?"

Chen Shi coughed. "I like to act familiar with people. Can’t I? Xiao Lin."

"Get lost!"

After eating their meals, they rushed to Century Hua Fu community. They were a bit early and found it fairly boring to stand around at the gate of the little community. Chen Shi instructed, "I’ll give you a task. Go to the neighbors of the deceased to ask one thing: How was the relationship between the three people?”

"What about you?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"I’m going too, but we are splitting up."

The three people came back after a round of questioning. Lin Dongxue shook her head. "Nothing of value was noted. The relationship between the neighbors were too detached and news doesn’t get spread around very often. Many people don't know that someone in the building even died."

"It’s probably because your questioning skills are lacking!"

"What did you ask then?"

"I... I didn't get anything out of them. They all asked me 'Are you a policeman? Show me the documents,' but I couldn’t even produce a badge for them!"

Lin Dongxue laughed. "Haha, it’s finally happened to you!"

Xu Xiaodong raised his hand. "I asked some of them. It was reflected by the family who lived downstairs. They answered that the relationship between the brothers was actually quite poor. They often heard Wu Hao shouting and throwing things."

"Go ask again whether the brothers have quarrelled over the past three months.”

"Again? Okay, the family has a good-looking young housewife..." When he noticed Lin Dongxue's contemptuous eyes, Xu Xiaodong corrected his mistake. "She doesn’t look as good as you. Really!"

"Get lost! Just stop with the nonsense."

After a while, Xu Xiaodong rushed back and regurgitated the information he obtained. "She said that she hasn’t heard them quarrel in the past three months. It seems that their relationship has become better."

"Oh really?" Chen Shi noted with a sneer forming at the corners of his mouth.

When a Volkswagen station wagon came, Wu Hao got out wearing sunglasses. He took off his sunglasses in a slick manner and said, "Sorry for the wait, come upstairs with me!"

Wu Hao wore a tight t-shirt which highlighted his chest and abdominal muscles. Lin Dongxue flushed red upon seeing his muscles bulge out. Xu Xiaodong noticed her reaction and said, "Do you like muscles? Actually, I also have them!"

Lin Dongxue glanced at Xu Xiaodong's weak, chicken-like figure and rolled her eyes.

While heading upstairs, Chen Shi asked, "Mr. Wu, how much is your monthly salary?"

"Not much, about twelve thousand a month."

"This salary can be counted as pretty high in Long'An City. Why not buy a house?"

"Haha, my brother didn’t want to abandon me, so I live here. I bought all the TVs, refrigerators and water heaters at our place. Us two brothers were really close."

"Your brother is married, yet you live together. Would it not be inconvenient?”

"How so? My sister-in-law, fuck, I mean that adulteress is always busy at work and often comes back late at night anyway... It’s here."

Wu Hao opened the door with a key. There was a bunch of decoration workers inside who were smashing the floor. He repeated, "You see? Nothing much happening here. All the furniture has been moved away too.”

“Why do you suddenly want to redecorate?”

"Not redecorating, I am going to sell the house out. Since my brother is dead, the house belongs to me anyway... It would be worth five or six hundred thousand for this house with one room and two lounges!"

"Why do you need to renovate the house if you’re selling it?"

“Wouldn’t it be sold better if it’s just like a shell for the new owners to decorate as they wish?”

A trade-worker suddenly came over and asked, "Boss, why does your room smell so much? There’s even shit underneath the floorboards."

"I’ll kill you!" Wu Hao ferociously glared at the worker. This sudden sound woke Lin Dongxue who was still indulging in his body. "Don't talk nonsense, how can there be shit under the floor!"

"You see it for yourself," the worker lamented.

Wu Hao explained to Chen Shi, "It may be the husky we formerly owned."

"Which is your brother's room?"

"Oh, it’s that one, but there is nothing to look at."

Chen Shi walked into the room, which had already turned into an empty shell with bare walls. He noticed that there was only one bed and asked Wu Hao, "Where do you usually sleep?"

"I sleep on the living room sofa... I bought a big sofa bed and I just put it down like a bed when I need to sleep."

“Don’t you have a feeling of inferiority having to do that?”

"This is my brother. We don’t think of things like that!”

Chen Shi waved Lin Dongxue to come in and whispered, "Girls’ sense of smell is a little bit better. What do you smell in the room?"

Lin Dongxue sniffed her nose and described, "There is a smell...Like the smell of an old toilet."

"Well police officers, nothing to see here. I have to get back to work." Wu Hao stated loudly behind them.

Chen Shi turned around. “In the morning, we went to Ximen to question them."

"Is there a problem with them?!"

"You were right, that person is really suspicious."

"This kind of scum should be arrested and judged. By any means possible, this person should be killed. I guarantee on my life that he killed my brother. After all is said and done, I’ll treat you all to dinner.” Wu Hao slammed his chest with his hand. 

"Okay, I will come when this is all over." Chen Shi smiled.

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