Chapter 680: A Puppet’s Life

The man who smashed the police car was immediately taken back to the town’s public security bureau for questioning. The documents found on him showed that his name was Ai Ying, a salesman from Long'an City. When asked why he had smashed the police car, Ai Ying remained silent. After being asked a few more times, he said impatiently, "If I tell the truth, you’d let me go? You can detain me here however many days you want. Don't waste your spit!"

Chen Shi showed Lin Dongxue something. It was Ai Ying's cell phone, which had Chang Juan's number on it. Also, he had communicated with her that day.

"No way?" Lin Dongxue was very surprised. "Is he here for Chang Juan? He’s the mastermind behind the scenes? I thought that person would be more mysterious, but he appeared so carelessly."

"Let’s go and meet this youngster!"

The two replaced the interrogators and sat opposite Ai Ying, asking, "What is your relationship with Chang Juan?"

Ai Ying frowned.

Chen Shi also said, "You have her number on your phone and you have no relatives or friends in Shiqiao Town. You came here during the first lunar month and smashed a police car 'for fun'. It could only be because of her. As for the reason, it’s because we used a signal-blocking device to 'deal with' Chang Juan."

Ai Ying's expression became uglier, but he remained silent.

Lin Dongxue said, "It doesn't make any sense for you to remain silent right now. It seems that you’re the person who instructed Chang Juan. Why do you know about the details of the case? Do you know the murderer?"

"Police are so vulgar! Vulgar!" Ai Ying said angrily. "You’re all so utilitarian when considering issues."

"Then give me a non-utilitarian answer."

"I can't talk about this because it involves other people's privacy."

"Sorry, at this present moment, we have the right to know about this ‘privacy’ and judge whether it has anything to do with the case."

"Chang Juan has nothing to do with this case!" Ai Ying said loudly, and then sighed. "Call Chang Juan over and I’ll discuss it with her."

Ai Ying insisted on seeing Chang Juan. In order to find out the secrets between the two of them, Lin Dongxue asked someone to bring Chang Juan over. Seeing Ai Ying, Chang Juan was only slightly surprised. Ai Ying smiled bitterly. “These police officers bullied you during the day. I was a little upset. I came to smash their cars at night but got caught. As expected, the police aren’t easy to mess with."

"She’s here so you can talk now. What’s your relationship with each other?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"I actually have no connections with her. To tell the truth about this matter, I have to get the consent of some other people, because this isn’t just the private business of Chang Juan and I. Can I make a phone call?"

"Don’t take a mile when I give you an inch!" Lin Dongxue yelled. This guy had been acting mysterious, almost making her lose all her patience.

Ai Ying withdrew in fright and looked at Chang Juan timidly. "Then... You just watch what you say. The police are so troublesome and have to ask about everything."

"If you think the police are troublesome, why did you still trouble us?" Lin Dongxue snorted.

"Can I talk now?" Chang Juan asked.

"Say it!" Ai Ying nodded.

Chang Juan was silent for a long time, took off her choker, and said, "Police Sister, there’s a pinhole camera and a radio on this thing. It’s a communicator."

"I knew that a long time ago."

"But I don’t wear it because of you guys. In fact, I wear it every day. Several people use it to keep in touch with me in real time and supervise me. What I wear every day, what I eat, where I go, and who I see is something they must decide."

Lin Dongxue was puzzled and looked at Ai Ying. Ai Ying said, "Oh, you need to finish listening first. Things are not as you think!"

Chang Juan took a deep breath and told the secret that she had been hiding for so long. "They are my life shareholders and decide everything in life for me!"

"Life shareholder..." Lin Dongxue was shocked.

"This matter started when I was in high school. Although it’s a bit arrogant to say so, I was indeed a student of good character who also excelled academically. My family background was very good. My parents had shielded me from all external interferences ever since I was a child. I only needed to study hard and I could get everything. My family was warm and sweet. My parents loved each other and treated me very well. I was obedient and never made them worry about me. My family was heaven and everything to me!”

"One day, my parents went on vacation for their wedding anniversary and were killed in the countryside. Suddenly, my world fell apart. Suddenly, I didn't know how to live on! After a final exam, I took the whole exam as usual and was first in class. However, when I returned to my empty home with the report card, I didn't know who to show it to. The report card had no meaning anymore. Studying, sleeping, and eating were all meaningless. The color grey was the only thing left in my life.”

"I thought about suicide and tried it as well, but I was too cowardly. At this time, I saw a report about a foreigner named Mike Merrill[1] in a curious overseas column. He divided his life into a thousand stocks and sold them. His shareholders decide how he should live every day. This was like a kind of revelation to me. I posted an announcement on a forum saying that I wanted to sell my life’s equity shares. Initially, there were lots of people who were just there to watch the fun. Some people joked that this was a disguised prostitution business, or a covert way of finding a rich man to keep me as a mistress. I didn’t care what others said about me. I reposted the ad every day and then the moderator pinned it on top for me. This incident caused a small fad on the Internet and some people who followed the trend came to buy my stocks.”

“After half a year, I have over 100 shareholders. They decide what I would do the next day in a group forum every day. Surprisingly, all the requests were very ordinary, such as going to get my hair done, reading, making friends or practicing yoga. However, this was of great significance to me. It gives me the motivation to live. I only need to faithfully implement the shareholders' orders without thinking or hesitating.”

"During the days that other people have arranged for me, I’ve made two boyfriends, suddenly broke up with them, and chose a major that I didn’t like. However, I studied earnestly and got a scholarship, raised a pet, and made many friends. I’ve participated in competitions with no chance of winning, worked, and traveled. From that day on, there were no accidents or ups and downs in my life. Everything was arranged. This made me feel particularly safe as if there was a planned route in the vast ocean, so that I wouldn’t get lost. Only in this way, would I stop recalling the scene when my parents were killed over and over again. I’m used to being a good girl. I need someone else to arrange my life!"

Having said this, Chang Juan’s eyes glistened with tears, and she smiled faintly, "This is the first time Chang Juan has spoken to you officially. Mr. Chen, I think you’re very smart. You could see the flaws as soon as we met. Sister Lin, thank you for always caring about and taking care of me. I really wish I could have an elder sister like you."

The interrogation room was quiet for a while, and Chen Shi said, "So the truth was like this. I was overthinking it.”

"But who could have thought of this?!" Lin Dongxue said with emotion. "It's really an intriguing life. Won't you feel tired?"

"Sometimes. But I'm used to it. If I complete the shareholders' arrangements honestly, I’d have a sense of accomplishment."

Lin Dongxue looked at Ai Ying and asked, "So... you’re her shareholder?"

Ai Ying suddenly became proud. "I’m a major shareholder! I own 13% of the shares!"

1. The world’s first publicly traded person. 


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