Chapter 704: Yin And Yang

The extra text was like a diary. Chen Shi hurried to find Lin Dongxue. After briefly explaining the situation, he turned on the computer in the living room to download the document.

The strange thing was that there was no such text in the computer version of the document. In the beginning, there was only a title and some basic settings. Chen Shi said, "I understand now. He wrote it in the blank space at the beginning of the document in the same color as the background."

Thus, Chen Shi selected all the text and changed the color to black. Sure enough, this mysterious text appeared in the blank space at the beginning of the document. It was also written in the smallest font, so that it could be written in the blank space of a mere few pages.

"Why did he write it within his own old manuscript, but not send out emails... Did he not have access to the Internet?" Lin Dongxue guessed.

"That person strictly monitors him and may also check his computer. However, this was one of his earliest manuscripts, which is a blind spot. That person is a reader. There is a high probability that he won’t read what he has already read. Xin Bai was probably betting on this probability."

"Why did you want to copy the old manuscripts back for viewing?"

"Um... I just wanted to revisit it." Chen Shi rubbed the tip of his nose.

Lin Dongxue didn't mind. She looked at the computer screen. "But who would see it written in the old manuscripts?"

"Didn't we see it? He expected that one day the police would intervene in the investigation and take away his computer. This text might appear under the police's line of sight."

The two continued to read further.

"He began to live in my house and interfere with me! My life has always been lazy. Sometimes, when inspiration hits, I can write tens of thousands of words. Sometimes, I can't motivate myself for days and I often play games all night. I always admired those hard-working writers because I’m a slacker of intermittent passion. That person sleeps in the living room and makes me feel like I can’t do anything. He forbids me to close the bedroom door and comes over to check if I’m writing from time to time. He has to read every chapter I write in advance, correct the typos for me, and point out the unreasonable places. It’s common for me to modify my manuscripts, but having a stranger come to my house, eat my food, use my stuff, and control me, it’s something I have a strong opinion about. Shouldn't I be a free and independent person?"

"On the third day, I brought it up to him and said it was weird. We’re not relatives, so why does he live in my house and control me? I felt a lot more brave when I said what I had held in my heart. He laughed, saying that strange men and women who aren’t related can get together when they like the other party and share each other’s property. What kind of logic was that? The relationship between people originally goes from nothing to something anyway. He saw me as a soulmate. The first time he read my words, he felt a strong sense of resonance. It felt like an old friend was chatting with him while sitting opposite him in the room. He hoped that I could treat him the same way and said, 'I know you better than yourself.' I yelled, saying that he needs to leave and this was my house! His expression slowly changed, as if he had removed a mask..."

"He hit me, took my phone away, and cut my network cable. This person who looked like a thin and gentle man sat on the bed like a tyrant, commanding and supervising me to write. I must resist, but it’s not like I can beat him. After all, he was a manual worker, and I’m someone who uses a pen for a living. After being beaten to the ground several times, I rushed to the kitchen to find a kitchen knife. I didn’t fucking care anymore. I wanted to kill him, dismember him, and then bury him! However, I found that there were no knives on the kitchen knife stand, and all the pots and pans were hidden away. He appeared behind me gloomily, leaning on the door with his hands. He said, 'We need to set some rules'!"

"One of the rules was that my work was everything. Every day, regardless of whether I had inspiration or not, I had to write 8,000 words in front of the computer and give it to him for inspection. He would publish it. I also had to discuss the plot progression with him. The second rule was that I couldn’t leave the bedroom without permission, and I wasn’t allowed to come into contact with outsiders. He would also take care of the couriers, take out the garbage, buy food, and other out-of-home work. The third rule was that I would get rewards for completing the work with quality and quantity for seven consecutive days. Small requests that weren’t too excessive could be granted, such as what I was to eat or play a few hours of games. The fourth rule was that I needed to report my psychological condition to him regularly, and I couldn’t hide anything."

"Although I’m cowardly, I’m not a person who likes to obey people! There are two kinds of personalities in the world - the saboteur and the guardian, which are like yin and yang. The saboteur likes to break existing things and create new things. Based on their psychological essence, they’re rebels of society. Writers and revolutionaries are all such personalities. Guardians are the opposite. They’re naturally fond of protecting and management. They’re often nostalgic and like orderly things. They are suitable for police, doctors, and officials. Superheroes are also guardians. You’ll find that the Chaoying story has an eternal theme - to keep the world as it is. Of course, evil guardians will degenerate into a champion for the old ages they live in, elderly who stay loyal to the previous dynasty after the change of dynasty, and a henchman dog to evildoers. The reason why I graduated from the University of Political Science and Law and didn’t become a lawyer was because I suddenly discovered my psychological essence. What I yearn for is creative work. I’m a saboteur who yearns for freedom. I will not obey! Never!"

"I pretended to be sick. I broke the computer. I went on a hunger strike. I ran to the window while he was asleep and yelled for help to resist him. After a long and arduous struggle between us, his violence began to escalate. He realized my strength under my weakness, and he decided to break my 'spine'! On this day, he bought many strange props and got me to wear them. It was an SM item. It was very humiliating. I growled, 'Why don't you just kill me then!' After a round of beating, I cried and put it on. He beat me with a small whip and told me to crawl on the ground like a dog. A huge sense of shame filled my heart for a few moments. I really thought I was a dog, but I hoped to at least be a mad dog that could go up and bite his neck!!!"

"He immersed me in this kind of training game. Although this person was uneducated and often didn’t understand some of the idioms in my book, he knew one thing: Forced obedience could destroy the heart. This is a truth that Nazis, scammers from pyramid schemes, and unscrupulous entrepreneurs alike all know. A terrible thought appeared in my heart - Obeying him would make life a little more comfortable. I resisted the thought desperately, but it spread like a virus. I’m about to lose myself. Who can save me? Batman, Superman, Iron Man, where are you all?!"

"I’ll fuck your mum! Eat shit. I’m going to kill you! You really think a writer dare not kill anyone? I will cut your throat out tonight! This bastard raised by a bitch. I’ll fuck your ancestors for eighteen generations...... (This paragraph is all swear words, omitted)."[1]

"My murder plan was seen through. I knelt in front of him and placed the murder weapon I prepared on the floor - a sharpened pair of chopsticks. He stood against the light with his arms crossed, making a grim expression. Suddenly, a strong desire to survive drove me to cry and beg for mercy. I smashed my head to the ground, saying, 'Master, I was wrong. Please forgive me. Don't kill me, don't kill me!' He held up my chin and my eyes were full of tears. I looked at him in fear. Time seemed to freeze. He said, 'Punish yourself until I’m satisfied.' It was like I was given amnesty, and the joy of hope rose in my heart, so I nodded desperately. At that moment, I knew that it was over for me and I had fallen into a bottomless abyss..."

1. The author was the one that wrote the words in the brackets, so nothing is actually omitted. Some of the Internet slang (made up of alphabets, as the actual words are not allowed to be written online) used didn’t make sense in context, so some of it has been changed. 


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