Chapter 687: Sex Shop

After listening to Chen Shi’s proposal, the few of them discussed it. Ai Ying said, “We have no problem with this. I don’t know what Sister 22 wants. Let me contact her!”

After making a call, Ai Ying said, "Sister 22 agreed, but she said that she would come over after work tonight. She would like to hear the truth together with us."

11 hurriedly said, "I want to know the truth too."

"As long as you’re willing to wait, I’ll see you here tonight!" Chen Shi said.

11 went bashfully over to ask for Lin Dongxue’s WeChat. Chen Shi gave him his own WeChat instead. 11’s small and round face showed disappointment. Ai Ying pulled him away and said, “What are you doing? They’re a couple. Can’t you tell?"

"Can't I make friends? I don't have any other intentions." 11 defended himself. The group disappeared noisily around the street corner.

Looking at the backs of this group of people, Chen Shi smiled and said to Lin Dongxue, "Let's go walk around too. We'll talk about it at night."

"There seems to be no clues to investigate right now."

"You forgot that there’s still a footprint on the scene that hasn't been investigated, but we don’t have a clue at this moment in time."

The two were strolling along the street leisurely. Chen Shi saw an X sexual aids store and said, "Let’s go in and have a look!" Lin Dongxue frowned. "Why do we need to look at these things?"

Chen Shi had already walked in, and Lin Dongxue felt embarrassed, but fortunately nobody was around on the street. She followed in.

The shop was dark and empty. The shelves were full of sex toys with a variety of exaggerated names. Chen Shi didn’t even know what some of them were used for. The shopkeeper who was playing cards saw visitors coming to the door and immediately made his way over with a smile plastered on his face. He asked, "What are you looking for? For men or women? Do you want SM props? Do you want Viagra?"

"Boss, I’ll go out if you continue to recommend things to me." Chen Shi said in embarrassment.

"Okay, okay, you can have a look at your leisure." Even so, the boss still followed them around as if he was afraid that Chen Shi would leave without buying anything.

Chen Shi picked up a few fake dildos, compared and stroked them. The boss displayed a lecherous smile as if he understood. "That’s not as good as the real deal. Would you like to try Indian oil? It really works!"

"Stop recommending me things please. I beg you not to follow me."

"Okay, okay." The boss verbally agreed, but didn’t move away.

Chen Shi said to Lin Dongxue, "I thought these toys would be very hard, but the material is softer than expected."

Lin Dongxue touched one, but she was too embarrassed to comment in front of a stranger. She knew that Chen Shi was considering the details of the case.

Chen Shi asked the boss, "Are there any of these that are particularly hard, such as plastic?"

"How can these things be made of plastic? There is hard silicone but they are not comfortable if they are too hard."

Chen Shi's eyes fell on something. He picked it up and looked at it. He asked, "What is this?"

"Can’t you tell from its shape? The function is similar to condoms, but most people don't dare to use it. If you use this, you’d have to use a lot of lubricant, or scratches will happen easily."

Chen Shi stroked the leather object with his hand, thinking. Lin Dongxue asked the boss, "Has anyone bought this thing recently?"

"Why are you asking this?"

She showed her badge to the boss, and the boss replied, "Uh, no one has ever bought this item since it was stocked. Do you want it? Don't worry, it hasn't expired!"

Lin Dongxue said no, and the boss tried desperately to sell her other things. His persistence was as if he would die if they didn't buy something.

When they finally left the store, Chen Shi bought a small item. While he was paying for it with WeChat, he suddenly saw an unfamiliar profile picture in the update notification from his circle of friends. He only discovered after clicking it that it was 11 who he had just added.

11 had posted a photo a few minutes ago. He and Little 4 were standing with their faces touching each other outside an old house. The line of text below said. "It’s said to be the scene of a murder case. A couple was raped and killed. The murderer still hasn’t been caught yet. Are you guys afraid?"

"Fuck!" Chen Shi yelled out loud. "How could these kids go there to play?!"

He dragged Lin Dongxue with him and rushed over there. The place had originally been sealed by the police, but now the doors were wide open. The four men were smiling, posing and taking photos in the courtyard.

Chen Shi stood at the door with a stern expression. 11 who was posing with a v sign awkwardly lowered his hand. The others followed his gaze and looked over. Chen Shi asked, "Who let you come here to play?"

"There are no tourist attractions in the town... So we came to see the legendary murder scene." Ai Ying explained.

"Why don't you go to the place where Ma Xiang was killed? It's more exciting there!" Chen Shi sarcastically said.

Ai Ying didn't seem to pick up the sarcasm in his words. "That place has been sealed. Isn't it illegal for us to run in and play?"

"Wasn’t it sealed here?"


"Was the door open like this?"


Chen Shi was a bit surprised and went to investigate. The sealing tapes had been cut away long ago. There was a lock which had fastened the two rings on the door,  but now, the lock was only fastened on one ring. At first glance, it seemed to be locked but it actually wasn’t.

"Someone has come in before." Lin Dongxue said.

"Have you entered the house yet?" Chen Shi asked Ai Ying.

Ai Ying said, "We did... This door was open so we went in to have a look around. There was nothing inside."

11 grinned, "I thought there would be a human silhouette created using white lines at the murder scene. You guys are too unprofessional." Chen Shi glared at him and the little fat man curbed his mirth.

Lin Dongxue notified the people at the local Public Security Bureau to come over and deal with it since they had the keys. Chen Shi drove all four of them out.

Ai Ying said, "Didn’t this case happen in November? It was last year, so why can’t we go in yet?”

"The local police sealed it and you should respect that!" Chen Shi said.

"It's not that we were disrespectful, it's the people who came before us that were disrespectful. Don’t blame us."

"How did you know that this place can be entered?"

Ai Ying shrugged, "We didn’t know about it at first, but this small town is the size of a palm. We wandered around and saw this door."

11 asked the others one by one, "Little 4, do you want to go to the bathroom together?", "Ai Ying, do you want to go to the bathroom together?"

Ai Ying agreed, and Chen Shi said, "I’ll go too!"

The three men went to the public toilet together. When they came out, 11 didn't look so good. He said to Ai Ying in a low voice, "There’s something wrong with this man. He stared at those parts of ours while we urinated."

Just then, Chen Shi had taken a glance and there was nothing wrong with Ai Ying. His suspicion of Ai Ying diminished further again.

"Old Chen, look at this!" Lin Dongxue stopped Chen Shi and took him to the courtyard. There was a footprint on the windowsill. Chen Shi took out his phone, found a photo and compared it. "It’s the same as the footprints found at the other scene. This person climbed in through the window and opened the door."

"Size 37. This is a girl’s size... Could it be her?" Lin Dongxue thought of someone.


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