Chapter 619: My Girlfriend Descended From The Sky

Chen Shi called Lin Dongxue to go to the scene again. At this time, the investigation was in progress. The identities of the two deceased were also found out. They spent some time at a nearby underground bar last night. The last person who saw the two deceased last night was the bar owner.

Nearby surveillance footage was also being retrieved. One surveillance camera captured the murderer’s face. He was a tall man wearing a gray trench coat. In the blurry picture, he was photographed with his hands wrapped in bandages holding a sledgehammer.

Chen Shi told Zhou Xiao to get in the car first, and then said to Lin Dongxue, "I think the murderer might live nearby. Zhou Xiao may know him. To be precise, Zhou Xiao’s other personality knows him!"

"Did he accompany the murderer home after losing his memory last night? ... Should I bring more people?"

"Call Xiaodong over. You two should bring guns and handcuffs."

The four of them went inside the housing district and walked into the third building. Chen Shi asked Zhou Xiao, "Do you remember which door it was?"

Zhou Xiao shook his head, "I have no impression at all, but I often wake up on the stairs leading to the second floor from the third floor, usually late at night. Mr. Chen, you said my brain would fill up the memory by itself as if my memories are true. At first, I woke up in a strange place. I thought about it and although it was absurd, I thought I was buying cigarettes. But that was what I thought at the time. Later, this 'self-deception' method didn't work anymore. So, I thought I was sleepwalking..." He still had a hint of hope. "I hope it's sleepwalking!"

Xu Xiaodong expressed his feelings. "Human memory is the most unreliable thing. My grandfather often tells a story that a friend of his was participating in the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression and ran across three villages with a Japanese man in his arms. Later, my dad told me that my grandfather was confused the whole time. The truth is this: His friend didn’t join the army at all. When the Japanese came, he carried a cabinet and ran away. My grandfather remembered it as him running away with a Japanese person. He swears on the story every time. My dad corrected him, and he wasn’t very happy. He always said that what he remembered is the correct version."

Lin Dongxue laughed. "Many legendary stories probably came about in this manner!"

Chen Shi said, "Let’s not talk about that now. Let's go up from the third floor and inquire about it from house to house!"

The four people knocked on the doors of each house. As it was daytime, many were out at work. They were all a little nervous when they knocked on the doors, fearing that a murderer would suddenly appear.

When they got to the sixth floor, a girl opened the door. She glanced at Zhou Xiao in surprise, and then asked, "Who are you looking for?"

"We are the police and we’re investigating a case."

"Oh, oh, oh, is it the murder case in the commercial street next door? The whole neighborhood is talking about it today, but I haven't seen anything."

"We aren’t looking for witnesses. We’re just here to ask about one thing. Have you seen him before?" Chen Shi pointed to Zhou Xiao.

The girl stared at Zhou Xiao for a long time. "Zhou Xiao..."

"How do you know my name?" Zhou Xiao was shocked.

"Don't be too surprised when I say this. I’m your girlfriend. We’ve been dating for almost a year."

"What?!?!" Zhou Xiao was extremely shocked.

Five minutes later, the four of them were sitting in the girl’s house with tea on the coffee table. The girl’s name was Wang Ying. She said that she and Zhou Xiao met this way:

"Once, I came back from work late at night. Two bad men came over and asked me if I wanted to go out for some singing. Of course, I refused. They persisted endlessly, and then you..." Wang Ying pointed at Zhou Xiao. "…appeared!"

"Wow, is the story about the hero saving the damsel in distress?"

"No, the two men yelled at you saying, ‘What are you looking at?’. You apologized and ran away."

Zhou Xiao buried his face in his hands, as if he had no place to show his face. "I vaguely remember this!"

"But you came back a minute later with a folding chair in your hand, probably from a nearby food stall. You brushed your hair back and said, 'Let her go. If you have the guts, you’d come over and mess with me instead. If you’re a man, you should only mess with men. How can you harass a woman?’ The little hooligans got offended all of a sudden, came over, and knocked you down, then grabbed the folding chair and beat you up. You were getting beaten but still acted tough. Wow, it was so cool!"

"How is that cool?" Zhou Xiao held his head, ashamed.

"Anyway, I just felt like it was really cool. For the first time in my life, someone stood up to protect me. He obviously acted tough even though he couldn't fight. This is a real hero. I was particularly touched!" Wang Ying recalled the past with her eyes bright like an idiot. "The little hooligans left after hitting you. I thanked you and you looked at me directly, then kissed me and left without saying a word. I froze in place. My heart was beating so fast! After a few days, I was restless thinking about the kiss. I work in this city by myself, and I don’t have friends or relatives around me. I especially wanted to see you again... Please excuse me for saying this!"

Wang Ying smiled ashamedly, and then continued, "Later, I unexpectedly discovered that you actually live in this housing district. One day, you walked in with a supermarket bag. I was ashamed to say hello, so I walked in front of you. You looked at me and didn’t say anything, as if you didn’t know me at all! I was very disappointed at the time. After seeing you several times, you didn’t seem to know me. Just when I was about to give up, you actually came to find me. I don’t know how you found out about my place. It was late at night. You knocked on the door very urgently. I opened the door and you leaned on the door frame with a rose and gift in your hand. Then, you stuffed the saliva-stained rose into my hand. I asked, ‘What are you doing? Do you have business with me?’ and you said, "Let’s talk!’. I asked, ‘What do you want to talk about? It’s the middle of the night. Hurry and leave. I’ll call the police!’ and you responded saying, ‘I have a love I want to talk to you about. What is your name?’"

Zhou Xiao listened intently and asked, "Did you accept?"

"Accept your head! It was in the middle of the night and I’m a girl! I closed the door at that time and opened the door the next morning. There was a red heart made of petals on the ground. I heard that someone picked all the roses in the community that day. Was it you?"

"I... when did I get so courageous?"

"You had a lot of crazy ideas. During that time, it was always to woo me, which made neighbors have opinions too. At first, I wondered why you pretended not to know me during the day and only took the initiative to come find me at night. Also, you seemed to be a completely different person during the day and at night. One day, I’m not sure where you found a harmonica, but you played it by the door. It was 11:00 at night and you played very poorly. The dog next door kept barking and I didn’t know whether to find it funny or enraging, so I let the scourge that you were inside... That night, it was very sweet. You didn’t leave until daybreak. You said that your 'landlord' was very troublesome, and you couldn’t be discovered by him. You said you’d come to see me quietly in the future, but said I couldn’t take the initiative to find you.

"We’ve always maintained this weird relationship. I only found out what your name was after half a year. To be honest, I often wondered whether this was considered a relationship. Were you seeing other people at the same time? Or perhaps you were already married. I work ten hours a day and I’m too tired to eat when I come back from my work. I often cry at home alone. To have someone come to accompany me late at night and tell me jokes, I was already very happy. It’s like what you said to me. We’re two lonely souls who hug each other to keep warm in this city. This touched me very much. Although you’re very mysterious, I was willing to accept you."

Wang Ying looked at Zhou Xiao's eyes with eyes full of love, but Zhou Xiao looked overwhelmed by an unexpected favor. To him, it was a girlfriend who had descended from the skies above.


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