Chapter 700: Return My Husband To Me

Lin Qiupu hurried back after receiving the call. Lin Dongxue was talking to the landlord. Once he heard that a dead person was found in his house, the landlord was frightened and was willing to actively cooperate with the police investigation.

He showed them a rental contract and a copy of the tenant's ID card, which clearly read the name Lan Xiao. He was a fierce-looking man from Fengqi City.

Xin Bai's hometown was also Fengqi. He had told Chen Shi that night that Lan Xiao was based on the campus bully who bullied him when he was a child, but he didn't expect that even his name was copied.

"Is this the person who rents the house?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"He’s not the one who rents the house."

Lin Dongxue showed him Xin Bai's photo and the landlord nodded repeatedly. "Mm, it seems to be him."

"When did he start renting?"

"Last winter. He rented it for two years at once."

"You’re happy to rent it to him even though it’s for someone else?"

"This man said he was renting for a fellow from his hometown. He said that the fellow was transferred to work here and he couldn't spare time to do it himself, so he asked him to do it on his behalf. I heard his accent was also from Fengqi, so I rented it to him... Haii, it’s mainly because my house hasn’t been able to be rented out for half a year. This person rented it for two years at once and he paid the money very swiftly. That’s why I didn’t look into it carefully. I didn’t know he was a bad guy. Haii, what a sin! My house won’t be affected, will it?"

Lin Qiupu said, “When you rent the house in the future, you will have to be more attentive. At the very least, you have to make sure that you sign the contract with the tenant themselves. Otherwise, you will have to take responsibility if something goes wrong.”

"Yes, yes, definitely!" After being warned, the landlord had cold sweat form on him from fright.

Lin Qiupu told them of their findings and Lin Dongxue said, "Why are there so many criminals that can hack technology these days? I don't understand anything like hacking and planting Trojans like these people."

"There are a lot of online tutorials that are easy to learn. Some film and television working on crime-fighting topics will also become criminal teaching materials. It’s too easy to be led astray."

Chen Shi thought of "Black Honey" suddenly. They were a bunch of young people happily sharing the taboo knowledge of this world.

"From all indications, there is indeed a second person that exists." Lin Qiupu said frankly.

"However, Xin Bai is still a major breakthrough point. I’m even considering the possibility that he himself may have committed a crime under the coercion of that person." Chen Shi said, as if they had each taken a step back in compromise.

"Haha, you guys have finally reached a consensus... Why hasn’t Captain Peng finished yet?"

They realized that they had been standing downstairs for too long, so they went up to take a look. The forensic officers in the room were collecting fingerprints. Peng Sijue was squatting down in the bathroom and staring at the corpse in a daze. Chen Shi asked, "What's wrong? Is the deceased an old classmate of yours?"

"Why does this person say such nice sounding things?!" Lin Qiupu frowned. He found that Chen Shi was particularly presumptuous in front of Peng Sijue. Somehow, there was a little jealousy in his heart.

Peng Sijue rolled his eyes at Chen Shi. "I can't tell the cause of death."

At this time, the corpse had been turned over. All three of them noticed that there was a cut in his abdomen. Due to the decay, pus was flowing out. The blood vessels on the deceased's belly were blue with a hint of yellow.

"This knife wound seems to be struck above the stomach. He wouldn’t die from that, right?" Lin Dongxue said.

"He’d die, but very slowly. Stomach acid would enter the abdominal cavity to corrode internal organs causing internal bleeding, just like a Japanese samurai sepukus. The death would be slow and painful." Chen Shi said.

"Stop trying to show off in front of a professional, okay?" Peng Sijue said, "This knife just opened the abdomen and the internal organs weren’t damaged. I don't understand the meaning behind the murderer doing this... Also, have you noticed that the blood vessels are a bit different? That's right. The rotting blood will gradually turn blue, but the blood of the deceased was a hint of yellow. I suspect he was poisoned. We’ll go back and examine it carefully!"

"Right, Little Zhang!" Peng Sijue called.

A little policeman came over holding an evidence bag with a ring inside. They said, "This was found under the sofa with blood stains on it. The size obviously doesn’t belong to the deceased."

The three looked at the corpse's thick fingers that looked like carrots. Chen Shi said, "More than one person died here."

Lin Qiupu then called the team back. When they returned to the bureau, they heard a commotion at the door. A woman insisted on seeing Xin Bai. Lin Qiupu asked, "Who are you?"

"I am Zhang Zhenlei's wife."

Zhang Zhenlei? Lin Qiupu was dazed for a moment. Then, he remembered that it was the real name of the UP host, Old B.

There were still tear traces on the woman's face. "You called me before and asked me to come and claim the corpse. Just now I accidentally heard that you caught the author. I want to see him."

"Let's talk somewhere else!"

When they got to a meeting room, Lin Qiupu poured a cup of water for her. As soon as the woman calmed down, she began to cry. She was still immersed in the pain of losing her lover.

"My husband has recorded small videos on the Internet over the past two years. He doesn’t know how to do anything else. He just likes to read novels, so he specifically reviews them. Didn’t he make the video regarding ‘The Detective Of The Abyss’ last week? After uploading it, he spent the night sitting in front of the computer looking at the comments. Suddenly, he said he was going out. I asked him where he was going so late at night. He said that he suddenly remembered something and that Xin Bai may be imprisoned. I told him to call the police, but he said he wasn’t actually sure. He had the idea when he saw the comments just then. Someone said that this writer might have been kidnapped. He sent out a distress signal in his work. The more he pondered, the more he felt like it was possible, but he wasn’t too sure and wanted to have a look. If it was true, then he’d call the police. If this matter really was true, it’d definitely make the headlines. He would definitely trigger a wave of commotion.”

"I didn't think much of it at the time, so I just told him to be careful. This author is also on his friends list. Everyone lives in Long'an and they’ve met before. In fact, he had been chatting with Xin Bai since last year and said that he wanted to record this issue. As a result, he never came back after he left. Then, I received a call and saw that he had already..." The woman said as tears streaming down, "I want to see Xin Bai once. It’s not to take revenge on him. I just want to know what happened. Otherwise, I can't feel at ease!"

Of course, the suspect couldn’t be seen casually. However, the woman was so earnest that she almost knelt down. Chen Shi suggested, "Why don’t we let them meet for a moment with the detention room between them?”

"Okay." Lin Qiupu said, "But don't hold on to too much hope. His mental state isn’t really there, and he probably won't be able to tell you anything. We’re still investigating this case!"

"Thank you! Thank you!" The woman was grateful with tears flowing on her face.

Taking her to the detention room, Xin Bai was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed and using a gel pen to draw a watch on his wrist. He enjoyed his time there alone. Lin Qiupu saw what was happening and yelled, "Hey, how can the suspect have a pen?!"

The policeman on duty hurried over and opened the door of the detention room. Xin Bai was unwilling to hand over the pen, yelling, "Let me finish drawing. Let me finish drawing! I’m only missing one clock hand..."

Taking advantage of the chaos, the woman quietly entered the detention room. Catching him off guard, she scratched Xin Bai’s eyes and shouted, "Return my husband to me! Return my husband to me!"


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