Chapter 653: The Giant Baby

Lin Qiupu looked at the dusty and muddy press card, then looked at the place where the tire marks had just been found. "This may have fallen out of the deceased’s pocket when the corpse was transported."

"That’s too sloppy!" Chen Shi commented, "However, they are just helping the boss. Of course they wouldn’t be too meticulous. After all, no one would have thought that someone would reveal this place secretly."

"Yes, being able to find the body today, we have to thank the anonymous informant."

After returning to the bureau, Peng Sijue took a sample of the bone marrow from the burned corpse. DNA identification showed that the deceased was indeed the missing Cao Man. Unleaded gasoline was found on the body and it was burned quite thoroughly. Almost all of the soft tissues were destroyed and there was no value in conducting an autopsy.

In addition, the skull of the corpse was almost entirely shattered. Judging from the shape of the wound, it was repeatedly hit by some kind of blunt instrument, which caused his death.

The next day, the police informed Cao Man's younger brother to come and identify the body. He cried very sadly over his dead older brother.

Peng Sijue quickly made new discoveries. The hose found at the scene contained gasoline and saliva enzymes were detected at the end of it. It was suspected that the murderer used this hose to siphon out the gasoline from the fuel tank and use it as a combustion aid for the incineration.

The police started a large-scale investigation on Zhuoyuan's company. This time, Dong Xiao wasn’t as patient and said, "You found a corpse in the wilderness and you suspect me? You even want to investigate everyone in my company. What right do you have to do that?"

Lu Qi was also at the scene. "If you can't produce evidence, we will find a lawyer to sue you. The company has a lot of affairs we need to attend to recently. Please don't trouble President Dong with such meaningless things."

"Meaningless things? Does a dead man seem to be such a worthless event in your perspectives?" Lin Qiupu asked back.

"What does it have to do with us? How can you prove that it has something to do with us?" Lu Qi said with anger detected in his tone.

It seems that it was impossible not to produce evidence. Lin Qiupu played the video to Dong Xiao on the spot. Dong Xiao began sweating and his fat jaw hung open for a long period of time. Lu Qi was also very shocked. Dong Xiao struggled to get up after watching, but fell back on the sofa. He shouted at his men, "Who was it? Who betrayed me?!"

Lu Qi also pointed at the employees and said, "Step out for me!" Chen Shi realized that his expression looked a little artificial and thought to himself that this person was the one who was acting. Wasn’t he the traitor himself?

Lin Qiupu said seriously, "Mr. Dong, it seems that this video is real. I would like to ask you to explain what you were doing."

The fat on Dong Xiao's chin trembled. "I...I was working out."

"What’s the red liquid splashing on your face?"

"Tomato juice!"

"Tomato juice?"

"Yes, one of my hobbies is smashing tomatoes. The doctor said it’s good for the heart... You guys tell them whether I smash tomatoes every day."

The employees standing in a row said one by one, "Mr. Dong likes to smash tomatoes!" and "Yes, Mr. Dong will smash tomatoes when he has nothing to do." They all repeated this one by one, like human recordings. Chen Shi and Lin Qiupu had complete veneration for him to be able to command this behavior. In this company, so long as Dong Xiao said something, that was that. He could even switch black and white around in front of the police.

"You see?!" Dong Xiao quibbled with cold sweat on his face. "In the video, I was just smashing something and there was red liquid splashing on my face. You can't prove that this was murder."

Lin Qiupu sneered, "We have a witness that proves a reporter surnamed Cao came to interview you at the end of December last year and then disappeared. Now, we have found his body in the countryside. Does this have nothing to do with you?"

"Nonsense!" Dong Xiao roared. "You can ask Secretary Jia. I usually even reject the Long’an Evening News’ interviews. No reporter has ever been to this office, let alone a small reporter from a small newspaper agency!"

"I didn't say that Reporter Cao was from a small newspaper agency, so how did you know?" Lin Qiupu asked sharply.

Dong Xiao panted heavily and made a gesture. Lu Qi went and fetched a large plate of cantaloupe melons for him. He ate each slice with a single bite. The juice flowed down the corner of his mouth to his chest, relieving his nervousness.

"You can check my schedule. I haven't accepted an interview in the past six months!" Dong Xiao said.

"This can no longer convince us. The evidence that has emerged so far is sufficient to prove that you are related to this murder case. According to the criminal law, we have the right to collect the DNA and fingerprints of the person involved. If you continue not to cooperate, we will have to enforce it. Don't blame us for being impolite then."

Dong Xiao kept panting, waved his hand, and said as though he was suffering a setback, "Collect it!"

The employees and executives around Dong Xiao, including himself, had their DNA collected. During the whole process, Dong Xiao kept eating to relieve his nervousness. Secretary Jia would wipe the sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief from time to time.

"Call her over!" Dong Xiao told Secretary Jia.

When the police left, Su Chan took the elevator up, glanced at the police suspiciously, walked past them without fear, and walked towards Dong Xiao who was on the sofa.

The moment the elevator door closed, everyone saw Dong Xiao pulling Su Chan into his arms, kissing and touching her. It was as if a pile of fat had swallowed her. He didn't shy away from outsiders' sights and the police who watched this scene felt disgusted and wondered how the girl could stand it.

"I have never seen..." Chen Shi started. Many people perked their ears up to listen, thinking that he was going to comment on the scene just now, but Chen Shi said, "…such a nervous suspect. He almost had everything written on his face. We could almost just directly arrest him."

"We still have to go through the formal procedures." Lin Qiupu said. "This person truly is too nervous. I think it is him!"

"Logically, shouldn’t this fat guy have a good state of mind? He started from scratch and became a giant in the communications industry. I think he should have met with a lot of experience." Lin Dongxue was puzzled.

"Perhaps he was very vigorous when he was young, but now, his body is blessed and his mentality has become sensitive and fragile. He’s the king of this company and at the same time, a giant baby surrounded by a bunch of people. Everyone around him goes along with what he says and almost no one opposes him. That is to say, his ability to withstand pressure is almost zero."

"Was Lu Qi acting?" Xu Xiaodong said. "You can tell he knows just by looking at his eyes."

"I think Lu Qi wanted to take advantage of this incident to take Dong Xiao down and take over the company himself." Old Zhang commented.

"Despicable and illegal are two different things. We only care about the latter." Lin Qiupu said.

After a moment of silence, Xu Xiaodong asked timidly, "Don't you guys think that the image of the fat man and Su Chan's intimate relationship is disgusting?"

"Yes, yes, it's way too disgusting. I have goosebumps all over!", "I don't know how she can stand the 300 catties of fat!", "It seems that Dong Xiao must have given her a lot of money."

With the conversation started, the policemen who had been holding back for a long time began discussing endlessly. Lin Qiupu shouted, "Shut up. Go and gossip after you guys get off work!"

The DNA test results came out unexpectedly smoothly. The saliva left on the hose belonged to Secretary Jia. He was the one who handled Dong Xiao’s body. The case seemed to be entering the final segment.


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