Chapter 644: New Victim

In the middle of the night, a secret conversation took place quietly over the Internet.

"Mr. Xu, the police are already suspecting me. The guy surnamed Chen really lives up to his reputation. When he exposed the truth, it was as though he had seen it with his own eyes."

"It can only be said that you were unlucky he came across this case."

"I want to ask you a favor!"

"You want to kill the guy surnamed Chen? If you do it yourself, I will give you the drug for free. If you’re asking me to do it, I wouldn’t even if you gave me 100 million."

"No, the police really couldn’t figure out the drug you gave me and I’m very thankful! I want to buy two more syringes. You don't have to send them to me. Use them to kill people randomly. I will definitely pay the money."

"If it becomes a serial murder case, the police will divert their attention away from you. Haha, so smart!"

"Can I?"

"One life is worth 1 million."

"I can afford it, but I can't pay you right now. If I move my funds, the police will find out."

"It doesn't matter. You and I have worked together several times. I trust your personal character. You can pay after this storm passes."

"Thank you so much!"

On November 26th, Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi stood at the scene of the crime. The divers were salvaging items from the bottom of the river. Although the hope was slim, it was still worth a try in case Wang Mengqi had thrown the syringe into the water after committing murder.

A diver came out of the water and screamed. The police immediately leaned over and asked what he had found. The diver said, "No, my balls were clamped by a lobster... There are actually lobsters in the water here."

"They’re crayfish!"[1] Old Zhang laughed out loud.

Everyone dispersed in frustration and continued to wait for the results. Lin Dongxue said, "Old Chen, we’re using all our manpower to investigate Wang Mengqi right now. Some matters concerning him have surfaced. I suspect that he’s involved in other cases."

"This isn’t his first murder?"

"One of his competitors died unexpectedly on the way home three years ago. Another competitor died unexpectedly when he went to the toilet after going out drinking. His biological mother suddenly died late at night after undergoing stent surgery. The doctor said that the operation had been very successful. The cause of death for the three could not be found... One sudden death isn’t suspicious, but when four sudden deaths happen around the same person, it’s very suspicious."

"How much poison did Xu Fa sell?!" Chen Shi sighed. "This case is a window for us to see the truth."

The diver came up again, and Old Zhang asked, "What clamped you this time?"

"I found a gold necklace..." the diver said, raising his hand.

After the whole morning, they had found a lot of things under the water, including wine bottles, rings, dentures, lighters, and lots of mobile phones. The most shocking thing was a baby’s skeleton that had been packed in a sack. But this was another case, and it was handed over directly to another branch. Evidence that was related to the current case didn’t appear.

No wonder scavengers often picked up good items when they tied strong magnets to a rope before throwing it to the bottom of the water.

"Okay, we didn't find anything. We’ve wasted the whole morning." Lin Dongxue said, discouraged.

"Police investigations are like this. Zero percent progress to one hundred percent can happen in a flash. Let's go and eat. I heard that there’s a grilled fish restaurant nearby."

"Okay! Okay!" Lin Dongxue was very happy when she heard him talk about eating grilled fish, and she clapped her hands excitedly.

After eating a blissful meal of grilled fish with spicy sauce, Lin Dongxue received Peng Sijue's message telling them to head back. In the afternoon, the two returned to the bureau. Peng Sijue was about to dissect a corpse. Lin Qiupu was also there. The man lying on the autopsy table was a thin young man who had no obvious signs of trauma.

Chen Shi sighed inwardly. "Is it the same murder method again?"

Peng Sijue nodded. "He was a college student on campus. Someone found him with his arms crossed and leaning on a tree in the morning. They thought he was waiting for someone, because he was opposite the female dormitory. Later, a classmate touched him and found that he was dead. He had ‘stood’ there all night!"

"The nameless poison?"

"The potassium in his blood is off the charts. Look here..." Peng Sijue pointed to the arm of the corpse which had a round red dot on it  that had been left by a needleless syringe.

Lin Qiupu said, "There should be no connection between the deceased and the suspect this time, but we obtained the surveillance footage and found that a man in a black jacket had entered the campus yesterday. It’s very similar to the previous case in the park. You should go and investigate it!"

"No connection?" Chen Shi instantly understood. "Could it be that Wang Mengqi intends to commit indiscriminate murders to mislead us?"

"Isn't that crazy? The whole of the police force is focusing on him right now, yet he still commits crimes when the storm hasn’t passed?" Lin Dongxue said.

"It seems that it’s necessary for us to meet him again."

The two went to see Wang Mengqi. He was keeping Geng Qing company at her house. When the police came to the door, Wang Mengqi wasn’t flustered at all and went outside to talk to them alone. Chen Shi asked straightaway, "Where were you last night?"

Wang Mengqi smiled. "I’ve been on annual leave recently, and I’ve been keeping Geng Qing company the whole time. We were in a hotel last night."

"Which hotel?"

Wang Mengqi told them the name of the hotel.

Chen Shi said, "I really admire you. You personally killed Geng Zhangle, yet you can still stay with Geng Qing unmoved and comfort her."

"You can say whatever you like!" Wang Mengqi said with disdain. "There’s no evidence, so all speculations are fictitious. I sincerely advise you not to waste time on this case. It’s meaningless." He smiled and glanced at Lin Dongxue.

His expression saying "The police can't do anything to me." was really disgusting. Chen Shi said, "Mr. Wang, you won’t be able to act so recklessly for long."

"You can see yourself out!"

When they got downstairs, Geng Qing chased after them. She asked, "Why do you guys look for him again and again? You even brought him to the bureau that day. Could he be related to my father's death? This is impossible. His relationship with my dad has always been very harmonious."

Lin Dongxue said, "Little Sister, sorry, we can't disclose anything."

"Please, tell me, I beg you. I don't want to be kept in the dark. He said he wanted us to go to the hotel to take my mind off my grief yesterday, because I would be reminded as long as I stayed at this house, but we quarreled all night. I wanted to know why the police are looking for him. If I ask him, he gets angry. He’s been behaving abnormally lately and it makes me very scared. Please tell me. I can't take it anymore!" At this, the fragile girl cried again.

Lin Dongxue empathized with her feelings. Chen Shi also had a secret that he kept from her. For this reason, the two have quarreled several times, but she couldn’t tell her the truth as it would only be a bigger blow for her. For this girl, it would be a deadly blow.

While hesitating on what to say to her, Wang Mengqi came down and said with a serious face, "What are you telling her? Are you trying to drive a wedge between us?"

"Enough!" Geng Qing roared, "What on earth are you hiding? Did you do something wrong? Why have you been like a gunpowder barrel with me these past two days?!"

Wang Mengqi frowned, not knowing how to answer. Lin Dongxue announced, "He’s not suspected of murder!"

Geng Qing and Wang Mengqi both froze for a while.

Telling this lie was purely because she didn’t have the heart to see Geng Qing become the ultimate target of his grievances. Lin Dongxue continued, "We are looking for Mr. Wang because there are some details that need to be verified. In fact, he’s not the only one, we’ve also visited other people four or five times. Don't think too much."

"Yes, that's it!" Wang Mengqi let out a sigh of relief and used the opportunity to say, "I’ve said that you police are super inefficient in doing things. You can just phone me to ask about these things, but you have to make a trip over."

The doubts in Geng Qing's heart vanished, and she burst into tears in Wang Mengqi's arms. Lin Dongxue said to him, "Wang Mengqi, can you treat Geng Qing better? She is now the person closest to you."

Wang Mengqi widened his eyes and watched the two leave with a complicated expression.

1. They are smaller than lobsters and live in freshwater. 


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