Chapter 675: Is Communicating with Spirits Science?

Chen Shi continued to ask, "In that case, why are you in Chang Juan's body? Is there any connection between the two of you?"

Chang Juan replied calmly, "We have no connection with each other. This is just a random event. I could also enter a man's body or a child’s. I like to stay here. Chang Juan doesn't make a fuss about my existence or try to drive me away by superstitious means."

Chen Shi silently ridiculed. She called those methods of exorcism "superstition". Does that mean communicating with spirits is science?

At that moment, Lin Dongxue's cell phone rang, and Lin Qiupu asked if she had gone to see that "crazy girl". Lin Dongxue hurriedly said a few words, hung up, and whispered to Chen Shi, "It's time to go."

"Will you investigate this case?" Chang Juan stood up and asked, "I hope to be able to go to the crime scene because it’s my home."

"Regarding this matter, we will give you the answer when we visit next time. Don't run around for the time being." Chen Shi said.

They bid farewell at that point. Lin Dongxue looked at her watch when they were going downstairs. The two of them had been outside for two hours already. Would Lin Qiupu find out? She smiled bitterly. "How should I explain to my brother when I go back?"

"Tell him frankly. Don't you think this is very strange?"

"Given my brother’s character, it's impossible for him to believe it. Could it be that you believe it?”

"Mm, of course I don't believe it. I think she’s just a 'spokesperson'. It’s another person who wants to report the crime, but why doesn't that person come and see us directly?" Chen Shi wondered if that person was afraid of retaliation. Or could it be that they knew the murderer?

"'Spokesperson'?" Lin Dongxue pondered.

Back at the bureau, Lin Dongxue recounted the visit to Chang Juan, and proposed that she wanted to go to Shiqiao Town. Lin Qiupu's reaction was as expected. He shook his head. "Do you guys believe in such ridiculous things? No matter how realistic that girl’s act was, I think it’s a prank. Not only will I not condone this behavior, I have to pursue legal responsibility!"

Chen Shi said, "I don't think this matter can be summed up simply with a sentence saying it’s ‘ridiculous’. That girl does know many undisclosed details in the case. She may know more, and maybe it can really help us solve the case."

Old Zhang also said, "Captain Lin, Shiqiao Town just called again and wanted to request some technical assistance. It seems that they want help with solving the case."

Lin Qiupu seemed to waver and complained, "I hate such dishonest people the most. If they want to report the case, then just report the case. Why engage in these illusions?! Investigate Chang Juan's background."

Through the household registration information, they discovered that Chang Juan's parents had passed away a few years ago. Both had died at the same time and it seemed to have been an accident.

Chang Juan had no relatives in Long'an. The college was currently on holiday, so there was no one they could talk to in order to find out more about her. They could only go to her personal homepage. The information found on the Internet showed that she was just an ordinary graduate student who liked handicrafts, paper models, and painting. She often posted her little creations on her homepage. Her Weibo and Qzone were updated very frequently, almost on a daily basis. Her life did not seem to have any changes both before and after the Chunqin case.

Her ID card information also showed that Chang Juan hadn’t left Long'an City in the past six months. In a word, she had no connection with Chunqin at all.

Looking at the information, Lin Qiupu felt confused, but he still contacted the Shiqiao Town Public Security Bureau and told them that they would send people over to assist with the case in three days.

On February 9th, Chen Shi went to the bureau early in the morning. Peng Sijue, Lin Dongxue, Xu Xiaodong etc. were preparing to set off. As there wasn’t a sound forensic laboratory in Shiqiao Town, the main force assisting in solving the case this time was Peng Sijue and his forensic team. A lot of equipment had been installed in the car.

While waiting, the members of the forensic department gathered together and discussed spiritedly. After relaxing at home for a few days during the New Year, everyone looked well. They didn’t expect to encounter such a weird situation as soon as they arrived at work. A case where a call from a person claiming to be possessed by the deceased had actually resulted in this mission.

Chen Shi found Lin Dongxue and said to her, "Let's pick up Chang Juan. Didn't she say she wanted to go together?"

After getting into the car, Lin Dongxue found a bag under the seat. After opening it, she found that it was a mobile phone signal jammer, the kind used in interrogation rooms. She curiously asked, "What is this for?"

"It’s confidential for the time being. You’ll find out later."

Speaking of "confidential", Lin Dongxue thought of something. Last time when she was investigating Lu Qi's case, Chen Shi had almost told her his previous secrets. At that time, she had been interrupted by an accident. Later, Lin Dongxue didn't have the chance to ask him about it again due to several events in quick succession, but she was always thinking about it.

Lin Dongxue asked, "Remember what you were going to say to me when we were attacked at Chengxing Company that day?"

This matter is finally mentioned. He said, "I..."

"Still not planning to talk about it?" Lin Dongxue's tone was calm. She didn't want Chen Shi to think she was "interrogating" him.

"You knew I thought I might die at the time, so I planned to tell you. Now that the situation has passed, I don't know how to talk about it." Chen Shi smiled helplessly.

"Has the atmosphere been lost?" Lin Dongxue also smiled, but there was some reproach in her eyes. How long would he keep this secret?

Chen Shi patted the back of her hand lightly, "Dongxue, I assure you. When I’m ready to speak out, you will be the first to know!"

"Okay, I look forward to that day." Lin Dongxue looked out the window, concealing the disappointment on her face.

The two went to Chang Juan's college, and called her down via phone. Today, she had totally changed her clothes and hairstyle. The only things that hadn't changed were the choker on her neck and the bow on her hair.

Lin Dongxue praised, "I think the clothes you wear are tastefully selected. You always match them very well."

"Thank you." Chang Juan smiled sweetly.

"We’re setting off to Shiqiao Town now. Did you bring everything you need?" Chen Shi asked.

"I’ve brought everything." Chang Juan patted her bag.

"Have you been there before?" Chen Shi observed her eyes using the rearview mirror.

"No." It didn't look like she was lying.

Lin Dongxue asked unexpectedly, "Aren't you Chunqin? Why haven't you been there?"

Chang Juan fell into that mysterious silence again, and only spoke after more than ten seconds, "I thought you were talking to Chang Juan just now, so Chang Juan’s personality answered. Chang Juan and Chunqin have always been here, just like two people living in a room. Who do you plan to talk to right now?"

"Okay, okay, you should sit behind me as the living person!" Lin Dongxue said.

From the corner of Chen Shi's eye, he caught a glimpse of a shiny little item on Chang Juan's choker. Was that a camera? He really wanted to uncover Chang Juan's secret right now. After thinking about it again, he’d still wait until they arrived!


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