Chapter 707: Gutsy

Seeing that Chen Shi was suddenly standing still, Lin Dongxue asked what was wrong. He said, "There was a takeaway delivery person just then. I thought he was a bit suspicious, but I don't have any evidence."

"Which takeaway place? Call their company and ask!"

"XX takeaway. I hope I’m thinking too much."

There was one thing that Chen Shi felt couldn’t be easily ignored. What actions would that psychopath take during Xin Bai’s arrest? He had a fanatical desire to dominate Xin Bai. Under the control of such feelings, he would definitely not sit still.

Lin Dongxue said, "Speaking of takeaway, we haven’t had food yet. Would you like to order some?"

Chen Shi thought that Miss Gu would have to spend some time there, so he said, "Let's go out to eat. Yueyue, are you going to come with us or Sister Gu?"

"I want to see that crazy writer." Tao Yueyue said.

"Then, we’ll come back soon."

"You can come back later." Tao Yueyue blinked mischievously.

An hour later, the two came back after eating their food and heard a cry from a certain conference room. It turned out that Gu You had given Xin Bai psychological counseling there. Perhaps something she said had touched him, causing him to bawl his eyes out.

"Teacher Bai, today's consultation ends here. It will take some time to liberate you from this prison in your heart. I won't give up, so you shouldn’t either, okay?" Gu You said gently.

"It's been a long time since somebody has said these things to me. Thank you!" Xin Bai whispered tearfully.

Then, Xin Bai was taken back to the detention room. Before he left, Chen Shi said to him, "Teacher Bai, we all want to help you. The most important thing is for you to work up your courage."

Xin Bai nodded silently.

After he was taken away, Lin Qiupu rushed over to listen to the results. Gu You said, "His psychological problem is very serious, but his cognition is still normal. I wanted to learn about that person’s information, but Teacher Bai would always avoid my attempts. Maybe it's that the conditioning given by this person gave him a sense of self-restraint. As long as he says things about that person, he would be brutally murdered, so he’s unwilling to reveal any clues out of self-preservation.”

"I really can't understand. He’s so safe here, so what is he afraid of?" Lin Qiupu said.

"You’re really a layman outside of the industry. Don't use 'take things too hard' to understand psychological problems. It's an illness. Illness! It's like how a broken leg won’t recover from just standing up and taking two steps." Chen Shi said.

"Do I need you to teach me that?" Lin Qiupu was upset. "Miss Gu, the consulting fees..."

"No need. We’re all friends here and I’m just here to help." Gu You smiled.

It was getting late. The four of them bid their goodbyes. Gu You said that she needed to do something and left by herself. Chen Shi knew what was going on as he just saw Peng Sijue not leaving after getting off work as if he was waiting for someone, so he didn't pry.

Tao Yueyue and Lin Dongxue got in Chen Shi's car. Chen Shi began to send Lin Dongxue back first. On their way off work, the atmosphere was very relaxed. Chen Shi and Tao Yueyue were chatting about the topic of movie novels when Lin Dongxue received a call.

After putting down the phone, her expression had changed slightly. "The food delivery company called and said that a customer complained when they found that the delivery man couldn’t be reached. He was found in a trash can outside a housing community and his clothes were stripped. The motorcycle was ridden away, and the person… The person is dead!"

"Something is wrong. Let’s go back quickly!" Chen Shi turned the steering wheel.

"Is that psycho coming to steal the crazy writer?" Tao Yueyue asked.

"It's possible..." Chen Shi hoped that it wouldn’t become a reality. There were only a few people on duty at night in the bureau. Moreover, no one had ever done anything like forcing themselves into a police station. The police might be paralyzed from the unexpected.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the Public Security Bureau. Chen Shi left the car at the door and told Tao Yueyue not to leave the car for even half a step. He rushed into the bureau with Lin Dongxue.

There was no one on duty at the front hall. Lin Dongxue walked into an office and found several police officers lying on their desks in deep slumber with unfinished instant noodles and mineral water in front of them. Lin Dongxue shook them, but they didn’t respond. She picked up the instant noodles to smell them, but there was no peculiar smell to them.

She found that everyone had the same brand of milk tea on the table, and they each only drank half of it. She guessed, "Was it drugged?"

"Bang! Bang!"

There were two gunshots outside, and the two of them rushed out in shock only to see a dark figure running across the corridor quickly. Lin Dongxue shouted for them to stop and reached for her gun out of reflex, only to remember that the gun was dropped off at the gun warehouse when she got off work.

The guy ran extremely quickly. He was wearing a red vest from the XX takeaway company. Based on his figure, he was clearly the suspicious person who had appeared previously. Chen Shi said, "I'll chase after him! You should have a look at Xin Bai."

He chased the man out and ran outside, only to see the man pushing out a motorcycle from behind the tree and rushing to the road after riding on it. Tao Yueyue pushed the car door open and shouted, "Uncle Chen, hurry up!"

Chen Shi got in the car and stepped on the accelerator to keep up. The motorcycle drove so fast that it even rushed onto the sidewalk. Pedestrians screamed and dodged, before he turned into an alley and disappeared.

With the size of a car, it was impossible for them to drive in, and it was even more unlikely for Chen Shi to catch up using his pair of legs. Chen Shi could only give up and hit the steering wheel in annoyance. Tao Yueyue reminded him, "You just ran a red light."

Chen Shi smiled bitterly. "It can't be helped. I will pay the fine by myself another day."

"Was that the bad guy?"

"Most likely."

Tao Yueyue raised her phone. "When I heard the gunshots, I recorded this video facing the door."

The front face of the person was photographed in the video. Chen Shi was delighted and rubbed Tao Yueyue's head. "You’ve done a great job!"

He drove the car back to the bureau. It turned out that Old Zhang was the one who fired the gunshots. While on duty at night, someone had brought milk tea with a note saying, "Thank you for your hard work to those on duty. Please drink this." Everyone thought it was bought by Captain Lin, so they didn’t put much thought into it and drank them.

This person was very scheming. The milk tea came in various flavors, and it had unsweetened oolong tea, so even Old Zhang drank it.

Old Zhang took a sip and went to the bathroom. He suddenly felt dizzy and realized something was wrong. He ran out staggering. He saw a man grabbing a key from an unconscious policeman, so he fired a few shots toward the ceiling and the man ran away.

The crisis was averted, but the several police officers were still out cold. Old Zhang splashed cold water on his face in an attempt to stay awake. He said to Lin Dongxue, "That’s way too gutsy. He dared to go to the Public Security Bureau to try and kidnap someone. This hasn’t happened since the Public Security Bureau was established… No, my head feels too dizzy..."

"You can lie down on the sofa for a bit. Captain Lin will come shortly and we’ll keep guard here." Lin Dongxue said.

"Oh, then I give you guys my thanks..." As he said this, Old Zhang climbed onto the sofa and within a few seconds of lying down, he was snoring.

"How is Xin Bai?" Chen Shi asked.

"He was so scared that he held his head and lay on the ground, trembling, as he pleaded something like ‘Master, don't hit me...’ I guess they didn’t see each other. What is this person thinking? We know Xin Bai’s name, and there’s surveillance cameras everywhere in the bureau. Even if he succeeds in kidnapping him, we would be able to find them immediately. Wait, was he here to kidnap him or kill him to prevent him from talking?"

"It's impossible for him to kill Xin Bai. Xin Bai is like his private property. If he didn't miss him so much, he wouldn't do such a desperate thing. I think something is still yet to happen..."


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