Chapter 684: An Astonishing Change

Chen Shi took out his mobile phone to illuminate the scene and it was Chang Juan who was kneeling there with a knife in her hands. Her face was covered with blood, and her expression was indescribable. It was as if she was a sleepwalker who had woken with a start.

There was a middle-aged man lying on the ground. His whole body was stained red with blood. 22 stepped back in shock. "That man is my ex-husband!"

"Chang Juan, put down your weapon!" Lin Dongxue ordered.

Chang Juan remained motionless, as if she hadn't heard her. 22 repeated, "Put the weapon down."

"Dong", Chang Juan then dropped the knife.

Lin Dongxue slowly walked over and handcuffed Chang Juan. She didn’t resist at all and calmly let Lin Dongxue take her outside. Ai Ying covered his mouth and cried when he saw this. He kept asking why, but no one could answer him.

Chen Shi looked around the scene. The windows had been boarded up and some dilapidated furniture was piled up in the room. An old blanket was spread on the floor and the area 39 was lying on was already stained red with blood.

He walked to the window and took a look. It was naturally pitch-black outside, but he vaguely saw that someone seemed to be moving in the darkness.

Chen Shi immediately asked Ai Ying to follow him out and they chased after the figure in that direction, but found nothing. He looked around and suddenly said to Ai Ying, "Don't move!"

It turned out that there was a fresh footprint in the mud near Ai Ying's feet. Chen Shi looked as though he had found precious treasure and carefully took a photo of it.

Lin Dongxue called the town’s public security bureau. Since it was already midnight, it took nearly an hour for the police to come, and Peng Sijue couldn’t come over until tomorrow. All the inconveniences made Lin Dongxue’s head swim. This place was big and empty, and they couldn’t ask people to guard the scene all night. They could only seal the entrance with police tape as a warning.

The bloody clothes and murder weapon on Chang Juan were taken away as evidence. She herself was taken into the interrogation room. Faced with the interrogation, she didn't say a word. Chen Shi could only let 22 in to repeat every sentence.

"Chang Juan, did you kill 39?" 22 asked.

"It was as you saw." Chang Juan answered calmly.

"What we need is your answer. Did you kill anyone?" Chen Shi said.

When 22 repeated the question, Chang Juan said, "No comment."

"Chang Juan, do you know what your current attitude means? You may be charged with murder and stay in jail for a lifetime. Your life will be over." 22 said, heartbroken. "Be obedient and cooperate with the police!"

Chang Juan looked at 22 and replied after a long time, "From the day my parents were killed, I vowed not to make any choice in my life, but to accept things and resign myself to fate."

Chen Shi vaguely felt that this matter might not be that simple. It seemed that another person had left the scene. The footprint was neither Chang Juan’s nor 39’s. He said, "What you did for us to see at the scene was a certain shareholder’s order?"

"No comment."

Chang Juan didn’t want to reveal anything. Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue couldn’t do anything about it. They could only detain her first. When she was taken away, 22 told Chang Juan to have a good rest in the detention room, not to overthink things and that the shareholders would help her. Chang Juan nodded silently.

It could be seen that 22 truly cared about Chang Juan. It was her ex-husband who was killed.

Afterwards, Chen Shi chatted with 22. Her real name was Chu Shifang, and she was a senior manager at a design company. 39's real name was Ma Xiang. Chu Shifang said that he didn’t have a serious job. He had earned money from stocks and real estate in his early years. With that money, he bought various financial products, and idled away at home every day. Being a shareholder of Chang Juan had become his biggest "project."

Chen Shi asked, "How did Ma Xiang know about the details of this case?"

"I asked him in private and he said it was his analysis, but he was afraid that he would be embarrassed if he said something wrong, so he relayed it through Chang Juan."

"In fact, the details he provided were very detailed, and they tally with the facts. However, the case hasn’t been made public at all, so he wouldn’t have had anything to analyze."

"It seems that he lied to me." Chu Shifang said indifferently.

"What did Ma Xiang used to do?"

"His past is very mysterious. When we met, he said that he was a rich second generation whose father was in the coal mine industry. He was very generous no matter where we went to eat and have fun. I was young at the time and was so besotted with him... I found out later that he was lying to me. Both his parents were ordinary office workers, but his account did have a large amount of money. When I asked him how he had gotten it, he said it had been earned through flipping real estate. I said he’d have to have capital to flip real estate!"

Chu Shifang drank a sip of water and continued, "Even I suspect that he’d done something illegal, let alone you guys. That guy had a very short fuse and couldn’t put up with anything. After we got married, we kept arguing until my head was about to explode! Oh yes, he would go on a long journey every few days and never explained anything. I once suspected that he was having an affair...”

"Later, he bought Chang Juan's life stock, and he smiled idiotically at the computer all day. He didn’t even leave it to eat. Just like those unsuccessful old men chasing after Internet celebrities. Of course I’d be angry. He didn’t care about his own wife but circled around another girl every day. I was so angry that I also bought Chang Juan's life stock to see how this "little vixen" seduced my husband.”

"But later I found out that the situation was different from what I thought. It is hard to describe a girl like Chang Juan. She was like a doll that could breathe. Her life was placed there, waiting for others to decide everything for her. This was so interesting. She aroused my motherly instincts! The struggle between Ma Xiang and I became a struggle for control of Chang Juan. I wanted Chang Juan to be like this, but he wanted Chang Juan to be like that. We’d argue non-stop in the group over a small thing. It seems that the two of us were fated not to agree with each other. No matter what we did, we would have to quarrel! The time that he used the shareholder meeting to date Chang Juan privately, I ran over to stop it. I wasn’t worried about him, I was worried about how Chang Juan would be treated by him because Chang Juan is like my daughter. She’s more important to me than this bastard. It can be said that she’s my spiritual support!"

"Is it that amazing?" Lin Dongxue listened, enthralled.

"I don't know if you’ve ever played character-raising simulation games. Making decisions for Chang Juan was like raising a character. Although I look like a middle-aged woman, I also have a girlish heart." Chu Shifang smiled.

Chen Shi brought back the topic that had gone off on a tangent.. "Does Ma Xiang have any special friends?"

"He had almost no friends and just stayed at home all day long. Oh yes, there was an old classmate of his who once came to our place for a meal. This was an unprecedented first for him."

"Has that person's right thumb been injured before?"

"Why are you asking about this? Did you not pay attention just now? Ma Xiang's own finger had been injured, and his right thumb was a transplant."


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