Chapter 669: Escaped Unscathed

Lu Qi woke up and found that he was tied up like a zongzi. A thick rope the width of his index finger was wrapped around him a dozen times and he was completely immobile.

When he saw Su Chan standing side by side with a strange man, Lu Qi yelled like crazy, "Who is he?! Who is he?! You two joined hands to betray me. Su Chan, you slut!"

The yelling shook the crystal chandelier above his head. Cao Man thought that maybe Lu Qi had the legendary XYY gene - super male[1].

But no matter how mighty Lu Qi was, now that he was tied up, Cao Man wasn’t afraid. He replied in an unhurried manner, "Brother, you’re too sensitive. Your wife and I are just in a cooperative relationship. Don't worry, I was born so ugly that she won’t make you wear a green hat.”

"What are you cooperating for? What are you cooperating for?! You’re cooperating? Have you done it? How many times have you done it together?!" Lu Qi yelled hysterically, without any logic at all. His eyes seemed to spew fire.

Su Chan sighed. "Lu Qi, your possessiveness is really terrifying. In your eyes, I’m just your private property. On this point, you and Dong Xiao are no different from each other. No matter how much you spoil me, you will never respect me. You keep saying that you love me, but you don’t understand love at all. Love only happens to two people who are equals, yet you don’t understand the word ‘equality’. You’re a big boy with an immature mentality and I think you’ll never grow up."

"Is that why you betrayed me?" Lu Qi asked sadly.

Su Chan sneered and shook her head. It was like a chicken trying to communicate with a duck. He couldn't understand at all, so she stopped talking so much and went straight to the point. "Give me that document."

"What right do you have?"

"We can call the police right now..." Su Chan pointed to her own neck. "This is enough to detain you, not to mention the video just now. The police will find part of Dong Xiao's corpse. In this way, Chengxing Company can't be kept hidden anymore. In the end, you will only end up in chains!"

"Untie me first."


"Untie me first!" Lu Qi yelled, kicking his feet. "If you want to negotiate, you have to use the attitude of a negotiator. Let's sit down and talk slowly. I can agree to your request, but you have to untie me first. Otherwise, don’t even think about it."

Lu Qi's intentions were too obvious. Once they untied him, he would kill the both of them.

Su Chan had clearly set up insurance for herself. If she died, an email containing evidence would be automatically sent to the police. However, she didn't even have time to say this when she was almost killed by Lu Qi earlier.

The strangle mark on her neck still faintly hurt. The scene that happened just now left her with lingering fears. She couldn't treat Lu Qi like a person. He was a beast. Selfish, cold-blooded, and stubborn.

Su Chan said, "Think about it carefully. I showed you this video first because I didn’t want you to be arrested. This is my sincerity. If you still don't want to hand it over, then I can only call the police."

Su Chan took out her phone and tried to dial. Lu Qi roared incoherently, "Don't do this to me. I love you. I love you! I can give you whatever you want. How could you betray me? You’ll go to hell for betraying me!"

He shouted while kicking his legs. He looked like a child throwing a tantrum, but Su Chan sneered disapprovingly, "Hell? I experienced that long ago!"

"I think he doesn't want to give it to you. Just call the police!" Cao Man couldn't stand it anymore.

"Wait... wait..." Lu Qi finally gave in.

Ten minutes later, Su Chan confirmed that the document on the computer was indeed what she wanted. After all the twists and turns, she finally got the document. It made her feel helplessly sentimental. However, Cao Man grabbed it and said, "Sorry, given the lesson last time, I can't completely trust you. I will keep this thing temporarily."

"Let go of me! Let me go!" Lu Qi roared.

Su Chan picked up a knife and Cao Man took her hand. "Leave him alone!"

"You don’t have to keep your promise, but I must." Su Chan stabbed the knife into the floor. Lu Qi could shift over to it by himself and slowly use it to cut the rope. However, it would take a lot of time.

Lu Qi looked up at her and asked as if he were begging, "Did you ever loved me?"

Su Chan lifted his chin. "What do you have that’s worth loving?"

Lu Qi's eyes became empty in an instant, as if he had been sentenced to death. When the two left, he burst into tears and his cries echoed in the room. In every corner of the room, they talked about how much they loved each other and expressed love in a passionate way. It turned out that everything was fake. All fake.

Lu Qi's tears stopped abruptly, and the remaining trace of his humanity gradually disappeared in his tear-stained eyes. He flared his nostrils, gritted his teeth, and crawled towards the knife.

"Thank you for saving me just now." In a hotel, Su Chan formally thanked Cao Man. "Now it's time to discuss how to divide the spoils."

"How to divide this thing?" Cao Man shook the USB flash drive in his hand and asked with a smile.

"I can give you something equivalent to half its value." Su Chan said in a very seductive tone, and her eyes became soft and charming.

Even though he knew what the woman was playing at, Cao Man was still tempted. This was a curse that no man could escape.

He restrained his inner impulse and asked, "Who is your back-end boss? The Hanjie Group? How much can this trade secret sell for? Several millions, tens of millions? But it’s probably worth ten times the price. I have a proposal. Why don’t I use it to start my own business? Using cheap smartphones, I can dominate the mobile phone market very soon. If you follow me, you can have what I have, and you don’t have to work for others from now on. There’d be no need to follow neurotics like Dong Xiao and Lu Qi!"

"I’ve been with Dong Xiao and Lu Qi. Don't you look down on me?"

"Look down? Why should I? I’m different from them. I respect you very much. What I value is not only your beauty, but also your inside." Cao Man said very sincerely.

Touching tears flashed from the corner of Su Chan's eyes. She leaned in front of Cao Man and said, "You are the first man to say this to me."

Cao Man stroked her smooth arm and said, "I will always respect you and love you..."

Before he finished speaking, Su Chan’s red lips already greeted his and the two kissed fiercely. Cao Man tasted the sweet and sizzling taste of her lipstick, which made people fascinated. He suddenly realized that something was wrong and pushed Su Chan away hard. However, he found that his hands were growing weak.

With his eyes erratic, Su Chan sneered and wiped off her lipstick with paper. Cao Man knew she fell into her trap, but smiled. "What a woman..." Then, he fell to the ground and fell asleep.


Su Chan apologized casually and took the USB flash drive from him. To be on the safe side, she used the computer to confirm its contents, and then she stuffed another USB flash drive into Cao Man's hands.

It was the one found from Dong Xiao’s office. It contained all evidence of Dong Xiao’s subordinates’ crimes, and naturally included evidence of Lu Qi’s crimes. This was used by Dong Xiao to coerce his subordinates to prevent accidents, but he didn’t expect himself to die so suddenly.

This thing was left to Cao Man, who could choose whether to send it to the police or to the media. As for her, she’d complete the task and escape unscathed.

1. The myth of “super males” with additional Y chromosomes are still prevalent in pop culture. 


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