Chapter 68: Evidence of the Affair

Wu Hao took a bag out from his locker and pulled out a bed sheet. The sheets seemed to have not been washed for a very long time, and a smell emitted from it. Lin Dongxue couldn't help but cover her nose.

Wu Hao disclosed, "This is the adulterers’ dirty sheets from my brother’s house. There are the two people's bodily fluids on them... I gave it to the forensic team to get tested before, but they refused to test it. I have no idea what you guys are doing instead of testing it.”

Chen Shi had to suppress the urge to laugh. "You’re very thoughtful. When did this happen?”

"A few weeks ago."

"At the time, was your brother not at home?"

"No, my brother may have gone out to do deliveries. This pair of adulterers must have gone to my brother’s bedroom to do it while he was away... Fuck!"

"You were there?"

"Yeah, I went to see my brother. I happened to bump into them. I screamed for the guy to leave. My sister-in-law... No, that bitch even tried defending the dude. I told them that they should look forward to me telling my brother, and so I kept the evidence. In the future, my brother will not suffer even when he has to deal with a divorce lawsuit. I did not expect this evidence to come in handy at this time." Wu Hao sighed and shed tears from his eyes.

"This is the evidence?"

"I have others as well!"

Wu Hao took out a few photos, all of which were photographs of the pair while they met up. Many caught the front of their faces. It was also legally effective if taken to the civil court.

Chen Shi looked at each photo and surmised, "You have a lot of time for a fitness coach. Are you also part-time private detective?"

"For my brother, even if I don't have time, I’ll make some!" He declared righteously.

Chen Shi shook his head. "We’re here to find evidence for the murder case. These can only prove that the two are in contact..."

"It is adultery!" Wu Hao exclaimed loudly.

"Alright, alright, adultery then... Is there evidence regarding the murder?"


Wu Hao took out his mobile phone and played a recording. In the recording, you could clearly hear a man and a woman joking, during which there was a part of the conversation which detailed -

Female voice: The stupid old turtle argues with me all day long. It’s annoying me to death!

Male voice: Baby. Whatever he owes you, I’ll make it up to you, okay?

Female voice: You’re the one that treats me the nicest... Haiii, it would have been nice to have met you earlier.

Male voice: It’s not too late now. I’m talking about divorce with the yellow-face[1] at my house. When I drive her away, I will marry you.

Female voice: That’s nice, but the old turtle would never agree to a divorce, even if he were on his deathbed.

Male voice: Go to hell! I’ll find a brother to teach him a lesson!

Female voice: You mean, beat him?

Male voice: Haha, if you wished for it, I could make him disappear too.

Female voice: Oh honey, I like this dominant look of yours...Ah...

Male voice: Do you like this?

Female voice: I like it very much...

When the recording began broadcasting inappropriate content for children, Wu Hao turned it off and inquired, "Officers, is this evidence sufficient? The police officer who came here previously identified that this recording is real. I secretly recorded this outside their motel... I really wanted to rush in to kill the pair of adulterers!"

Chen Shi shook his head. "This is not evidence."

"Why doesn’t it count? They all said…”

"To say it and to do it are different things. It is only evidence if it can prove that they killed the person.”

Wu Hao suddenly pulled at his hair and swept all the things on the table to the ground, scaring the three so much they jumped back. Wu Hao then used his fists to smash the table and shouted, "Then what are you police doing?! It’s been so many days and you haven't found any evidence. Everyone has only come here to talk and question me. I am not a policeman. Where can I find evidence? Can’t you catch them first and use some means to get them to confess?! My brother must have been killed by them. I can swear to God!"

Seeing that Wu Hao suddenly turned into an angry bear, Chen Shi soothed, "Why don’t you calm down a little? We are investigating right now, okay? Sit down and take a deep breath."

Wu Hao sat down and panted. "I have a bad temper. I am like this when I get impulsive. I am sorry... But this matter involves my brother's life. How could I not let it go to me?"

Chen Shi asked, "How is your relationship with your brother?"

"Does this even need to be asked? It’s so good that we could wear the same pair of trousers.  We’ve played together from childhood. After our parents passed away, I went to Long'an to work without a place to live. He took me in, and us two brothers did not have anything we couldn’t talk about with each other. My brother would always think of me if anything good happened. See? This watch was given to me by my brother!”

He showed the Rolex on his wrist to the three.

"I want to see his photo."

Wu Hao rummaged through his phone and eventually found one after some searching, but it was not very clear. Chen Shi asked, "Is there another photo?"

"No, my brother doesn't like to take pictures."

"That’s fine then. Leave your contact details to us. We’ll contact you as soon as we have an update.”

"Please hurry up. My brother came into my dream last night and asked me to preside justice for him. I am not trying to scare you all. If you can’t solve the case, I’ll take matters into my own hands.”

"Alright, alright, we will do our best."

When they left the gym, Chen Shi laughed. Lin Dongxue asked him what he was laughing about. Chen Shi explained his amusement. "I just thought that if he really took matters into his own hands, this whole thing would become so dramatic. Maybe a movie would be made to retell the drama."

"You have no heart!"

Xu Xiaodong commented, "Brother Chen is becoming more and more like a policeman now."

"Haha, just because I haven’t tasted pork, doesn’t mean I don’t know that pigs can run... Don't misunderstand."

Lin Dongxue asked, "Do you doubt anything he said?"

"Doubt? I think that he seems a bit too passionate about everything. Let’s go listen to the other parties’ side of the story... Do you have a photo of the deceased on hand?"

Lin Dongxue pulled out one from her mobile phone. Chen Shi glanced at it and pondered aloud. "Who is this handsome guy?"

"The victim! His ID card has not been changed for 20 years. We only have this photo of the ID card. We couldn’t find any other photos in his house. It seems that he really does not like to take pictures."

Xu Xiaodong weighed in, "I don't like to take selfies either. My mobile phone only has photos of my cat."

Chen Shi rubbed his chin while saying "That’s a bit strange," but he did not mention the matter further.

Their second destination was the wife of the deceased, Pan Xiuying. Pan Xiuying was a nurse in a hospital. She wasn’t there when they arrived.

When Pan Xiuying’s colleagues heard that police had come by, they immediately began gossiping. “Did Xiao Pan kill her husband?”, “I heard that the adulterer’s surname is Ximen. Hahaha, Official Ximen!”, “Too coincidental! Her husband is also surnamed Wu, and he looks very ugly as well."

Chen asked the nurse, "Have you met the deceased before?"

"I have seen him once. I bumped into Xiao Pan and him while they were out shopping. I thought to myself, Xiao Pan was born as a flower, so why is her husband so ugly? Was he rich?"

"Is his family wealthy?"

Several nurses discussed again. "Do you think Xiao Pan has money at home?", "I feel like she’s very rich. You see the bags, lipsticks, and clothes that she uses? All of them are designer.", “Those were most likely given to her by her lover! Her husband is a freelancer. Put in plain terms, it seems he is unemployed. How would her family have money?”, “But she does have a car”, “The car is her husband’s, and it’s a car made in China, so it’s not worth a dime!” 

Listening to their discussion, there was no need to ask further. Chen Shi changed the question. "Take me to her work area!"

1. The wife who doesn’t look after herself much anymore. Synonymous with middle-aged ladies. They don’t doll themselves up and stays at home quite a bit, so the natural flush of their skin is diminished and replaced with old, yellow skin. 


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