Chapter 666: Not Worthy of Mentioning Her Name

Lin Qiupu said, "Dong Xiao went to catch the adulterers that day. You had a dispute with him, and then you killed him. Since it came to that, you figured you wouldn’t do things in halves. You beat all the people in the house to have serious injuries and put them in a small room. The house was then burned down. You and Su Chan took Dong Xiao's body and fled. All those people were trapped in the house and burned alive."

When Lu Qi heard these words, his expression was panicked. He kept shaking his head in denial, before finally shouting, "Stop talking!"

"Mr. Lu." The lawyer handed out a handkerchief and reminded him with his eyes.

Lu Qi took the handkerchief and wiped it hurriedly on his face full of cold sweat. His nostrils were flaring and he kept breathing heavily. This reaction combined with the "story" that Su Chan told them before, Lin Qiupu and Chen Shi already knew it.

But they also know that it was impossible for him to confess. What came next would most likely be ugly sophistry.

The lawyer spoke on his behalf. "These are all Secretary Li's one-sided remarks. You can't come up with reliable evidence to support them. If my client says that these things are all done by Secretary Li right now, who would you believe?"

"Yes. Without evidence, I wouldn’t admit it." Lu Qi recovered his composure.

"But it is true that Secretary Li shot and wounded you. If it wasn't an emergency, why did he use a gun to wound you?" Lin Qiupu said.

"Hohohoho!" Lu Qi spread out his hands and said with an exaggerated expression, "Listen here. The one who wounded someone with a gun is actually on the right side now? Right, I want to sue Secretary Li for shooting and wounding me. Lawyer, record this down."

"Why did Secretary Li wound you?! Answer the question." Lin Qiupu asked.

"He was neurotic and he rushed in with Dong Xiao. I fled when I saw that the situation wasn’t good. Dong Xiao told him to shoot and he really shot me, so I got a shot."

"Where did you get hurt?"

"My pectorals."

"Mr. Lu, this doesn't match what you just said. Secretary Li should have shot you head-on, but according to your story, you could only be shot in the back."

"I heard the gunshot, turned around, and got shot. Can't I?" Lu Qi didn't even bother to make up a decent lie.

Lin Qiupu could only wait patiently to listen to his version of "what happened." Lu Qi looked triumphant and his cocky face made Lin Qiupu so angry that his stomach was full of fire. His fists creaked from being clenched so hard.

Chen Shi shook his head towards him secretly. It was useless arguing with him right now. The fire did burn everything, and what they lacked the most right now was evidence.

Lin Qiupu reluctantly changed the question. "Do you know of Su Chan's other identity?"

Lu Qi said with a grin, "Are you referring to me and her concealing the affair from Dong Xiao? Or is it about her being a former model?"

"Did she leave on the evening of January 21st? Think about it carefully."

This was just an ordinary question, but Lu Qi was furious for no reason. "You can suspect me, but don’t suspect her. People like you are not worthy of even mentioning her name."

"Mr. Lu, are you threatening the police right now?" Lin Qiupu said tit-for-tat.

The lawyer also whispered to remind Lu Qi to calm down. Lu Qi glared at Lin Qiupu and Chen Shi. Chen Shi thought to himself that this guy became very aggressive when he was nervous. From this, it can be speculated that he might vaguely know Su Chan's secret.

"Did you know that she’s actually a commercial spy?" Lin Qiupu asked calmly.

Lu Qi became angry again. "What do you mean?! You want to say that Little Chan is with me to steal business information? Hahaha, that’s too ridiculous. We love each other sincerely. No matter what happens, nothing can separate us. Not Dong Xiao, not-"

"Mr. Lu!" The lawyer hurriedly reminded him. The lawyer was most likely hired to prevent Lu Qi from accidentally leaking anything.

Lu Qi returned to his senses, calmed down a bit and continued, "She can't be a commercial spy. Our love is beyond you peasants’ understanding."

"Peasants? How arrogant." Lin Qiupu sneered. He was a sad man who didn't know that he was being used.

"I will leave if there’s nothing else." Lu Qi said while grinning.

As there was no evidence, Lin Qiupu could only let him go. Before leaving, Lu Qi acted nice and said, "Next time you want to find me, please show me some reliable evidence. Of course, if you just want to treat me to dinner and tea, I’ll reluctantly think about it... Oh, hey, what about that beautiful female police officer? I haven't said hello to her yet!"

"Asshole, how long do you think you can be arrogant?!" Lin Qiupu was so angry that he was about to blow, but he was persuaded by his subordinates. Lu Qi's laughter echoed in the corridor, and he left.

Lin Qiupu felt very depressed. He sat down with his head in his hands and asked Chen Shi, "How do we find evidence?"

According to Chen Shi, there had been no flaws ever since Lu Qi set fire to the Fengyi Court that day. The only witness, Secretary Li, went crazy, as if God was standing by Lu Qi's side.

Investigating cases was his interest and specialty, but the embroidery skills of finding evidence were not.

He didn't know how to answer so that Lin Qiupu wouldn’t be affected, but according to the current situation, Lu Qi was likely to be acquitted.

Money can even make ghosts grind for them. Lu Qi occupied a lot of assets, making his crimes almost impossible to leak.

Thinking of this, Chen Shi could only let out a long sigh.

Lin Qiupu suddenly asked, "Where’s Dongxue?"

He looked around and couldn’t find Lin Dongxue. He called her and she said that she was on the road. Lin Dongxue came back half an hour later and said, "Guess where I just went?"

"Did you go and see Su Chan?" Chen Shi guessed.

"How did you know?"

"When Su Chan left just now, I was thinking about where she would go and whether we should follow her."

"Haha, we thought about the same thing. I went directly to Lu Qi’s house. Sure enough, she went there too, as if she was looking for something! Su Chan probably hasn’t gotten the trade secrets yet. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be with Lu Qi. She’s already searched all around Dong Xiao, so she probably thinks the thing she wants may be in Lu Qi's hands."

"Did you two meet?"

"When I got out, she saw me and I was a little embarrassed. But when us two women were together, she shared a rare glimpse of what was in her heart. She said that she was very scared being with Lu Qi during this period and just wanted to finish the task and leave him earlier. She also said that she had been pretending for too long and had forgotten what real laughter and crying felt like. Hearing this, I felt a little sympathetic towards her... I think Su Chan might be a breakthrough point. As long as she gets what she wants, she’ll be on our side."

Lin Qiupu listened before he asked, "Don't you think she’s trying to gain your sympathy to use you?"

"Brother, I think she’s very pitiful. For her mission, she even committed to being with Dong Xiao and Lu Qi while running around with him in fear over these past few days."

"She’s pitiful? I think she’s getting what she deserves!" Lin Qiupu right now basically regarded Dong Xiao, Lu Qi, and Su Chan as the same kind. "Even if we have no evidence now, we will never assist her in completing commercial crimes. This is a matter of principle!"

After saying this, Lin Qiupu left in a huff.

Lin Dongxue sighed, "This person isn’t old yet, but why is he so stubborn?"

Chen Shi said, "Did Su Chan ask you anything about the progress of the investigation?"

Lin Dongxue thought for a while. "She did. She asked if we found a document about the motherboard of a mobile phone from Dong Xiao... She really was trying to get information from me. This cunning woman."

"But I think your idea is right. Su Chan participated in almost the entire case and is an important witness. Mm, there’s still a glimmer of hope for this case!"


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