Chapter 654: Forged Evidence

On January 20th, the suspect, Secretary Jia, was taken to the bureau for questioning. When he was taken away from the company, Dong Xiao reminded him with two sentences. "Remember what should be said and what should not be said!", "Before the lawyer comes, don't say anything."

Lin Qiupu replied, "Mr. Dong, you’ve been sitting on this sofa for a while now."

Secretary Jia was just the corpse burner. He was the key to revealing the truth of the case. To prevent Dong Xiao from escaping or doing other things during this period, Lin Qiupu left two police officers to monitor him.

Secretary Jia, who was taken to the interrogation room, was extremely nervous. The lawyer whispered to him. "No matter what the police ask you, don't answer directly. Tell it to me."

Secretary Jia nodded desperately.

"Suspect, state your name and occupation." Lin Qiupu ordered.

The lawyer replied, "My client's name is Jia Xu and his profession is the secretary to the president of Zhuoyuan Company."

"I think you’re the closest person to Dong Xiao. You must know all about him..."

"Please don't make such hints!" The lawyer interrupted Lin Qiupu. Lin Qiupu thought to himself that this lawyer was probably also greeted by Dong Xiao in advance in order to control Secretary Jia's lips.

Thus, he went straight to the point. "On the evening of December 30th, what did you do? Answer truthfully."

Secretary Jia spoke to the lawyer in a low voice and the lawyer said, "My client said he was handling official affairs as per usual."

"You’re now in handcuffs. This is an interrogation. If we have no evidence, it’s impossible to arrest you. You had better not lie... On the evening of December 30th, a reporter named Cao Man disappeared in your company and we have a video on hand. I believe you’ve seen it too."

"Cao Man didn't get the permission to interview at all!" Secretary Jia said.

The lawyer reminded him not to speak arbitrarily. Secretary Jia said in cold sweat, "Don’t worry, I have my sense." Then, he said to Lin Qiupu, "Every item on Mr. Dong's agenda is handled by me. He hasn’t been interviewed for nearly half a year, so it’s impossible for Cao Man to show up at the company, let alone at night. Mr. Dong goes to Fengyi Court every night. He bought Su Chan's villa there in the rural area."

Lin Qiupu thought for a while and said, "Even if Cao Man didn't obtain the interview rights and he snuck in, he did disappear in your company."

"Who told you that? That person was lying. I don’t even know a Cao Man."

"Then on the evening of December 30th, who was it that Dong Xiao killed?!" Lin Qiupu raised his voice.

"President Dong, he..."

"Ahem!" The lawyer interrupted him and reminded Lin Qiupu, "Please show your evidence."

Lin Qiupu sneered and showed the evidence they found. The body of Cao Man found in the suburbs and the hose with Secretary Jia’s DNA. Hearing this, Secretary Jia was sweating so much that it looked like rain. Lin Qiupu attacked further. "You used the hose you held in your mouth. It’s not a coincidence that the gasoline found was the same composition found on the body."

"Police officer, I want to say..."

Lin Qiupu interrupted the lawyer. "I know that you weren’t the one who killed him. You were instructed to deal with the corpse. It’s not good for you to cover up for him right now. Do you want to take on the crime for Dong Xiao?"

Secretary Jia’s cold sweat ran like a hose. Regardless of the lawyer's dissuasion, he tremblingly said, "Maybe Cao Man did come, because... because Mr. Dong has a schedule, but he rarely follows it. Everything depends on his mood. Mr. Dong has always been self-willed. Several important clients wanted to meet him, but Su Chan would call and say that she was sick or bored alone. Mr. Dong would go to see her immediately and throw the clients to be received by the vice president. He spoils Su Chan like crazy."

"On the evening of December 30th, did Dong Xiao meet Cao Man?"

"I wasn’t at the company at the time. I received a call and hurried over. When I went..."

"Secretary Jia!" the lawyer scolded.

"Are you here to represent your client or act as Dong Xiao’s informant?! " Lin Qiupu exposed him with no trace of politeness. The lawyer gave an embarrassed expression. Lin Qiupu continued, "Your client didn't kill anyone and keeping silent right now won't help him. He can only save himself if he tells the truth. Do you want to dump him in the fire pit? How much money did Dong Xiao give you?"

The lawyer stopped speaking and Secretary Jia continued, "When I went to the office, that person’s face had already been altered beyond recognition. Mr. Dong was all sweaty. He took off his blood-stained suit. While eating lasagna, I saw something on the ground. It was a trophy stained with blood and... some bits of meat."

"What time was it?"

"At around 9:00 in the evening on December 30th. I had already gone home when I was called over. I always rushed over immediately whenever he asked me to and I never stopped to ask why... At the time, he asked me to dispose of the body while he was eating, as if he was just asking me to throw away a piece of rubbish. I was scared, but I did it anyway. Another secretary and I carried the body into the car and went to the outskirts to dig a hole. I was worried that just burying it like this would leave evidence. What if there were wild dogs or something nearby? So, I got some gasoline from the gas tank, burned the body, and buried it after it was burnt."

The lawyer put his hand on his forehead and sighed. His task was completely over. He stood up and said, "I want to go out."

"Why? To inform him? Sit down!" Lin Qiupu scolded as he continued to question Secretary Jia. "Who was the one with you?"

After asking all the details of the case, Secretary Jia was temporarily detained. Lin Qiupu asked Old Zhang to hold the lawyer to prevent him from reporting to Dong Xiao. Lin Qiupu immediately arranged for someone to arrest Dong Xiao. When passing through the corridor, Peng Sijue called him with Chen Shi there in the laboratory as well. Peng Sijue said, "I have some findings. Look at this picture..."

The photo was of the part of the hose. The saliva enzyme on it was revealed by the reagent. Lin Qiupu didn't understand and asked, "What's wrong? Is there anything abnormal?"

"If the hose was in the mouth, there would be lip marks and a small amount of the skin from the lips on it, but these aren’t here. The saliva was distributed very evenly. It doesn’t look like a person left it. It seems that someone collected it from Jia then applied it onto the hose."

Chen Shi said, "Old Peng and I felt that the evidence was unreliable, so we re-examined it. I was wondering how the hose with the DNA was found at the scene."

"Forged evidence?" Lin Qiupu furrowed his brows.

"It’s speculated that it’s forged evidence made by the person who exposed this case is to us in order to find Secretary Jia... How’s the result of the interrogation?"

"It went very smoothly. He confessed everything. Now, as long as we find the murder weapon, I think he they can be convicted... Regardless of the origin of this evidence, it guided us to find the truth. Let's arrest Dong Xiao!"

On the way, Chen Shi listened to the outline of the case and said, "According to Jia, there was only him and another secretary at the scene. Only the other secretary knows the details. Could it be him?"

"Didn't you guess that the person who exposed the case was Lu Qi?"

"Is that what I guessed? You said it first!"

"Anyway, let’s first arrest Dong Xiao, so as not to introduce any new variables if we drag it out. I believe the evidence will only increase."

Chen Shi thought to himself that this "forged evidence" was like the first breath of gas drawn from the fuel tank. Although it was fake, it made the whole case go smoothly. The person who exposed the case seemed to be extremely smart...


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