Chapter 628: Qin Wanmu Goes Missing

Qin Wanmu was brought back to the bureau for questioning. Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went to Zhou Xiao to confirm that The Silent Man’s accomplice wasn’t him.

When they arrived at Zhou Xiao's house, Wang Ying was there bandaging Zhou Xiao's injured right hand. Judging from his silly expression, Zhou Xiao was in his main personality.

"Hey, where did you just go? I remember we were eating together and when I went back to my house, my hand was hurt."

"You two have been here the whole time?"

Wang Ying said, "Yes, he said he was injured. I came to help him bandage it up. Look, these are the bandages and anti-inflammatory drugs that I bought at the pharmacy just now... How did you get injured? There are wounds all over your hands."

"Lightly, lightly." Zhou Xiao drew in a breath as the wound flared up.

Seeing this, they realized they shouldn’t have left. In order to verify it again, Chen Shi said, "We’ve seen The Silent Man!"


"You’ve caught him?"

The two said this in unison. Their reactions were real.

"It’s regrettable that we lost him."

"That’s great!" Wang Ying exclaimed happily.

"Little sister, don't say such things in front of the police!" Lin Dongxue reminded her.

Wang Ying stuck her tongue out. "I really don't want him to be caught!"

After the task was completed, the two hurried back to the bureau. Lin Qiupu was questioning Qin Wanmu at this time. Qin Wanmu said that he saw The Silent Man while eating and ran away in fright before hiding in a shopping mall. Who knew that The Silent Man would go into the mall as well.

God knows if The Silent Man recognized him when those terrifying eyes met with his. At this time, a father slapped his son over buying toys. The son cried a lot and The Silent Man stepped forward to stop it in his own way. Then, the police came and Qin Wanmu was able to escape misfortune.

Qin Wanmu clutched his chest and said, "This lunatic is chasing me everywhere… What have I done for him to hate me so much?!"

"Since when did you know that he was chasing after you?"

"A year ago. He wandered around where I used to live. I was so scared that I moved away quickly."

"A year ago?!" Lin Qiupu raised his voice. "Why didn't you call the police?"

"Can the police protect me?"

"Of course the police can protect you. Did you know that because you didn't call the police, three people were killed because they had the same accent as you."

"What does that have to do with me? He was the one who killed those people. Just because you police aren’t doing a good job, don’t put the blame on a citizen. Do you have cigarettes?"

Lin Qiupu was speechless. At this time, Chen Shi walked in and said, “You didn’t call the police because you had a guilty conscience. You were carrying baggage around with you. The mental hospital was burned down by the fire. The local police intervened. The things you had done may have already been exposed, so you hid."

After speaking, Chen Shi sat down next to Lin Qiupu and smelled him. "Why didn't you change your clothes? It's all sweaty."

"When would I have had the time?" Lin Qiupu whispered, "Did Zhou Xiao go to the scene?"


Qin Wanmu showed an expression as though he had a toothache. "This police officer needs evidence before he speaks. What did I do? I just ran a mental hospital. Is it illegal to treat illnesses and save people?"

"You did treat diseases and save people, but you didn't save the patients in your hospital. You sold their organs to other hospitals to save those patients who bought kidneys and livers on the black market. Am I right?"

"What a baseless claim. That’s sheer fiction. I, Qin Wanmu, am an upright citizen. How could I do such a thing!?" Qin Wanmu insisted stubbornly.

"What's this?" Lin Qiupu asked in a low voice.

Chen Shi nodded slightly. "I only found out in the afternoon, so I didn't have time to tell you." Then, he said to Qin Wanmu, "No need to quibble. We have leads on hand right now. Your caregivers and doctors are still around. It won’t take too much time to find out about this matter. At that time, we won’t be questioning you but interrogating you. You should take the initiative to explain it!"

Qin Wanmu was at a loss and stayed silent for a long time, only grumbling.

Lin Qiupu picked up the phone and bluffed, "Call the Tiantai City Public Security Bureau-"

"Aiya, aiya..." Qin Wanmu raised his hands to stop him. "I have something to say! I have something to say! I admit that I did it once or twice, mainly because it was stated in the contract. They owed tens of thousands of medical expenses alone, so what could I do? Should I have hoped that those lunatics would be discharged from the hospital and earn money to pay me back? There are dozens of staff waiting to receive their wages. I need money for when those patients eat and shit. If I didn’t do that, I’d go bankrupt!"

"This reason is really valid." Chen Shi sneered. "Your target was mainly homeless patients!"

"It's written in the contract! I wouldn’t do that if they didn’t sign the contract! They donated their kidneys voluntarily. It was a consensual transaction. Is that illegal? Why are you interrogating me? I am a victim. Victim. Why don’t you catch that lunatic?"

"Don't misunderstand. We want to figure out what potential dangers you’d have, so as to protect you... As far as we know, every patient in that hospital hates you to the core. You still have the scar from them wounding you."

Qin Wanmu subconsciously covered his waist. "Operating a place like that is thankless. I’m actually benefiting the society. Those lunatics wander outside all day and kill people without breaking the law. If no one controls them, how many social problems would they cause? I selflessly took them in! Right? Why do they hate me? Why do they chase me everywhere to try and kill me? They don’t know how to be grateful. What a bunch of pigs and dogs!"

What Qin Wanmu could provide wasn’t very helpful in solving the case. Lin Qiupu said that he would be detained in a protective manner, but Qin Wanmu disagreed no matter what. He feared that this kind of protection would turn into that kind of detention.

When he left, Lin Qiupu told him to be more careful in the upcoming days. Chen Shi said to Lin Qiupu, "Check this guy's background. It's best to find out what he’s done and sue him. It would be justice for this group of people. It’s also to protect his life.”

"It's very troublesome to investigate this. We have to go through Tiantai City."

"You figure it out!" Chen Shi smiled.

At this time, a policeman came in and reported to Lin Qiupu that the car that picked up The Silent Man seemed to have been stolen. The branch office was assisting in investigating its whereabouts. Lin Qiupu nodded and said, "I understand!"

Chen Shi said, "I think the three people in the car are from Zhou Tiannan's gang. According to what I have heard, one of them was a patient friend with The Silent Man in the past. This person is the serial killer under the pseudonym Zhou Xiao."

"Could it be that this group of people were actually the ones behind this case?"

Chen Shi shook his head. "I don't think so. Those three are very shrewd. If they planned it, Qin Wanmu would have died long ago... Wait, Zhou Xiao hated him too. Now that they’ve taken action, Qin Wanmu might be in danger!"

Lin Qiupu hurriedly called Qin Wanmu, but the phone kept hanging up. He was out of ideas and could only go to his place again with Chen Shi.

The physiotherapy center operated by Qin Wanmu had already closed up for the day. They found his residential address through the property manager. He lived alone and hadn’t gone home. When they dialed his number, they found that it had been turned off. Chen Shi realized something was wrong.

In the next few days, the police kept looking for Qin Wanmu, but after he left the Public Security Bureau that day, he disappeared like he evaporated into thin air...


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