Chapter 610: Using Oneself To Test For Danger

On November 8th, Chen Shi and Tao Yueyue went to the sales center. Tao Yueyue said, "How do we buy the house? Is it the same as an auction?"

"No, when the market opens, just use the app to compete for it."

"Then why did you have to make a special trip here?"

"You have to sign the contract and have your fingerprints taken after competing for it."

"I'll wait for you in the car then!" Tao Yueyue took out her phone and started playing a mobile game.

"I'll be back soon." Chen Shi patted her on the head.

"Uncle Chen..."


Tao Yueyue, who was sitting in the car, hesitated over whether she should say something. Then she said, "Go!"

There were a lot of people at the scene, and the market hadn't opened yet. Everyone sat and waited. The staff brought them coffee and other drinks. The uncle sitting next to Chen Shi said, "Young man, are you buying a house too?"


"I’m also buying one for my son. It's already the third phase. I still haven't grabbed a house that I like. New housing developments are everywhere now but the house prices are so expensive and it’s still so difficult to buy a house!" The uncle shook his head and sighed.

"There’s nothing you can do. Chinese people are like this. One can scrimp on everything else, but one can't settle for just anything in terms of housing."

"Haha, you're right. We usually scrimp on food and drinks, and hoard our pensions in order to buy a marital house for our son. As for the house I got last year, I looked at the house and found that there wasn’t much natural light, so in the end, we didn't sign the contract. This year, I hope to get a good one that meets my expectations. My son reproached me for not getting the house last year. As a result, his girlfriend whom he had dated for seven years left him. I said that if she wants to leave, then leave. He needn’t be afraid of not finding a girlfriend when he has a house. Get a good house and find a better one! This kid can’t get his priorities right!"

Chen Shi smiled politely and perfunctorily.

The countdown to the opening began. Everyone was staring at their mobile phones and preparing to compete. Many people silently turned off the WIFI and used the 4G network. They were afraid that even a one-second delay would let the opportunity to get the house of their dreams slip by.

Some even took out two mobile phones and competed left and right.

A war without gunpowder came to an end quickly. Chen Shi snatched the 1818 house in an instant and looked around. Those who got their houses were pleased and those who lost looked depressed.

A big man stood up and kicked the trash can angrily, "Who?! Who snatched 1818 away? Stand up!"

Seeing that no one paid any attention to him, his attitude softened again, "Which person snatched 1818? Please stand up. I’m willing to pay more money to buy it, okay? I really want that house and have been thinking about it for three years!"

Oh, that’s right, the first two victims were killed during the period after they had successfully bid for the house and before paying the money. That is to say, at this moment, I’m already the target of the murderer.

Gong Jianqin stood in the corner, looking at Chen Shi gloomily. After he met her gaze, she suddenly resumed smiling and mouthed, "Did you manage to snatch it?"

Chen Shi nodded, pointing outside.

When the two went outside, Gong Jianqin said, "Congratulations, Mr. Chen. This house finally has a master."

"But I’m also in a very dangerous position now. According to the murderer's regular pattern, I will die in the next two days." Chen Shi observed her expression.

Gong Jianqin concealed her emotions with her habitual smile. "No way. You must pay attention to safety these two days... Shall we sign the contract now?"

"I’m not in a hurry. Accompany me to 1818. There’s something to be done."

"Right now?"

"Right now!"

"I'll get my bag."

"We’ll come back down in a while."

Chen Shi grabbed her arm and prevented her from leaving. The next test would be very dangerous. He had also tried to persuade himself not to do stupid things, but his desire to find out the truth was too strong, even if he was in danger.

The two arrived at 1818. Gong Jianqin said, beaming, "This is your home from now on."

"Living in such a big house, I’d definitely be in a good mood. I plan to lay white wood floors and install some cat-climbing shelves on the wall. The sunlight will be beneficial for growing some flowers and plants..." Looking forward to the future, Chen Shi walked into the bedroom. He pointed to a wall and asked, "Is this a load-bearing wall?"

"That side? No."

Chen Shi suddenly took out a spray paint can and sprayed a cross on the white wall. Gong Jianqin cried out, "What are you doing?!"

"After making payment on the way back, I plan to ask the renovator to come over and merge the two rooms into one big room. Just making a mark first."

"Could you not scribble on the wall?"

"What's the big deal? This is my property. By the way, the house is unlocked. I’ll write ‘This house has an owner.’ on the wall to prevent anyone from coming in at night."

As he said this, he was about to spray paint on the other wall. Gong Jianqin unexpectedly stood in front of the wall, spread out her arms, and begged sadly, "Please, don't ruin it. Treat it well, okay?"

Chen Shi stared at her damp eyes for a few seconds, then he said, "Let's go down!"

Before leaving, Gong Jianqin glanced at the ugly cross on the wall, as if seeing a holy thing being sullied. She ground her teeth loudly, and her fingernails dug deeply into her own flesh.

When they got to the sales department, there were already far fewer people. The uncle from just now was wearing reading glasses and reading the terms of the contract carefully. He had obviously managed to grab his ideal house.

Gong Jianqin recovered a salesperson’s sense of courtesy and distance. She smiled slightly. “Sit down for a while and I’ll get the contract.”


Five minutes later, she brought the contract with a cup of coffee. Chen Shi verified the contract, signed his name, inked his fingerprints, and returned it to her. Gong Jianqin said, "Mr. Chen, the coffee is going to be cold."

"I don't like coffee."

"Then shall I give you a cup of tea?"

"No need. I'm leaving now."

"Don't rush off. I still have some things I need to talk to you about again." Gong Jianqin's expression showed a trace of weird persistence.

Chen Shi had already realized that there was a problem with this cup of coffee. Staring at the black coffee, there was a voice in his heart saying that the truth was right in front of him.

If Gong Jianqin was the murderer, according to her habit, she would first anesthetize and then kill him. She wouldn’t poison him directly.

If he doesn't drink it, she may be alerted, and she may run away! Or even do something more extreme.

Chen Shi swallowed a mouthful of saliva, took the coffee and slowly brought it to his mouth. Halfway through the coffee, Gong Jianqin seemed to smile in relief. Chen Shi said, "This coffee is not bad, is it hand-ground?"

"Yes, our coffee here is all hand-ground. I want to tell you about..."

After she explained some miscellaneous things, Chen Shi said goodbye. He already felt a little dizzy and had to return to the car quickly!

The narcotics made his mind dull. He walked to the dimly-lit underground parking lot and saw that it was empty. He suddenly understood that Gong Jianqin was planning to kill him here.

For a moment, it seemed that there was a Gong Jianqin hidden in every corner, holding a sharp blade with her eyes glinting ominously, waiting for the moment he collapsed to come forward and cut his throat swiftly and fiercely.

Chen Shi sped towards his car and knelt down when he opened the door. Tao Yueyue asked him what was happening in a panic. Her voice was very far away and her face became blurred, as if he was dreaming.

Chen Shi opened the glove box with his last shred of consciousness and said, "Someone wants to kill me... It's too late to call the police... Use this to..."

He shook his head desperately. His hands and feet were so numb that they no longer felt like they were on his body. He finally climbed onto the seat, closed his eyes and said, "Use me as bait..." then fell deeply asleep.


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