Chapter 65: Advisor Behind the Scenes

Wang Jinsong struggled for his life and bit Xu Xiaodong's shoulder before taking the window of opportunity to escape. He ran rampant like a small wild boar and even flipped their table in the process.

The police took great pains in order to stop him. Lin Qiupu was unable to deal with the situation and put his hand on his head. "Cuff him up."

Xu Xiaodong took a breath of cold air and looked at his shoulder which was bitten. He commented, "Too barbaric. He’s worse than my cousin’s children."

Wang Jinsong, who was handcuffed, struggled hysterically, peeling the skin off his hands in the process. The husband and wife looked at the scene and had tears silently running down their faces.

Peng Sijue took out a syringe and threatened him with a blank expression, "Would you like to take a shot of anaesthesia?"

When he heard this, Wang Jinsong suddenly stopped struggling.

"Allowing the child to be spoiled like this, even if there was no murder, he would have caused harm or trouble to others when he entered society alone in the future." Lin Qiupu despised and regarded these people with contempt. "Take them away!"

"Wait, there is a detail that has yet to be explained." Lin Dongxue halted them in their tracks.


"Aphrodisiac. The aphrodisiac in the stomach of the deceased."

The husband and wife still did not confess. However, at this stage, Lin Dongxue already felt like she understood. She asked Wang Jinsong, "Did you put the tablets inside the coke?"

"I thought that was..."

"Don't say it!" Wang Jinsong’s father shouted.

"If you dare to interrupt our line of questioning again, we will separate your family." Lin Qiupu warned.

Lin Dongxue looked at Wang Jinsong, who was really flustered. "What did you think it was?"

"I don’t know!"

"You just lied, right? You didn’t accidentally kill Du Lei, did you? You planned to kill him from the very beginning! You have a box full of pills in your house with an English label on it. You thought it was poison, or your parents lied to you about it. So, you put the 'poison' into the cola and swindled Du Lei to drink it. Nothing happened, so you killed him with a blunt object. After you knocked him down, you beat him repeatedly until he died. This is not an accident at all. It is murder!"

It was refreshing to be able to tell the truth in one breath. Lin Dongxue couldn’t believe that she could do such a thing as well. The house was filled with shocked eyes that gaped at her. 

Wang Jinsong began to fret, bawled his eyes out and suddenly screeched. "Who told him to have better grades than me?! Who told my parents to compare me to him every day?! Who told him to have a game console that I don’t?! He even laughed at me! He deserved it! He deserved it!!”

Seeing Wang Jinsong expose his true nature shocked everyone. Xu Xiaodong asked, "How did this box of medicine get to Teacher Li’s residence?"

Lin Dongxue turned back, looked at the door and reasoned. "The pillbox was only discovered this morning! When we spoke outside their door yesterday, their family was all in the house. They overheard our conversation, so they drove the boat along the waves[1] and let the whole thing play out."

"If Li didn’t have evidence of absence, we would have been fooled by them?" Xu Xiaodong was shocked.

"Not necessarily!" Peng Sijue rebutted. "The netting under the sky may look sparse, but it won’t fail to catch the water[2]. They must have left other pieces of evidence somewhere. We will find it sooner or later. I have something to add though. The deceased was not killed by the blunt object or the beating. The knife on the throat was the fatal wound."

After hearing this, Wang Jinsong’s father’s eyes widened. Lin Qiupu asked, “Did you know about this?”

The man cried with his hands covering his face. "When I cut him with the knife, the kid suddenly moved. My wife advised me to send him to the hospital... But the situation was already like this. If I sent him to the hospital, I would have just gone to jail…"

"So, you were actually the killer!" Lin Qiupu asked.

The man nodded sombrely. 

The room fell silent and Lin Qiupu made a gesture for them to be taken away. Wang Jinsong’s mother suddenly pleaded, “Officers, I beg you to do one thing! I never imagined that because of a game console that these things would happen. After the incident, we took our savings to buy Jinsong the game console. He hasn’t even played it yet. Please let him play for a while before we go!”

"Do you really think that this all happened because of the game console?"

"If not, then what?! We loved him so much. From a very young age, we gave him everything that he wanted. It was our fault. We should have given him this console earlier. Otherwise, this misunderstanding wouldn’t have happened.”

Lin Qiupu shook his head with heartache and helplessness. "You really need to reflect on yourself in prison!"

After the real murderer was caught, Du Lei’s parents came back to the town to claim the body. Although the body parts had been stitched together, it could not alleviate their painful feelings. All the comforting words in the world could not calm them down.

Lin Dongxue was most unwilling to see this type of scene.

The case had been broken in less than three days. The task force was credited with great achievement and received praise and compliments from high officials. Lin Qiupu called Lin Dongxue to the office and praised her. Lin Dongxue began, "Brother, according to the agreement..."

"Alright, alright. I will not interfere with your affairs in the future." Lin Qiupu forced a smiled.

Lin Qiupu was so cool about the whole thing that Lin Dongxue actually got a little embarrassed. "Brother, I am not saying that you are not good to me... It’s just..."

"It’s just, what?"

"Give me some face, okay? Don't talk down to me in public anymore. At the end of the day, I’m grown up now.”

"I haven’t been a good brother. I will pay attention in the future... Do you know why I am so happy? This time you did everything beautifully! Evidence stands that even if you don’t rely on the driver, we can still break the case… Remember to come for the celebration feast tonight!”

"Of course!" Lin Dongxue smiled and left, where she met Xu Xiaodong in the corridor. She asked, "Xiaodong, how did you come up with that idea anyway? To find evidence from the sewage downstairs."

Xu Xiaodong sheepishly smiled and scratched his head.

Lin Dongxue suddenly had a conjecture and pressed, "Did you have an advisor behind the scenes?"

"Oh... That..."

"Stop stammering."

"Actually, that was Brother Chen’s idea. I told him the whole process and findings of the case. When we got stuck, he gave me the idea."

"What!?" Lin Dongxue was shocked. It turned out that Xu Xiaodong was not a spy for Lin Qiupu, but a spy for Chen Shi.

Later in a surgical hospital in Long'an City, Chen Shi was taking care of a patient when he received a text message from Lin Dongxue. "Thank you shadow-advisor!"

The little girl lying on the bed asked, "What happened, Uncle Chen?"

"Nothing, my friend sent me a message." Chen Shi picked up a bowl of congee and continued to feed the little girl. The little girl shook her head and protested saying that she didn't want to eat it. Chen Shi soothed, "Yue Yue, be a good girl. You just finished your operation. You need to eat more to recover.”

The little girl pouted, "My illness… When will I get well again?"

"Don't worry about it! If you listen to the doctor’s orders, you’ll definitely get better. I’ll wait for you to get better, then take you out for a car ride."

After the little girl finished eating, she went to sleep. Chen Shi quietly left and went to see the doctor. The doctor said, "Mr. Chen, although the insurance company has covered a large part of Tao Yueyue’s medical expenses, the hospital bed’s fees and nursing expenses…”

"I’ll pay for it!" Chen Shi handed over a credit card. "Doctor, when will she get better again?"

"She is still under observation at this time."

"Stop giving me these superfluous answers all the time."

"I understand your mood, but the cure rate of this type of sickness is not high. Also, she was already in the medium stage[3] when we had detected the sickness. She just had her operation. If chemotherapy and drug controls are good, she may get better."

Chen Shi sighed. "Let me know if there are any updates on her situation."

When he left the hospital, it was already getting dark. Chen Shi got into the car and picked up an order close by. 

When the passenger got in the car, he turned on the phone and looked at it. The speed of reporters are lightning fast. There was already articles on the last case. This time, the game console company got bad news piled on them. The news headline detailed, "Shocking News! 12-year-old Boy Cruelly Killed Classmate over Console."

"Nonsense, the media really knows how to stir the pot and make a mess for the big companies!"

"This case created chaos in Long’An. The current ways of parenting is indeed worrying." The passenger in his car began talking. It was an old man with a dominant and assertive voice.

"Old gentleman, where are you going so late at night?" Chen Shi asked with a cigarette in his mouth. 

"Don't you know me?" The eyes in the rear-view mirror glistened as if they were smiling at him. "Chen Shi... Or I should call you Song Lang!"

1. Pushing something along the waves is a lot easier than against. This expression means they took advantage of the current situation and the direction it was headed. 

2. An expression that people use to say that you’d get caught even though the skies and lands are vast. No matter where you go, you will always be captured one day. 

3. In Chinese, there aren’t 4 stages of cancer. There’s initial, medium and terminal. Equivalent to stage 1, 2 and 3, and 4 respectively. 

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