Chapter 702: Strange Cause Of Death

“The author has deleted this comment" was displayed below this message, and it was published in October of last year.

This brother with the string of numbers as his IP address left several other messages. "Small Fool, why aren’t you replying to me. Writing your motherfucking novels, pretending to be all that? In reality, I once stripped your pants down in front of the whole class! Do you remember how the girl you had a crush on saw your penis? Why don’t you write about that? Hahahaha!"

"Motherfucker, have you ever seen the triad underworld? Stop pretending. If the real underworld found you, they’d smash your head in. The heroine has been written decently enough. Motherfucker, let me fuck her in the next chapter. Let’s happily decide on that!"

"Hey, you’re so arrogant now. You haven’t replied to a single comment. Forgetting your old classmates once you’re famous. Motherfucker, just try and delete the comment again. I’ll send some brothers to your house for tea! It’s annoying just seeing your dog-like face."

Lin Dongxue furrowed her brows. "This guy is really too much. He doesn't know how much others hate him. He’s being verbally abusive just because he is an acquaintance."

"Perhaps in his consciousness, no matter how Xin Bai has changed, he’s still the small fool who was bullied by him back then. There was a case in the past about a farmer-born entrepreneur named Chen. One day, a fellow villager from his hometown went to him to seek help from him. Facing his mansion, he made a fuss and even publicized Chen's old embarrassments. Chen killed him out of anger. His old acquaintances who went there uninvited showed enthusiasm on the surface, but in fact, it was an act. Their intentions were to tell others not to look at how he was doing right now, when in fact he met with a lot of difficulties previously. I understand these frustrations as well. Pulling the opponent down to a certain level shows that they’re superior. This brother with the string of numbers as his IP has the same mentality, exposing that Xin Bai was bullied in the past to show off his ‘specialness’ and prove that he’s the ‘VIP’ among readers!"

"But in the eyes of other people, they will only think that this person is very low and ill-bred," Lin Dongxue said. Under these comments, there were many enthusiastic readers who were hating on this rude guy. "This brother with the string of numbers as his IP should be Lan Xiao, right?"

"Most likely."

"The latest comment was from last November, when the quality of Xin Bai's works began to decline. I think Lan Xiao really went to find him."

Chen Shi was silent. "However, this brother with the string of numbers as his IP doesn't seem to be this cunning. The person behind the scenes didn’t leave behind any traces. His most brilliant play was to install security cameras so that Xin Bai was in a kind of imaginary trauma by being monitored every minute. He forced Xin Bai to torture himself in fear and asked him to perform radio gymnastics regularly every day. Xin Bai was the plaything in the palm of their hand. What he imposed on Xin Bai was a kind of mental imprisonment, so that Xin Bai didn’t dare to resist at all. He didn’t even have the courage to say his name in front of the police. How clever! Could this kind of criminal trick be the work of a guy who speaks loudly and shamelessly right away?"

"His Internet personality and real personality might not be the same. For example, someone who is serious in reality may bluff all day on the Internet." Lin Dongxue smirked and glanced at Chen Shi.

"Are you talking about me? You’re thinking about things increasingly comprehensively." Chen Shi praised and touched her head.

When Chen Shi touched her head to praise her, Lin Dongxue's heart was filled with sweetness and her face flushed.

"But..." Chen Shi said, "I still have a question. This person behind the scenes has been urging Xin Bai to write. He also borrowed from the murderous techniques in his work, which shows that he’s a die-hard fan. He loves this work very much. The brother with the string of numbers as his IP isn’t this type of person..." Chen Shi suddenly thought of something. "Yes, for reference! Why didn't I think of this?!" Then, he ran out.

"Hey, where are you going?" Lin Dongxue ran after him.

Chen Shi went to see Peng Sijue. As expected, the autopsy was still in progress. Everyone had done various checks and still didn’t figure out the cause of death. Chen Shi said, "I may know how he died!"

"Oh?" Peng Sijue replied casually. He was doing liquid-solid extraction of blood samples to analyze the toxic components.

"Tell me about any signs of death."

"Acute lung failure, liver edema, pericardial blood atherosclerosis, and kidney inflammation. The cause of death should be suffocation. Many poisons target the lungs. There are many protein components in the blood of the deceased, and there are many interfering substances. External symptoms included multiple beating marks on his body, mainly concentrated in the upper body. The deceased's right arm was slightly dislocated, and his wrist was tied up. It’s suspected that he had his hands tied behind him."

Chen Shi recalled the plot in the novel and said, "Check the stomach to see if there’s a perforation on it."

Peng Sijue ordered someone to check the stomach bag. Because the organ contained a layer of rotting tissue fluid, it was difficult to find the slight traces on the stomach wall. Chen Shi reminded, "It might be a needle hole. You said that the deceased had his abdomen opened without destroying the internal organs. I suddenly though of the murder technique in the novel."

"The murder techniques in novels may not be reliable."

"The professional knowledge in this novel is pretty good. He told me that he had gone to the hospital to ask doctors how to kill people. He was considered a lunatic and almost had the police called on him."

"Well, I’ll believe you for the time being."

In order to look for the hypothetical needle hole, the forensic police cleaned the stomach bag and put it in formalin solution before taking it out again. As expected, a small hole was leaking the liquid.

Chen Shi nodded contentedly. "I'll tell you the murder technique. The murderer extracted the victim’s stomach acid and injected it into the victim’s blood vessels."

"This..." Lin Dongxue was shocked. This was too strange.

Peng Sijue was also surprised, but this conclusion fit all the symptoms. "The main component of gastric acid is hydrochloric acid, which makes proteins coagulate. Furthermore, gastric acid carries a lot of bacteria."

He immediately asked everyone to re-identify the "poison" sample that was within reach, and the result was indeed the case. The deceased had his abdomen cut open and stomach acid was extracted and injected it into his own body.

Injection of hydrochloric acid into blood vessels is also very rare in forensic laboratories. Peng Sijue had never seen a real case of it.

Once stomach acid enters the blood, it’s a huge disaster for the blood circulatory system. Hydrochloric acid will corrode iron and coagulate blood proteins, making it unsustainable for oxygen supply. What is even more deadly is the various bacterial infections. This manner of death is extremely long and the pain is no less than archaic torture methods.

"Unexpectedly, there would be such a method of murder. This has broadened my horizons." Peng Sijue sighed.

"In that novel, all kinds of weird killing methods emerge in an endless stream. The author especially likes to kill people with the most common things. For example, in one case, the murderer forced the deceased to swallow octopus legs that had just been cut off, and the octopus with powerful suction cups sucked at the esophagus and caused suffocation."

"That would not necessarily lead to death. If the deceased has a strong swallowing ability, he can swallow it down directly."

"It was swallowed one by one until he was suffocated."

"Why is it sucking the esophagus? Wouldn’t it be the trachea?" Lin Dongxue asked curiously.

Peng Sijue patiently explained, “Because a person’s trachea and esophagus grow together, the flap over the trachea will temporarily close when eating. If the esophagus is blocked by a foreign body for a long time, the trachea won’t open. Some children swallow toys and suffocate in this way.”


There was some noise outside at this time. Chen Shi patted Peng Sijue on the shoulder and said, "You should hurry and go to dinner." Then, he went out with Lin Dongxue.

It turned out that Xu Xiaodong and his partner arrested a few men. Xu Xiaodong’s mouth was bruised, and the corner of his eyebrows was plastered with an adhesive bandage. It seemed that he had just been in a fight. Although he was injured, he was spirited. He pointed to the men and said to Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue, "You didn’t see it but I was fighting all four of them by myself, just like an action movie."

The four men with blue and swollen noses had their heads downcast, so they knew that what Xu Xiaodong said was true. Lin Dongxue praised, "Wow, you’re so strong!"

Chen Shi smiled, "Haha, the victorious cat is as jubilant as a tiger. You have the might of a tiger right now."


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