Chapter 636: Buying Drugs

When passing by the security duty room, Chen Shi took away seven days’ worth of surveillance footage from the housing district. Then he glanced at his cell phone and said to Lin Dongxue, "I’ll take my leave first. I’ve asked Little Worm to help me with finding the source of the poison. He has some findings on his side."

"I'll go with you!"

"Don't you dislike them?"

"We’re investigating the case. What do you mean by like or dislike? Also, I need to monitor you to prevent you from messing around."


When the two arrived at the office and they saw that Lin Dongxue had come, kk enthusiastically brought a chair over, and took a bottled drink from the refrigerator. They had not come over for a while, and the office had purchased a lot of things in the meantime. It seemed that the business was doing well. Chen Shi said, "kk, didn't you say that you wanted to hire more people?"

"It's okay, we can handle it... Sister-in-law looks good. It must be the nourishment of love."

"Hurry up and get down to serious business!" Lin Dongxue couldn’t be bothered to deal with this shifty person. Every time she saw them, she wondered how Chen Shi could have such friends.

Sun Zhen pushed up his glasses and said, "I found a person on the Internet who says that he sells all illegal drugs and poisons, but to show our sincerity, we must pay him two thousand yuan before he’s willing to meet up and hand over the goods."

"It's fake!" kk said, "Paying money in advance? If you used your brain a little, you’d know it’s fake. People who buy these drugs won't dare to call the police even if they’re cheated."

"Where did you find him?" Chen Shi asked.

"A city resident forum. He sent me his transaction records and product photos."

"What's your opinion on this?" Chen Shi asked Lin Dongxue.

"Try it. If it's a scammer, just catch them and conveniently get rid of a villian."

"Haha, is this kind of scammer a good person or a bad person? Those who buy these drugs harbor evil intentions to begin with! Little Worm, give him the money!"

Lin Dongxue said, "Wait, I’ll contact the Information Department to determine their IP address first!"

"No need. I can do it from here." Sun Zhen said proudly.

After transferring over two thousand yuan, when the other party discussed the meeting time, Sun Zhen replied that he wanted to meet as soon as possible, so they arranged to meet that afternoon. Chen Shi said, "Ask him if he has any poisons that the police can't detect."

Sun Zhen tapped on the keyboard for a while and replied, "He said yes, but we have to add money."

kk said, "You can tell it’s a scammer at first glance. He’s scamming you time and time again until you realize it."

Lin Dongxue said, "I don't think we should wait for the afternoon. Let’s take the initiative. We’ll look for him now."

Chen Shi snapped his fingers, "Tell me the address."

The two rushed directly to the other party’s residence. The IP address could only be narrowed down to a certain housing district. Sun Zhen forwarded the chat history to Chen Shi immediately.

XX: I have a type of drug here. It is extracted from a plant. It can kill within three seconds after injection. The police can never detect it.

Sun Zhen: Has anyone bought it before?

XX: Yes, many people buy it!

Sun Zhen: You said that the police can't detect it. Why is there no news about it?

XX: Haha, little brother, you’re stupid. If the police can’t detect it, they won’t file a case. Of course you won’t see it in the news. I can see that you want it sincerely. I won’t ask what you’re going to use it for out of professional ethics, but it’s also risky for me if I sell it to you, so you have to add another two thousand yuan to show your sincerity. I will arrange a meeting in the afternoon.

Sun Zhen: You wouldn’t be a scammer, right? You want four thousand yuan before we even meet?

XX: Haha, it’s up to you whether you believe it or not, but the goods are definitely high quality. However, I have to be cautious in this line. How do I know that you’re not a policeman?

Chen Shi sent a message to Sun Zhen: "Find a way to get his specific address. Send pictures or a voice message."

Sun Zhen replied after a moment. "We’ll chat via voice message."

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were listening downstairs below each building, and a voice came from the window on the third floor of a certain building, "Boss, I believe you can afford to pay this money. What you’re doing is inherently risky in itself. Isn't this just a small risk?"

Chen Shi was ecstatic and he rushed upstairs with Lin Dongxue. He knocked on the door, and they hid on both sides of the door to avoid the peephole.

Someone on the other side of the door asked, "Who is it?"

Chen Shi said in the local dialect, "Open the door. I’m here to collect the garbage disposal fee."

"I dispose of all the rubbish by myself. I’m not paying for it!"

"It's not that we want to collect it, it's the garbage company that’s collecting it. All the other tenants have paid up."

The door finally opened and Lin Dongxue rushed in, pinned the uncle on the table before shouting, "Don't move". Then she took her handcuffs and handcuffed him. The uncle screamed, "What did I do? What right do you have to arrest me?!"

When Chen Shi entered the room, he found the chat history with Sun Zhen on the computer screen. He was the person on the other side of the screen.

"Where are your goods?" Chen Shi asked.

"Huh?" The uncle looked blank.

"Stop pretending. We’re the people who just chatted with you. Didn't you say that you have poison that the police can't detect?"

"Scam... It’s a scam. How could I have that kind of thing?"

A bedroom was filled with cardboard boxes, and when they were opened, they were full of illicit drugs such as pethidine, methylphenidate, and amphetamine. It turned out that he really had the goods, which could be counted as an accidental harvest.

These drugs were brought back to the bureau for testing. Peng Sijue told Chen Shi that they were all vitamin tablets, and that none of the boxes were real. Chen Shi poured a tablet into his mouth. This action made Peng Sijue frown. Chen Shi said casually, " Just replenishing my vitamins."

After interrogation, it turned out that this man was a fake drug seller. If he could deceive people, he would since those who buy these illegal drugs weren’t good people, and they dared not say anything even if they were fooled.

"What I sell is not real. Is this illegal?" The man asked in the interrogation room with a big smile plastered on his face.

The police had already checked his account, and the amount he defrauded was sufficient for a sentence of at least ten years in prison. Chen Shi said, "In your case, it should be just counted as fraud."

"That's good, that's good..." The man was actually very happy. He obviously didn't understand the law.

"Want to have your charge reduced?"


"Who sells real drugs like this in Long'an?"

The man recalled, said a few names and Chen Shi recorded them all. He continued asking, "Is there anyone in the same industry that claims to have developed a poison that the police can’t detect?"

"That the police can’t detect? That's too easy. If the label is torn off, the police can't detect it!"

It seemed that he not only didn’t understand the law, but also didn’t understand chemistry. He couldn’t tell them anything, so Chen Shi asked someone to send him to the detention room first. Lin Dongxue said, “Since you’ve guessed that Xu Fa was responsible for this poison, why not go and look for Xu Fa directly?"

"The problem is that we don't know where Xu Fa is, whether he developed this poison himself or had bought it from someone else… Oh yes, don't arrest the list of drug dealers provided by this crook for now, in order to prevent hitting the grass and alerting the snake. I think Xu Fa has a channel for selling poison."

"What’s Xu Fa’s background?"

"He used to be a chemistry student. I heard that he was expelled for doing experiments in the school’s laboratory. Now, he has been determined to be one of Zhou Tiannan’s subordinates. When The Silent Man was killed last time, he had this poison in his body. It can be seen that he and Zhou Xiao are in cahoots."

Xu Fa was formerly a well-known chemical crime boss in the "Black Honey" forum. He had posted information like how consumption of lychee can be detected as alcohol by breathalyzers, how poison can be extracted from dry cell batteries, and how Lianbang cough syrup can produce the effect of ecstasy when taken in large doses.

The appearance of the nameless poison proved that Xu Fa hasn’t been idle all these years and was constantly improving his skills. This person had to be caught.


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