Chapter 695: Soy Sauce Murder

Chen Shi and Xin Bai chatted in the interrogation room. Peng Sijue sent someone to call Lin Qiupu and Lin Dongxue to the forensic laboratory. The autopsy was currently in progress. Honestly speaking, Lin Dongxue couldn't adapt to this scene no matter how many times she witnessed it.

It was said that the corpse found in Xin Bai’s car was cut into over forty pieces. It was barely put back to form a human figure. It was an adult male. Peng Sijue said, "There’s something you guys have to see."

He used tweezers to dig out a part of the stomach. Lin Qiupu noticed that the stomach had already turned black and asked, "Is it rotten?"

"No, the corpse is actually very fresh. I estimate that the time of death was about 20 hours ago. It shouldn’t be over a day old. A large amount of this was found in the deceased's intestines..." Peng Sijue paused. "Soy sauce!"


Lin Qiupu suspected that he had heard it wrong. Lin Dongxue did smell soy sauce from the stench of the corpse. When she thought of dipping food into soy sauce during dinner, she couldn't help feeling nauseous.

Peng Sijue continued, "At first I thought it was food residue, but no clear cause of death was found on the corpses. Later, we did a blood test and it was found that the deceased's blood sodium levels were very high and there was too much soy sauce in the deceased's stomach. It’s much more than the normal dose for human consumption. The main substance in soy sauce is salt. A lethal dose of salt is 40 grams. The deceased was forcefully fed a large amount of soy sauce when he was healthy. The salt that entered the body would extract the water in the body’s cells. Excessive blood sodium would increase blood pressure and shock the autonomic nerves. His death was long and painful. This is not an ordinary murder. It’s a torturous murder!"

After listening to Peng Sijue's narration, everyone was in shock that a bottle of ordinary soy sauce could kill people. If the murderer didn't have a deep hatred for the victim, then they must be psychotic.

Lin Qiupu directed his anger at Xin Bai, gritted his teeth, and said, "That guy is still acting in the interrogation room. I must make him pay!"

"Brother, things haven't been clarified yet. The author is in a very poor state of mind. We can’t say for sure that he’s the murderer." Lin Dongxue said.

"If he didn't kill him, why would he drive his own car to abandon the body? Old Zhang, is that car his?" Lin Qiupu asked.

"It's his." Old Zhang replied.

"Should we go to his house? It might be the crime scene." Lin Dongxue said.

"Yes!" Lin Qiupu asked Peng Sijue, "Are there other findings?"

"The deceased was a young male. His identity hasn’t been figured out yet."

Lin Dongxue glanced at the dissecting table and suddenly felt that the deceased seemed a bit familiar. This feeling was the most frightening – Finding out that the deceased might be your acquaintance.

She walked to the dissecting table step by step and stared at the pale face for a long time. She didn't even hear Lin Qiupu calling her. Suddenly, she remembered and ran out immediately.

After a while, Lin Dongxue dragged Chen Shi over and said, "Play the video you watched earlier."

"What?" Chen Shi was confused, but still did as he was asked.

Lin Dongxue looked at the faces of the UP host in the video and the deceased. She said, "Yes, this is the UP host of a program that criticizes people on the Internet."

"What does UP host mean?" Lin Qiupu asked.

"It's the person who recorded and released the show..." Chen Shi glanced at the dissecting table. "It really is him!"

"Online criticism? Xin Bai wrote an online novel. Is there any connection between the two?" Lin Qiupu asked.

"I don't think that it can be regarded as hatred. This UP host had recently criticized his book, but it wasn’t the malicious kind. Killing for that? I can't believe it!" Lin Dongxue said.

"It's not really considered hate. It can be said to be a good thing to increase the exposure because of the show..." Chen Shi thought, "No, this wouldn’t be the motive for the murder. There must be other reasons. Let's go to Xin Bai's house. "

"It’s the same as what I think."

Thus, Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi went to his residence with the keys seized from Xin Bai while Lin Qiupu and Old Zhang continued to interrogate him.

On the way, Lin Dongxue told Chen Shi of the autopsy results, and Chen Shi was also very shocked. He said, "Killing with soy sauce? This kind of killing technique has appeared in Xin Bai's novels. His novels always like to explore strange killing techniques. After all, curiosity is also one of the selling points of suspense novels. It’s unexpected that it would appear in reality."

"What did you talk to him about just now?" Lin Dongxue smelled herself. She seemed to have the smell of the corpse on her after coming out of the autopsy room. Perhaps it was just placebo.

"We just had a casual chat. I feel like he's experienced some trauma. When talking about daily trivial matters, like asking him what he ate tonight, etc., he can respond well. However, when it comes to the murder, he gets stuck or just speaks nonsense."

"In my opinion, this person is afraid to face reality!"

Chen Shi smiled. He had a feeling that Xin Bai seemed to have suffered some kind of mental torture, and there were some injuries on his body. However, when Chen Shi wanted to have a look, Xin Bai appeared to be particularly resistant.

As a fairly well-known online writer, Xin Bai’s residence was very ordinary. It had the atmosphere of a bachelor’s house. There were many movie posters on the wall and several game consoles on the TV cabinet. In order to play an exclusive game, he bought a game console. This can only be done by a bachelor with a certain financial strength. In this regard, Xu Xiaodong may share a commonality with him.

The tall bookshelf was full of professional books. Looking at those books on criminal law, forensic medicine, toxicology, folklore, and mythology, Chen Shi didn’t just admire him, but figured that if Xin Bai really were to commit a crime, the professional knowledge he had was definitely richer than that of an ordinary person.

Chen Shi checked the kitchen and bathroom again and proved that someone indeed lived there. Lin Dongxue asked, "Why don’t we see a computer? Don't writers all work on a computer?"

"I don't know either. Let’s go to the bedroom and have a look."

There was a desk in the bedroom with a notebook on it. When they opened it, it turned out to be a handwritten manuscript. Chen shi wondered if this guy was that old-fashioned.

Eventually, the two found a laptop in a drawer, and the two took both the notebook and the laptop back for inspection.

"No blood stains and the like were found." Lin Dongxue said. "Could it have been wiped away?"

"Would he be so meticulous with his mental state?" Chen Shi suddenly remembered something. The house could show what the person was like. Xin Bai was like a madman. How could this house be so organized? This shouldn't be the case.

"Does this guy have a work studio or something?" Chen Shi muttered.

"Old Chen, look at this!"

Lin Dongxue opened a cabinet and found a strange set of clothes, rope, knife, detergent, gloves and the like.

In order to open this, the book in Lin Dongxue's hand was chucked aside. Chen Shi caught a glimpse of the lines above, took a look, and said, "Hey, this doesn't seem to be the manuscript of a novel, but a murder diary!"


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