Chapter 627: Chasing The Silent Man

When they walked out of the community, they happened to run into Lin Qiupu and his party. Lin Qiupu said, "You’re really fast. According to our original schedule, I’m afraid it would have taken a few days to find Qin Wanmu."

"This was revealed by Zhou Xiao. He told the murderer about it and the murderer might come here… If he doesn't get lost this time..." Chen Shi said.

"What?! That kid is helping with the crime?"

"The situation is a bit complicated."

"A dual personality again." Lin Qiupu frowned. "We’ll interrogate him when we find the murderer. See if this kid is really sick or just acting!”

When the crowd went into the restaurant, they didn’t see Qin Wanmu. The boss saw the police coming and said in a panic, "You came just at the right time. There was a suspicious person walking around here last night. He was tall and holding something like a hammer in his hands. He would listen in on whoever was on a call. It scared me to death!"

"Have you seen this person before?" Lin Qiupu showed him Qin Wanmu's ID photo.

The boss took a moment to recognize him and replied, "This is a regular customer. He comes here every day."

"Was he here today?"

"Eh... he was just there!" He looked at a table. On the table was a bowl of noodles that had barely been touched. Coriander was heaped on top and the noodles had already gone soggy. The boss asked the employee, "Where’s that fat guy? "

The man replied, "When I brought the noodles to him, he suddenly ran out for some reason. Did he have a stomach ache? He didn't come back after so long."

"Retrieve the surveillance footage!" Lin Qiupu ordered.

Ten minutes ago, The Silent Man appeared at the door of the store, standing behind a man who was on a call to eavesdrop. The man was terrified.

The place where The Silent Man stood was outside the store. Maybe Qin Wanmu had recognized him and fled in a hurry.

Xu Xiaodong asked for further instructions, "Captain, who do we look for now? The hospital director or the murderer?"

"Nonsense! Of course it's for the murderer. He’s a mentally retarded man. He will kill someone if he hears a Tiantai accent!"

Everyone looked around everywhere. Chen Shi walked on the sidewalk and said loudly, "How are ya? This world is so big! It takes three hours to stroll from the East to the West!"

Lin Dongxue smiled and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Leading the snake out of the cave. How’s my Tiantai accent?"

"It’s too fake."

At this time, gunshots came from somewhere and the police rushed over at the same time. They saw a glass partition in a shopping mall shattered and a man laying in the broken glass, struggling and rolling. His head was covered with blood, and there was a little boy crying nearby.

There was a local policeman on the scene calling for reinforcements. Lin Qiupu stepped forward and said, "I’m Lin Qiupu from the Public Security Bureau. What's the situation?"

"A suspicious person just smashed the man into the glass. It’s reinforced glass but it was smashed to pieces. My colleague chased after the person and he was probably the one who fired the gun.”

Lin Qiupu called a few people to chase after them, leaving Old Zhang there to investigate the situation. The "suspect" had escaped from the mall and rushed out through the back door. When the police rushed there, they found that the originally locked back door had been knocked down. Because the door opened inward, the person had to directly knock the door off the door frame from the inside and it fell off. It was hard to imagine how strong he was.

This person must be The Silent Man!

Arriving in the alley behind the mall, a policeman was pointing a gun at the tall figure fleeing at the entrance of the alley, shouting, "Stop right there!" and was about to shoot.

"Don't shoot. Be careful of injuring passers-by!" Lin Qiupu shouted, "We are criminal police. We’ll deal with it!"

Everyone was chasing after him desperately. The Silent Man was wearing a shabby windbreaker. Because of his long legs, he was running so fast it was as if he was flying. Bystanders were knocked away like a wave by him, as if he was a human tank.

Lin Qiupu shot into the sky. The pedestrians were so scared that they hurriedly got into the shops on both sides. The sidewalk was suddenly empty.

At this moment, The Silent Man crossed the road as a car came from the side. Lin Qiupu thought he would be hit, but he jumped up with a run-up, stepped on the top of the car, and the whole car sank. He jumped to the sidewalk on the other side.

The policemen who were left behind wheezed as they wondered, is this guy human?

Xu Xiaodong was the fastest out of all them. He followed closely behind The Silent Man. He turned over and passed the car parked on the road. Then, he jumped from behind and threw himself on The Silent Man. His hands locked tightly around The Silent Man’s neck.

The Silent Man screamed and shook his body desperately. Xu Xiaodong’s entire body was flung up sideways and then thrown heavily on the wall.

At this time, a black SUV stopped on the side of the road and opened the car door. A masked man dropped a bag on the sidewalk and then beckoned, shouting, "Get in!"

The Silent Man jumped into the car without hesitation. The police watched them speed away, but they couldn’t care about it at the moment. The bag on the ground kept beeping suspiciously. Lin Qiupu guessed that it might be an explosive and couldn’t let it explode there.

He grabbed the bag and ran, but the street was full of pedestrians. The frequency of the beeps in his arms became faster and faster, and suddenly stopped. For a moment, his brain went blank, and his body instinctively reacted to hold down the bag with his body.

He closed his eyes and waited for the moment his body would explode. After one or two seconds passed, but nothing happened. Pedestrians looked suspiciously at the man lying on the street.

He opened the bag and saw that there was a shoe box stuffed with rubbish with an electronic watch inside. He breathed a sigh of relief, sitting on the ground. His whole body was soaked in cold sweat, as if he had just been in water.


Lin Dongxue ran over and knelt beside him with eyes full of tears.

"It's okay, it's okay, it's fake..." Lin Qiupu smiled miserably. His face was covered with sweat.

Lin Dongxue threw herself into his arms and started crying. She had been so frightened just now. Lin Qiupu patted Lin Dongxue's back. It was worth it. When was the last time he hugged his sister?

Other police officers arrived one after another and Lin Dongxue separated from him. Lin Qiupu stood up, exhausted. He felt like all the strength in his body was gone. "How is Xiaodong?"

"Captain, I'm fine." Xu Xiaodong emerged from the crowd. He had vomited a mouthful of blood and there were blood stains on his chin.

Chen Shi walked up to Lin Qiupu and said with pride, "Little Lin, that was very cool."

"Thank you... Who are you calling Little Lin?!"

The Silent Man actually had an accomplice helping him, which made everyone both discouraged and surprised. Lin Qiupu guessed that the masked man couldn’t be Zhou Xiao, right? Chen Shi also thought it was Zhou Xiao, but it wasn’t the Zhou Xiao who had the double personality. When the door to the car opened, he seemed to see three people inside. One driving, one pulling The Silent Man up, and one throwing down the "bomb."

This was the most depressing thing. Many officers were regretful for not firing their guns, but there were too many pedestrians on the road. No one could guarantee that the bullets wouldn’t accidentally injure the pedestrians.

Returning to the mall in a frustrated mood, Old Zhang had already asked about what happened on the spot. When The Silent Man walked into the mall, he saw the man beating his son. This angered him, so he picked the man up by his collar and smashed the man into the glass. The man was injured, but he was okay.

The patrolling police had heard it, ran in, and The Silent Man fled immediately. At first, the gunshots heard were made by the local police who shot into the sky.

"Besides, there’s another accidental discovery... Come out, it's all right." Old Zhang said to a pillar.

A man in a cheap suit emerged from behind the pillar, shaking like a sieve. He was Qin Wanmu.


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