Chapter 655: Fengyi Court Fire

Lin Qiupu called on a few police officers and prepared to formally arrest Dong Xiao. When he was about to leave, reporter Chen Gong appeared out of nowhere and said, "Police officers, are you trying to arrest people? Can I follow along and take some photos?"

"How did you know?" Lin Qiupu asked back.

"You’re wearing police uniforms. Don't you usually wear plain clothes?" Chen Gong said with a grin.

Lin Qiupu thought that bringing a reporter wouldn’t be too much of a hindrance. There needed to be a press conference sooner or later anyway. He nodded in agreement and asked him to ride in Chen Shi's car.

Hearing that Secretary Jia had already confessed to Dong Xiao’s crime, Chen Gong was very excited along the way and he kept talking about getting justice for Cao Man.

However, when the police rushed to Zhuoyuan Company, they were told that the president wasn’t at the office. Lin Qiupu called the officers who he had arranged to monitor the door and asked, "What kind of monitoring was that? At this crucial moment, the suspect has run away?"

"We didn't see him go downstairs."

"Yes, we couldn’t possibly miss him with his size." The two policemen said innocently.

Secretary Jia had been taken away. Dong Xiao should have known that the situation was in a decline, so he probably hid away. Lin Qiupu asked the other people to search the company. He, Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue, and Peng Sijue searched his office.

Everyone found some blood traces on a trophy. It seemed that the object was the murder weapon that killed Cao Man. Peng Sijue bagged it up. Chen Shi looked up and found that Chen Gong was sitting in front of Dong Xiao's computer and was doing something.

"What are you doing?" Chen Shi asked.

"I'm not doing much. I’m helping you turn it on. There must be some evidence in this computer!"

"Thank you for your kindness." Lin Qiupu walked over and confirmed that no files were opened on the computer. "Get out of the way. We need to search."

"Can I take a picture of you?" Chen Gong asked happily.

"Take it when we find Dong Xiao, but remember to show it to me after the shot."

"Don't worry, I'm a professional..." Chen Gong glanced at the smoking room, "Can I go to the place where my friend was killed to express condolences?"

"Aiya, don't touch anything randomly. We are still collecting evidence. What are we going to do about your footprints?" Lin Qiupu thought to himself that this kid was really hard to monitor as he was so active.

The officers who went to search for Dong Xiao came back and said that they hadn’t found him anywhere and the whole company didn’t know where Dong Xiao went. However, it’s worth mentioning that Lu Qi and Su Chan weren’t in the company either and Dong Xiao’s personal secretary, Li, suddenly disappeared as well.

"I feel that this guy has noticed something was wrong and ran away." Chen Shi said, "Dongxue, let's go down and take a look."

Ten minutes later, Chen Shi called Lin Qiupu to go to the first floor. He and Lin Dongxue stood by an inconspicuous side door. "I asked the employees here. This door is only used for shipping goods. We found that it was open when we came down. Dong Xiao might have escaped from here."

"Take the surveillance footage!"

The footage showed that two hours ago, Dong Xiao and Secretary Li hurriedly went downstairs and walked through this door. The exit of the door wasn’t within the surveillance range of the two officers. Lin Qiupu called the bureau and asked the information department to locate Dong Xiao’s cell phone.

As a result, they found that Dong Xiao hadn't turned on his phone, but they could still find Secretary Li's cell phone signal. He was moving towards a company on Chenggao Road. The speed was fast, as if they were driving a car.

Everyone immediately chased after them. When they got to Chenggao Road, they saw that a car was driving in reverse. The body of the car was damaged in many places as if it had been hit. The driver’s head was covered in blood and looked battered. He kept screaming with his mouth open. Who else could it be but Secretary Li?

"Stop him! Stop him!" Lin Qiupu ordered hastily.

Secretary Li drove extremely wildly. Several police cars tried to block him, but were hit to the side of the road. Chen Shi turned his steering wheel and tried to stop it. The traffic on the road was paralyzed, and the traffic police were also dispatched.

After several efforts, Chen Shi rammed Secretary Li’s car to the side and he finally stopped. The police rushed forward and dragged the crazed Secretary Li out of the car and handcuffed him. He cried out strangely, "Big fire! What a big fire! Everything is burned, hahaha!"

"Where is Dong Xiao?" Lin Qiupu asked.

Secretary Li laughed foolishly and said to Lin Qiupu, "Have you seen the fire? It's a big fire!"

"Crazy." Chen Shi said.

"Why did he go crazy? Especially at this time?"

"Do you guys smell..." Chen Shi looked back. Smoke came out from behind the forest in the distance, "There’s a fire there!"

If they remembered correctly, that was Fengyi Court. Dong Xiao had specifically built a suburban villa for Su Chan there. Everyone had an ominous feeling. Lin Qiupu ordered two policemen to escort Secretary Li back first. The others rushed to Fengyi Court. They made a call to the firefighters on the way.

As the distance shortened, the temperature in the air gradually rose and a fiery red color appeared in the forest ahead. There were small burning ashes floating in the air. How was it that just a house had burned? It was clearly a forest fire. Lin Dongxue, who had never seen such a big fire, was startled and Chen Gong wasn’t idle either. He hurriedly took out the camera and took shots in front of him.

"Did you know? This Fengyi Court is a villa. It's a large area of garden. Dong Xiao demolished a warehouse in the suburbs of the Hanying Group and built this house on the land, covering an area of several hundred square meters. It’s a three-story European-style building and the yard is full of exotic flowers and weeds. Su Chan lives there alone." Chen Gong said.

"You know a lot." Lin Dongxue said.

"Su Chan is a big beauty. We came here to sneak some shots. As long as a frontal photo is taken, it would make headlines. Unfortunately, the security measures here are too good. There’s only one piece of news on the Internet about 'Wealthy man takes in exceptionally beautiful model', but that report only has a photo of Su Chan’s back."

"This fire seems to have spread to the forest. We can't go forward anymore." Chen Shi stopped the car. There were woods on both sides of the road. If they went any deeper and the fire spread, the road would be blocked. It would have been the equivalent of them falling into the firegrounds.

When everyone got out of the car, the entire forest in front of them was burning and the fire was soaring up. The huge plume of smoke blackened the sky, as if dusk had come early.

Everyone had a question in their hearts. After Dong Xiao came here, what happened?

Then, the fire department arrived. However, the fire was too strong and there were no fire hydrants around. Just the water in the water tank couldn’t extinguish the fire at all. They could only prevent the fire from spreading and let it die out by itself. The police also helped. Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi shared a chainsaw to cut down trees. This kind of job wasn’t easy. It took a long time just to cut the tree down, but the tree had to be transported away as it couldn’t be left there.

They were competing in speed against the fire. Reinforcements from the fire department continued to arrive and firebreaks were created non-stop. At the same time, fire-fighting helicopters also came. Several tons of fresh water were dumped on the periphery of the fireground. Chen Gong was fortunate to be one of the first at the scene. It was a pleasure for him to take pictures of it all with his camera.

As night fell, the fire was finally brought under control. Everyone’s faces were covered with soot and exhaustion. The smoke had dissipated. The firefighters drove the car inside for the final round of firefighting...


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