Chapter 639: Returning The Body

“No way?"

Looking at the reagent in the test tube that hadn’t reacted, Peng Sijue showed a disappointed expression, and turned his head to discover that Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were still standing at the side. He asked, "Why haven't you guys left yet?"

Chen Shi smiled bitterly, "Can't you hear people talking to you while you’re working? I want to take the body away and return it to the family. I had promised them previously."

"Wait for two days."

"You’ve already preserved the necessary samples. It's useless keeping the corpse."

"Wait for two days."

"When you die someday, you wouldn’t want to stay in the freezer for so long, right?"

Peng Sijue rolled his eyes, "Take it away! Take it away!"

Lin Dongxue borrowed a police SUV and put Geng Zhangle's body inside. Chen Shi called Geng Qing. She was very excited when she heard that her father was "returning". She agreed to meet them at the funeral home. Chen Shi said, "Get your boyfriend to come too. I have something to ask him."

"He's at work... Okay, I'll call him."

When they drove the car to the funeral home, they found that Geng Qing was already waiting at the door. The staff loaded the corpse onto a wheeled cart. The dissected corpse had a long suture line from the collarbone down to the abdomen. In fact, there was also a suture line on the back of the head. When they conduct an autopsy on the skull, the whole face would come off like a mask. The corpse was still covered with frost. Geng Qing wept in grief when she saw this. Wang Mengqi, who was by her side, had a hard time comforting her.

"Have you found out the cause of death yet?" Geng Qing asked while wiping away at her tears.

"The forensic pathologist judged it to be poisoning." Chen Shi said this with reservations. He observed Wang Mengqi's expression and noticed a flash of panic on his face.

"Was my father in pain when he passed away?"

"He should have been killed instantly and wouldn’t have suffered too much."

"That's good, that's good!" Geng Qing wept again.

She went into the funeral home to find a staff member to put makeup on the corpse so that her father could pass on with dignity. Wang Mengqi wanted to accompany her, but Chen Shi stopped him and he stayed behind by himself. Wang Mengqi seemed a little nervous. Chen Shi asked, "Mr. Wang, do you own a black jacket?"

"Why are you asking this? Did you find a suspect?"

"Please answer my question directly."

"Who doesn't have a black jacket? I’ve bought one, but I don't wear it often."

"Are there a few white stripes on the shoulders?"

"Yes... This style is very common."

"How was your relationship with the deceased?"

"When I tell you  a story, you will understand. I remember that when I first started dating Geng Qing, Geng Qing said that her father wasn’t home that night and asked me to come over to keep her company. As a result, while I was getting dressed and preparing to leave the next morning, her father came back. That was very awkward for everyone. I couldn’t exactly hide under the bed. So I sat on the sofa and waited for him to ask me to explain. Uncle Geng came in and saw me, but he acted as if he didn’t see me. He talked to Geng Qing about some domestic trivialities. I practically felt as though I was sitting on pins and needles. After some time, he finally asked, ‘How long have you two known each other?’ I told him half a year, and he nodded before telling me to come over for dinner that night! Uncle Geng was like that. He didn’t interfere much in Geng Qing’s affairs. Sometimes, when he came back and ran into us, he would go and stay elsewhere. It kind of felt as if the well water did not mix with the river water. As his future son-in-law, I was usually quite filial. I often bought him gifts and I sometimes went drinking with him. He talked a lot whenever he got drunk. He mainly talked about Geng Qing’s childhood. He loved Geng Qing very much, but he was afraid that he would interfere too much, so he kept his distance... I think he was quite a good person. Some people behave well in public but are tyrants when they get home. Uncle Geng was the opposite of that. Outsiders have a poor opinion of him, but he was a dutiful father."

"It looks like you have a good opinion of him."

"Yes, I was quite surprised to hear that he was killed. I very much regret not being able to spend more time with him. The only compensation I can offer is giving him a grand funeral."

"So, where were you on the evening of November 19th?"

Wang Mengqi suddenly became angry. "How can the police suspect others randomly?! Uncle Geng has a bunch of enemies outside. You don’t want to investigate them, but you’re here suspecting me? Are you kidding? I have an alibi for the time of the crime, but I won’t say anything because your suspicions are unfounded."

"Mr. Wang, can you not get so angry? It's just our routine."

"You aren’t a police officer, are you?"

"No, I’m a criminal investigation consultant. She’s the police officer."

"Mr. Chen, I have heard of you. I have met many customers through my company, and some of them know you. They said that you’re very powerful and that you solve all your cases. Now, you’re the treasure of the second team."

"You flatter me."

"But I don't think you can solve the case this time!" Wang Mengqi showed an expression of inexplicable pride. "I heard people say how good you were, but now I find that the questions you ask are really low-level. You’re nowhere near as good as you’re rumored to be."

In the face of the provocation, Chen Shi smiled without saying anything. In fact, it didn’t matter what he asked. The key point was to observe the other party's attitude.

He noticed that Wang Mengqi was an arrogant and conceited person, who seemed to be showing off intentionally or otherwise. This further deepened his suspicion towards him.

"Mr. Wang, some people will become silent when they are nervous, and some people will become very aggressive. You belong to the latter. This cannot conceal your nervousness." Chen Shi calmly analyzed.

"I’m nervous? How ridiculous, why should I be nervous?" Wang Mengqi brushed his hair subconsciously.

"There’s one thing that I want to figure out. You have a good relationship with Geng Qing and have even reached the point of discussing marriage. Why did Geng Zhangle want to arrange a blind date for Geng Qing? The other party was even the son of Director Wei who was on bad terms with him."

"You shouldn't ask me about this kind of thing."

"The person who we could ask is no longer here. I can only ask you why Geng Zhangle wants to break up your relationship. What happened between you two?"

"Nothing happened!" Wang Mengqi shook his head. "My relationship with Uncle Geng has always been very good. You can ask Geng Qing about this. By the way, regarding the alibi, I was on the phone with Geng Qing that day. I used the company’s landline. Is that enough?"

"Thank you for your cooperation!"

Wang Mengqi took his leave first and Lin Dongxue said, "This young man isn’t suspicious, right?"

"No, I think he’s gotten even more suspicious. Isn’t he going to look for Geng Qing? Let's go over quickly to prevent them from collusion."

"What do you mean by collusion? What you said seems too serious." Lin Dongxue smiled.

The two rushed to find Geng Qing before Wang Mengqi, and Chen Shi asked, "I have something to ask you. What were you doing on the evening of November 19th? I’m just asking casually."

"I was on the phone with Wang Mengqi!" Geng Qing retrieved her call log and showed it to the two of them. Sure enough, they had talked for half an hour. Wang Mengqi was using the office landline.

"What did you talk about?"

"We were just casually chatting. We talk for a few hours every time we call each other, and we talk about trivial things."

"Was your father short of money recently?"

"He didn’t lack money. Ever since I graduated and started working, I’ve given him 500 yuan a month. He has his own salary as well, so maintaining his lifestyle was not a problem."

"But why did he ask Director Wei for 400,000 yuan? Director Wei didn’t give it to him. However, his card still had 400,000 yuan deposited. It seems that he was in urgent need of this 400,000 yuan."

"400,000?!" Geng Qing pondered. "Could it be that he..."


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