Chapter 620: The Murderer Is An Acquaintance

Zhou Xiao was too shocked. He didn’t know where to start. Wang Ying went to the bedroom to fetch a notebook with a sketch of her. She said, "Look, you drew this for me!" There was a sense of pride in her tone.

"It’s better than what I draw normally," Zhou Xiao commented. "Where has our relationship progressed to?"

"Don't you remember what happened last night?" Wang Ying asked back.

Chen Shi said, "The Zhou Xiao who came to you late at night said that his 'landlord' was very troublesome. Does this 'landlord' mean..." He glanced at Zhou Xiao.

"I understand! This is the one in front of me. The person I associate with is actually his inner personality. Don't look at him looking so honest on the surface, he’s actually very cool on the inside and is especially masculine."

Zhou Xiao looked out the window and said sentimentally, "I often wondered where my girlfriend was and what her name is. So she lives next door... No wonder I often wake up and feel like my body has been hollowed out. Can I ask how many times does it happen in a night?"

"Yesterday's garbage hasn't been taken out yet. You can see for yourself."

Zhou Xiao went to the bathroom and glanced at the trash basket. He returned with a look of shock.

Chen Shi said to Wang Ying, "Miss Wang, this is what happened. Zhou Xiao witnessed a murder last night. This key witness has a rare dual personality and a confused memory. Maybe his other personality saw the murderer's face, but we have no way of knowing. Did he say anything to you last night?"

"He didn't say anything special, but... he seemed to be particularly excited." Wang Ying glanced at Zhou Xiao.

"Is there a way to bring out his inner personality?" Xu Xiaodong asked.

"I don't know how. Um, but we can try it!"

Wang Ying told Zhou Xiao to sit next to her. Wang Ying slowly moved closer. Zhou Xiao's face turned red, and then she kissed him. After the kiss, Zhou Xiao's eyes changed a little, and everyone was looking forward to it. At this time, Zhou Xiao said, "Your lips are cherry flavored!"

"Is this the inner-personality?" Chen Shi asked.

"Obviously not. The tone of his speech is different."

"So, how often does the personality appear in the middle of the night?"

"Not sure. Sometimes it’s consecutive, sometimes he only comes to see me every three to four days. I don't know his contact information... Give me your WeChat ID!"

Zhou Xiao left down his WeChat contact and asked, "Can I call you my 'girlfriend'?"

"Go ahead! But don't come to find me. Let him find me."

Zhou Xiao was shocked. After all, what the other party liked was his other personality. He was just the "landlord" of his inner personality. He thought of a question. "So, strictly speaking, we aren’t considered a couple, right?"


"Then, I'm still single. Can I also go find other girls?"

"Definitely not!" Wang Ying widened her eyes. "Wouldn’t that mean you’re riding two boats? I won’t tolerate that kind of thing... Elder sister, you wouldn’t tolerate that kind of thing either, right?!" She consulted Lin Dongxue.

"Yes, zero tolerance!" Lin Dongxue answered with a smile.

"Isn't this crazy? Isn't this crazy?" Zhou Xiao held his head in madness. "How long would it take for me to get out of this!"

"Legally speaking, you’re no longer single." Lin Dongxue said, "You’re the subject of your behavior. Even if your other personality committed a crime, you would also have to go to jail. The law treats you as the same person."

"Can't the law give me some special rights for having a dual personality?"

"At least you don’t get taxed twice!”

Wang Ying said shyly, "Occasionally, it's okay to go shopping together. But I mean, if it’s at night, you should let him come. You’re still basically a stranger to me!”

Zhou Xiao and Wang Ying chatted for a while longer before leaving.

The four of them went downstairs and discussed whether or not to follow Zhou Xiao all day long. Thinking about it, the efficiency was too low. Based on the routine, the other personality would only appear at night. They could only let Wang Ying know that once the other personality appeared, they’d come and look for him.

Thus, they let Zhou Xiao go home for the time being. After he left, Xu Xiaodong said, "Are dual personalities like that? They don't know about each other's affairs?"

"You can understand it this way. It's like setting up two users on a computer. They don't know each other’s passwords, but they share a lot of things. They just can't see the files on the other’s desktops. Personality A knows what happened when he was a child, and he knows everything he’s learned before. Personality B also knows all the knowledge learned, but the two sides don’t know about the recent events each other have experienced. However, listening to Wang Ying’s description, the other personality should know that they’re the inner personality. This is probably because Zhou Xiao has been suppressed for too long, so a new personality was born in his subconscious. A happy, active, and daring personality!"

Lin Dongxue asked, "Is it possible that his inner personality is the Zhou Xiao we’ve been looking for?"

Chen Shi said, "I thought about this. The age isn’t right and Zhou Xiao is just a pseudonym."

"It's a bit scary to think about it!" Xu Xiaodong said. "If you have a dual personality, the brain will automatically complete the missing memory in your brain. Without outside reminders, you’d never know... What if I’m like that too?"

Lin Dongxue said contemptuously, "Your CPU can't drive two systems at once."

"Haha, then I can rest assured!"

Chen Shi said, "Actually, I have an idea as well. Why did the murderer give up after seeing Zhou Xiao? You said that the murderer might not have seen Zhou Xiao as a threat. How would he be considered not a threat? Would you think I was dangerous if you saw me?"

Lin Dongxue said, "Of course not, we’re familiar with each other... Ah! I see. He knows the murderer!"

Xu Xiaodong clapped his hands. "Let’s go check Zhou Xiao's interpersonal relationships!"

Chen Shi looked at his watch. "We just let the person go and we’re already calling back? Let's have a meal first. It's already 2:00 and I’m about to starve to death.”

"Call Zhou Xiao to come together with us! We’ll inquire about his interpersonal relationships on the way." Lin Dongxue suggested. In fact, she quite liked this young man who was a bit boring but was also a bit funny.

The four of them went to eat nearby. They wanted to eat Jiugongge. Xu Xiaodong said that it was too spicy, so they went to eat Hunan food.

They were so hungry that their stomachs grumbled. When the stir-fried pork, salt and pepper tofu, marinated eggplant, and of course, fish head with chopped peppers were served, they started eating without a word.

Chen Shi was the one who picked this store. The fish head with chopped peppers in the shop was a major feature. The fat fish head’s mouth was filled with pickled cherry peppers. The steamed cherry peppers were moderately spicy and tasted very nice with the rice. The rice on the table was eaten bowl after bowl.

The only regret was that they couldn't drink. After all, they had to continue investigating the case in the afternoon.

"I always feel that chopped peppers are used to give the fish head a funeral," Zhou Xiao said.

"Now that you’ve said that, it's quite similar." Chen Shi said, "Let me ask you something. Do you have a friend that’s about 190cm in height?"

"Hmm..." Zhou Xiao bit his chopsticks and pondered. "I have no friends in Long'an and my former classmates only contact me on the Internet. There’s nobody 190cm among them. I'm really sorry, I’ve eaten your food for nothing."

Lin Dongxue said, "Could that person only be known by his other personality, just like Wang Ying?"

Chen Shi pondered. "After dinner, let us check all your communication devices!"

"For the fish head, sure!" Zhou Xiao readily agreed.


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