Chapter 664: Interrogation of Su Chan

While they were being brought back from the scene, neither Lu Qi nor Su Chan resisted. They calmly accepted the summon as if they were accepting an invitation.

At 4:00 in the afternoon, Lu Qi sat in the interrogation room with a sneer as he smoked a cigar. He wore an expression as though nobody could do anything to him. He manipulated his eyes and eyebrows towards the single-sided mirror on the wall from time to time. He knew that there must be a few police officers who wanted to kill him behind it.

The interrogation hadn’t started yet. This was firstly because Lu Qi's lawyer hadn’t arrived and secondly because Peng Sijue was still investigating at the scene. Both Chen Shi and Lin Qiupu were looking forward to the emergence of some key evidence, although their hopes were slim.

"Interrogate other people first!" Lin Qiupu suggested.

"Shall we interrogate Su Chan?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"No, we should try the other staff members who came back from the scene first."

Bringing a supervisor in charge of the rocket launch project into the interrogation room, Lin Qiupu asked, "Surname. Occupation."

"Du XX. My profession is an engineer of Chengxing Company..." the other party lowered his head and answered.

"Do you know him?" Lin Qiupu showed him Dong Xiao's photo and the other side nodded. "This is Director Dong of Zhuoyuan Company. He is the fund provider of the Torch Program."

"Is it also the transportation object of the Torch Program?" Lin Qiupu sneered.

"No, no, no such thing. I haven't seen him at all recently!" The engineer repeatedly denied. His expression was extremely flustered.

"Then what have you been doing lately?!"

"Mr. Lu restarted the project and let us complete the unfinished rocket. Finally, we launched it today. Generally speaking, it was a success." The engineer had just launched a rocket successfully. When he thought about it, the engineer showed a prideful smile.

"What's on the rocket?" Lin Qiupu asked.

"Of course it’s... a man-made satellite."

"Don't play word games with us. As long as they are sent to the sky by humans, they are called man-made satellites, whether they are normal communication satellites or something else." Lin Qiupu said.

Lin Dongxue added, "In fact, we have already visited your workshop before. The documents found there didn’t mention the satellite. What is in the rocket?"

The engineer shook his head. "I don't know!"

"You launched it but you don't know?"

"I don't know!!!" His lying expression was extremely clear. This was no longer a lie. He was acting shamelessly like a dead pig that wasn’t afraid of boiling water.[1]

Everyone knew in their hearts that Lu Qi gave them a lot of money. This group of people wouldn’t spill anything.

Lin Qiupu had no way to go about it, so he could only let this person go first before interrogating Su Chan.

After some discussion, the three of them decided to let Lin Dongxue lead the interrogation because Su Chan was too beautiful. Neither Chen Shi nor Lin Qiupu could remain calm and objective in front of her.

Before entering the interrogation room, Chen Shi handed a piece of paper to Lin Dongxue. "This may help."

When the two looked at it, it was a copy of a mobile phone number contract. They were both confused. Chen Shi explained, "Dong Xiao received a call from a number before leaving the office and didn’t talk to them. The other party just rang a few times, so we didn’t pick it out in the call log. I checked it later and found out this mysterious number actually belonged to Su Chan."

"What? It was Su Chan herself who notified Dong Xiao about the affair?!" Lin Qiupu couldn't believe it. "Why didn't you say so earlier?"

Chen Shi smiled. "I just got this. After knowing that she might be a commercial spy, I thought about it in this direction."

Lin Dongxue asked, "Is it possible that Su Chan provoked Dong Xiao and Lu Qi to turn against each other?"

"Both of them are cruel and unscrupulous. There’s no need to stir things up with them, but she might have played the role that fanned the flames." Lin Qiupu speculated.

At the beginning of the interrogation, when looking at Su Chan from close range, Lin Dongxue also felt like her heart stirred a bit. How could a woman have been born like this? The nose, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth were all so perfect, especially the corners of her mouth. She looked like she was smiling even when she wasn’t. It was a dignified expression laced with an evil charm. One really had to appreciate her beauty upon looking at her.

"Miss Su, this is not the first time we’ve met. I know quite a lot about your situation. You were Dong Xiao’s mistress before. On the day of the Fengyi Court fire, we saw the video on Dong Xiao’s computer. You and Lu Qi had an affair. Dong Xiao went to catch the affair that day. May I ask what happened that day?"

"Would you believe me if I told you?" Su Chan asked back.

"That depends on whether what you say has evidence behind it."

"I admit that Lu Qi and I had an affair. I can’t tell you when this began. Maybe we’re both not serious people. I caught feelings after some flirting. Then, I tried it behind Dong Xiao’s back. It was bliss..." Su Chan sneered and licked her lips. "The relationship between us is very simple. There’s no soul-level connection nonsense. No fake pledges of love. It was simply an obsession with each other's body. He’s very handsome and he’s even more handsome when his clothes are off!"

Lin Dongxue was embarrassed by these words. She coughed and reminded, "Don't talk about these irrelevant things. I’m asking you what happened in Fengyi Court on January 20th!"

Su Chan shrugged. "I wasn’t feeling well that day, so I went back and rested. Then, Lu Qi came over and we engaged for a while. There was the sound of a car outside. Dong Xiao had come, and Lu Qi put on his pants to run away. It was very noisy outside, and I don’t know what happened. Then, the fire started. Lu Qi came in to grab me before running away."

"What about Dong Xiao?"

"How could I know?!"

"You mean, you didn't see him that day?"

"Yes, he didn't enter my room at all."

It seemed like Su Chan wasn’t going to tell the truth. Chen Shi secretly wondered why she wanted to defend Lu Qi. From his perspective, he couldn't tell if she really loved Lu Qi. Did Lu Qi still have a purpose for her?

At this time, her true identity should be revealed.

Chen Shi motioned to Lin Dongxue with his eyes. Lin Dongxue understood and opened the laptop on the table. She played the surveillance footage to Su Chan, which was the scene where she was filmed that night.

Su Chan looked at it with a smile and without panic. Lin Dongxue asked, "Are you the person in the video?"

"I never wear those kinds of clothes. It doesn't show off my figure."

"Dong Xiao bought this car for you. We followed the person in the surveillance footage and finally found you and Lu Qi's hiding place. Do you want to say that this person isn’t you?"

"Maybe it's me then. You can think whatever you want." She looked at her nails indifferently.

"Miss Su, although your criminal record is very clean, according to the information we currently have, there are good reasons to suspect that you’re actually a commercial spy who broke into the Zhuoyuan Company. On the evening of January 21st, you appeared in Dong Xiao's office and took something. It was most probably a USB flash drive. Then, you escaped by the cable on the rooftop. In fact, you were the person who informed Dong Xiao to catch the affair that day. You’re provoking this relationship between godfather and godson in order to reach your purpose, right?"

"Miss Police Officer, your story is very interesting. It’s too imaginative." Su Chan smiled. Her acting skills were very superb, and there was no trace of panic on her beautiful face.

1. When you’re dead, you wouldn’t be scared of anything. 


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