Chapter 647: Professionalism

The police car arrived at the school gate, and Old Zhang went to look for the person in charge of the school to explain the situation. Lin Qiupu ordered, "After confirming Xu Fa's identity, you can shoot if necessary. Try to avoid the vital points and be sure to get the drug from his possession."

Xu Fa should still be in the school and the police didn’t act immediately until Old Zhang called and said that the school had notified all the dormitory administrators. They had locked up the dormitories in order to prevent a hostage incident.

"Let’s go!" Lin Qiupu gave the order, and everyone began to search the school. Each and every flower bed and corner was carefully checked. Suddenly, several police officers shouted, "We found a suspicious person."

"What’s that look in your eyes? What do you mean by ‘a suspicious person’?" Someone walked out from behind a dormitory building, took off his helmet, and smoothed his dyed-blonde hair. It turned out to be kk. "Xu Fa was here just now. I was checking the footprints on the field. "

"kk, you can search with us, so as not to confuse people." Chen Shi said.

"Roger that!"

Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue and kk searched towards the direction of the teaching block. There were no lights on in the teaching block at night. Lin Dongxue was very nervous as she went up the stairs. She raised her gun and pointed it forward at every turn. They checked every floor and confirmed that Xu Fa wasn’t in the building.

"Teaching Block No. 4 is safe!" Lin Dongxue reported via radio.

"Sister-in-Law, do you want to go over there for a look?" kk pointed down towards a small forest that had a small lake within.

"We’re going to the small forest opposite No. 4 Teaching Block to check." Lin Dongxue reported.

"Be careful!" Lin Qiupu told them.

The three of them went downstairs. The forest was extremely quiet at night. kk casually chattered away  to boost their courage, but suddenly fell silent, because there was some suspicious movement coming from a certain place. The three of them walked over, brushed aside a bush, and saw two boys hugging each other in fear.

The boys became even more frightened when Lin Dongxue’s gun pointed at them and they said, "Don't shoot! We’re students."

"College students nowadays are really open!" kk commented.

"Stop talking so much!" Chen Shi reprimanded.

"Hurry back to the dormitory. There’s a criminal on campus." Lin Dongxue instructed the two boys.

"Thank you, Auntie..."

The two boys were about to leave as they said this, but Lin Dongxue stopped them. "Wait, don't leave for now. It's probably safer to come with us. If you’re abducted by the criminal on the way, that’ll be troublesome."

"By the way, have you seen any suspicious people?" Chen Shi asked.

Boy A shook his head and Boy B pointed at the lake. "I seemed to hear the sound of water splashing just then."

The group went to the lake. Some aquatic plants grew on the bank of the lake, but they had already withered by this season. kk picked up the pebbles on the ground and threw them into the lake. Chen Shi said, "If he’s hiding inside, he won’t come out even if you throw stones at him."

"What should we do? Should Sister-in-Law fire a shot?"

"Would shooting into the water scare the students?" Lin Dongxue asked Boy B. "Are you sure you heard someone going into the water?"

"I'm not sure. I just heard a splashing sound. There don't seem to be ducks in this lake. Or could it be the wind?" The boy couldn't make up his mind.

Lin Dongxue asked Lin Qiupu for further instructions. Lin Qiupu said that she could fire a warning shot. At that moment, Chen Shi noticed a furtive figure moving in the woods on the other side. He screamed, "Stop right there!"

When the other party heard this, they ran away as fast as they could. kk and Chen Shi immediately ran after them. kk ran extremely fast and shouted from the front, "Brother Chen, it's Xu Fa!"

"Fire a warning shot!"

Lin Dongxue fired her gun towards the sky, and the sound of the gun echoed on the empty campus, attracting the attention of all the police officers. Xu Fa fled at lightning speed but soon, police officers surrounded him on all sides.

Getting closer, Chen Shi saw Xu Fa's panicked face. This was the first time he had seen Xu Fa in real life. He was a slightly balding middle-aged man with an unprepossessing appearance.

"Don't move! We will shoot if you move!"

Lin Qiupu led people running over from the other side.

Xu Fa stood a few steps away from Chen Shi. Chen Shi didn't dare to step forward any further and said, "Give up, you no longer have any means of escaping."

"I fell into your hands in the end!" Xu Fa gritted his teeth and said something before he suddenly plunged the syringe into his own leg. Then he threw the syringe onto the ground and smashed it with force. At that moment, the drug took effect and he collapsed as he sneered.

The surrounding police officers were shocked. They didn't expect him to resist arrest with death. Chen Shi was also startled. Xu Fa seemed to be doing more than just resisting arrest by this. The last sentence he said, judging by the shapes his lips made, seemed to be: "Professionalism!".

He was a drug seller who sold poison that the police couldn’t detect. In the end, he "destroyed" the poison that could be used as evidence. In this way, there would be no evidence to prosecute Wang Mengqi with.

What professionalism!

"Xu Fa died just like that." kk was shocked, "I thought he would at least struggle a little."

"A chemical crime master meeting with such an end seems to be in line with his identity." Chen Shi sighed with emotion.

Afterwards, Peng Sijue brought people to the scene to collect evidence. Xu Fa was confirmed to be dead. The state of the body was similar to the previous two victims. It appeared to be the same drug, but the syringe had been crushed by him and was contaminated.

The police scoured Xu Fa's residence completely, but no evidence related to this poison was found.

On November 27th, Wang Mengqi was summoned for questioning again. This time, they asked about the chat history between him and Xu Fa that was found on Xu Fa’s computer. Wang Mengqi refused to admit that it was him no matter what. An account with that particular social networking software could be registered without using one’s real identity. In the end, the police couldn’t hold anything against him.

Due to insufficient evidence, the procuratorate didn’t sign the arrest warrant for Wang Mengqi. The police hoped that he would voluntarily admit his guilt during their last attempt but they failed and Wang Mengqi was released.

Before he left, Chen Shi said to him, "Do you know why you can get out of here safely today? Because Xu Fa destroyed the poison that could be used as evidence. He injected the last tube of poison into his own body. You should be thankful for his professionalism!"

Wang Mengqi was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and shook his head. "I don't know what you’re talking about. Mr. Chen, I believe we will never meet again in this life."

"Even if you can get away with it, there is no impenetrable wall in the world. Geng Qing, your younger sister, will find out everything one day. How can she accept this truth? Especially since you will be living together in the future. I’m not warning you. I am suggesting this to you. If you really care for her, you should leave her!"

Wang Mengqi said earnestly, "If I can't be with Geng Qing, everything in the world is meaningless. From the time when I first found out about the truth, I was already consigned to eternal damnation, but so what? I can't live without her!"

"Well, good luck to you." Chen Shi ended the conversation as he watched his departing silhouette.


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