Chapter 694: Crazy Author

An hour later, Xin Bai was taken to the interrogation room. Chen Shi found that this guy seemed to be suffering from ADHD. He kept moving non-stop while sitting on the chair and his eyes kept darting back and forth. However, his eyes seemed empty and cold sweat poured down his face, as if he had taken some kind of medicine.

According to the traffic police's recount, his car drove like he was dancing ballet. Before hitting the truck, he ran into several cars one after another. The traffic police asked him to blow on the alcohol tester, but the results showed that he hadn’t been drinking.

Chen Shi suggested taking a urine test to see if this guy was taking drugs.

Chen Shi didn’t like to read web articles much. Tao Yueyue was the one who recommended this book to him. It was the only work he was up to date on. Seeing his favorite writer sitting in the interrogation room, he had a slight feeling of not knowing what to do.

Soon after, Lin Qiupu and Old Zhang went in for the interrogation and turned on the recorder. Lin Qiupu asked, "Is Xin Bai your real name?"

Xin Bai stared at the recorder and didn’t speak. Lin Qiupu asked again with his eyes twitching. Xin Bai suddenly yelped, "Turn it off! Turn it off! They’re looking at me! Turn it off quickly!"

Lin Qiupu glanced at the recorder and responded, "Don't you write criminal investigation novels about this? You have to record interrogations."

"No, no, turn it off, please, I beg you... Turn that off too..." He pointed to the camera on the wall. "Don't let it face me. I'm very scared."

No matter what they said, he held this nervous reaction. Lin Qiupu couldn’t do anything but remove the recorder and ask Lin Dongxue to come in as a note-taker.

At this time, the urine test results came out. Lin Qiupu took a look. The first urine test used drug test strips, but it didn’t yield any results. So, he sent the urine sample to the forensics team for mass spectrometry. The results were surprising.

Xin Bai's body contained a lot of Ritalin, which was a banned drug commonly known as the "smart drug". It was a stimulant that forced concentration.

But the negative side effect was that after the drug’s effects passed, the body would compensate for it, causing a lack of energy and concentration. Xin Bai's current appearance seemed to be under this negative effect, and the car accident was probably caused by this.

Lin Qiupu put the results of the urine test on the table and said, "Did you take illegal drugs?"

"I don't just eat that. I also eat fish liver oil, vitamins, seaweed oil... After eating seaweed oil, the hair will be black and shiny, see?!" Xin Bai pulled out a lot of his hair. "Right! Did you know? There is a substance called Chlorine E6. After eating it, the eyes will see far into the dark. I’m currently conceiving a novel in which this drug makes an appearance."

Lin Qiupu smacked the table angrily. "Don't change the subject. Why did you take Ritalin?"

Xin Bai scratched his neck vigorously and the skin fell down layer by layer. He stared at him and said, "Don’t writers have to take some drugs for writing? If you don’t take drugs, where would the inspiration come from?"

"Then you murdered for inspiration as well?"

"Murder...I didn't murder anyone!" He continued to scratch his neck. He had already created bloody marks on himself.

"What happened to the corpse in the car?"

"The corpse in the car? The corpse in whose car? Whose corpse was it?"

"I’m the one asking the questions right now."

"You’re asking me?" Xin Bai stared back in surprise. "You should do an autopsy. When doing an autopsy, some forensic doctors like to use a linear open cavity. Some like a T-shape and some like a Y-shape. I like the Rokitansky method[1]the most. Do you know what the Rokitansky method is? It is to cut the neck and chest, separate the muscles layer by layer, expose the various organs, and then cut the aorta, esophagus and inferior vena cava, etc. Finally, all the internal organs can be pulled out. When you do the autopsy later, can you let me have a look? I really want to have a look."

Xin Bai said this with a smile and his neck had already been scratched to the point of bleeding.

Lin Qiupu frowned. "You shameless guy!" He had seen a lot of unreasonable people in the interrogation room, but it was the first time that he had met someone acting like this.

"How can I write this down?" Lin Dongxue asked, not writing a single word in the notebook.

Chen Shi knocked on the glass from outside. Lin Qiupu, Old Zhang, and Lin Dongxue came out. Chen Shi said, "His mental state isn’t right. It seems that there’s a problem with his brain. If you question him like this, you won’t be able to get anything."

"This guy is acting."

Chen Shi showed them the novel app. "This is his latest updated chapter. It’s not only logically confusing, but it also has many typos, which shows that his mental state is very, very bad."

"How could a writer become like this? By the way, what did his latest novel write about?"

"It’s written that a deceased person disappeared after the autopsy. From the surveillance footage, it seems like the corpse went out by themselves. I wonder how he intends to fix this problem."

"Brother, look!" Lin Dongxue pointed in surprise.

In the interrogation room, Xin Bai actually stood up and sang and danced there. The four people "appreciated" in shock for a while. Chen Shi said, "What kind of dance is this? Why does it feel like the eighth set of the broadcasted radio gymnastics?"

He walked into the interrogation room as Xin Bai was doing stretching exercises while muttering, "One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four. Three, two, three, four..." It was indeed the eighth set of radio gymnastics.

"What are you doing? Sit back down!" Lin Qiupu scolded.

Xin Bai looked terrified, but his body seemed to be uncontrollable, moving mechanically. Lin Qiupu asked someone to come in and cuff him to the interrogation chair. He was only wearing gloves just before. [2]Xin Bai yelled, "Let me finish. Let me finish, or they will beat me!"

While he was struggling, Chen Shi noticed that there seemed to be injuries on his body and asked, "Who will beat you?"

"Master! Master!" Xin Bai shouted, tears streaming down his eyes.

Chen Shi whispered, "Let me talk to him alone. After all, we’ve met once before."

Lin Qiupu thought for a while before saying, "Turn your phone on to record."


Chen Shi and Xin Bai were the only ones left in the interrogation room. Chen Shi pointed to himself and asked, "Remember me? One time, I was driving you. I happened to encounter a case and I took you to the scene."

"Oh..." Xin Bai suddenly seemed to realize. "Are you the one who was killed?"

Chen Shi was speechless. He raised his cell phone. "I’ve been reading your novel. It’s quite well-written."

"Hehe, it’s only average. Do you know why I love writing these kinds of novels? When I was a kid, I was bullied by someone and I hated it, so I wrote the story of the bully being killed in my book to vent. That’s how I became a writer. Did you know? The villain, Lan Xiao, was based on the bastard who bullied me when I was young!"

When it came to talking about his works, Xin Bai's mentality seemed to get better and his eyes changed from being in an impetuous state to a calmer one.

Sure enough, for a writer, their works were like their children.

"You’ve fallen short of your normal level recently. Are you too tired?" Chen Shi asked in concern, trying to get into the topic of his current situation.

"I'm too tired. Haii, I have to write every day. I have to write every day. I’ve been so busy. Sometimes, I dig a hole in my story and don't know how to fill it up. I look at the comments of the readers in the comments section. An ID named 'The Long’an Old Driver' likes guessing who the murderer is the most. Hehe, every time he makes a guess on who the murderer is, I write in this direction and somehow fill the hole up in a mysterious way."

Chen Shi was shocked. The ID was his. He thought he had guessed who the murderers were. It turns out the author looked at his comments to write the plot. He smiled helplessly. "I’m ‘The Long’an Old Driver’."

"Wow, really? It’s an honor to meet you!" Xin Bai caught Chen Shi's hands and shook them vigorously.

1. I googled the Virchow, Letulle, Gohn and Rokitansky methods and decided on this one based on the similarities of what the author described and what the books I read described. Though it might also be Virchow as it also removes every organ one by one before getting dissected… 

2. Unsure what this is referring to. 


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