Chapter 601: Feigning A Diversion Whilst Doing Something Else

Chapter 601: Feigning A Diversion Whilst Doing Something Else[1]

In the video, Wang Zhenlong was singing and dancing in his dirty and messy rental house. He held a bottle of Erguotou in his hand, dancing a nondescript dance, and singing, "Good luck came, good luck finally came, Zhang Haichang's family is dead..."

While secretly filming him, Xu Xiaodong had almost burst out laughing.

After they finished watching this video, Xu Xiaodong said, "Look at this reaction. He most likely did it!"

Chen Shi said, "Do you really think so? Dongxue, what do you think?"

Lin Dongxue thought for a while. "I don't think it’s him. If he was the murderer, the reaction after sending the police away wouldn’t be so frivolous. This is obviously the reaction towards hearing about an unexpected surprise, so Wang Zhenlong is not a suspect. We should focus on the wife of the deceased."

"I don't think that the wife needs to be investigated, I have just found another clue."

Lin Qiupu interrupted Chen Shi, "Is it raining just because you hear the wind? That's just your speculation. There's not even a shadow of proof. Investigations are not for your self-satisfaction. Don't listen to him. Continue to investigate the wife of the deceased."

"Okay, I'm leaving!"

Chen Shi said that as he went out but he came back less than a second later. After closing the door, Lin Dongxue asked, "What's wrong?"

"The reporters are still outside! When are they leaving?!"

"They might have to film enough material before leaving." Lin Qiupu laughed.

Chen Shi looked through the door crack. The director's creative soul had flared up and he got the cameraman to shoot the police regulations on the wall in the corridor as well as the potted plants. It was a terrible feeling to be blocked from getting out. Chen Shi asked for the director's mobile phone number from Lin Qiupu, dialed it, pinched his nose and said, "Is it Director Wang? I'm Officer Luo. We have just met. We have caught a suspect and are about to come back. We will be at the entrance soon. Would you like to take a picture?"

"Okay, okay, I’ll be right there!"

The director was overjoyed and asked the cameraman to go out with him to meet them. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chen Shi made his escape. Xu Xiaodong said, "It's time to get off work. Captain Lin, can I go home?"

"No need to work overtime today. Go ahead!"

"That's great. I’ll go home and play..." Xu Xiaodong cheered. He noticed Lin Qiupu's expression and changed his tune, "Ahem, I mean I’ll go home and read!"

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went out together. "Let’s go to my house for barbecued pork, I only made it today."

"When did you learn that? Why didn't you bring me some?"

"I brought it originally, but I found that it had turned rancid on the road, so I gave it to your brother."

The next day was Sunday. Chen Shi didn’t go to the bureau and took Tao Yueyue to the sales office instead. The sales lady took them to visit the "villa". When she saw the bright and spacious living room, Tao Yueyue said excitedly, "Wow, this house is great!"

"Do you like it? If you like it, we can consider whether we should move."

"Does Uncle Chen like it?"

"I'm alright with it…"

"But do you have enough money to buy a house?"

"We will have enough if we sold our current house, but I will have to withdraw the money I have invested in several financial projects. I’ll basically have no savings if I buy this house... but I can still make more money even if I run out of money!"

"Well, I'm afraid you’ll be under too much stress. I think this house is so-so. Besides, Maoqiu may not be able to adapt to a new place."

Chen Shi smiled, "You don't have to worry about these things. I like this house very much. If you like it as well, we should consider it! Or we can pay for it in installments."

"Or wait for me to grow up and make money. I’ll help you pay off your mortgage!"

"Will you still live with me when you grow up?"

"If I don’t live with you, who would I live with?!"

"Then we’ll buy it! Miss Gong..."

The sales lady was in a daze at the side. She only came to herself when Chen Shi called her name. She said, "Mr. Chen, do you really like this house? If you want to buy it, you should first go to the sales office to make the intention payment."

"What is intention payment?" Tao Yueyue asked.

The sales lady explained with a smile, "It’s to pay a small amount of money in advance, to ensure that you will definitely buy it. Of course, this money will be returned when you buy the house."

"Meaning that you’re afraid that customers would go back on their word. How much is that small amount of money?"

"Usually 10,000 yuan."

"Sister, do you make a lot of money from selling houses?"

"It’s been pretty good for the past few years but over these two years, there’s been development everywhere, and the real estate market has long since been saturated, so the market is in a slump."

Tao Yueyue asked Chen Shi, "Why do they talk about a slump everywhere?"

Chen Shi smiled, "Because it is not easy for any industry. The country is developing fast and all kinds of commodities are in excess of demand."

Gong Jianqin asked, "Mr. Chen, with all due respect, if you’re a policeman buying a house at such a young age, are you in a high position?"

"Ah, I’m not actually a policeman, but a consultant with the police force."

"There are consultants with the police force?"

"Consultants can be understood as unofficial staff. I also participate in solving crimes. There is no salary, only bonuses and subsidies."

Back at the sales office, Chen Shi went to sign a contract of intent with the saleswoman. This trip was not just about looking at the house. He had also given Tao Yueyue a small mission. Under the pretense of going to the toilet, Tao Yueyue turned off the antivirus software on the computer at the sales office, and entered a web address into the browser. What was loaded appeared to be a mini puzzle game. In fact, a Trojan was being downloaded in the background.

This level of hacking can be done by Chen Shi himself. When he had given Tao Yueyue this small task last night, she had said, "Elder Sister Lin will tell you off again if she found out that you are using this kind of illegal investigation method."

Chen Shi said, "When a detective doesn’t use illegal means, what is the difference between him and salted fish?[2]"

The fat manager saw that Tao Yueyue was using the computer to play a puzzle game. Tao Yueyue wasn’t tall and looked like a primary school student. The fat manager said, "Hey, kid, this computer is not for playing games. Where are your parents?"

"Dad’s signing the contract over there. They’ve been talking for a long time and I’m bored!" Tao Yueyue said, using a childish voice intentionally.

"Well, Uncle still needs to use this computer. Why don’t Uncle bring you to get a drink?"

"Thank you, Uncle."

Glancing at the bottom right corner of the webpage, she saw that the Trojan horse program had entered the computer already, so Tao Yueyue closed the webpage.

She took two bottles of oolong tea and went to Chen Shi. She handed a bottle to him and whispered, "It's done!"

"Miss Gong, I'll come back when the house is released for sale." Chen Shi ended the conversation.

"Okay, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me."

After leaving the sales office, the two quickly found an Internet cafe, went to a private room, and reaped the fruit of the harvest. Tao Yueyue instructed him from the side, "Use a proxy IP! You just registered with your ID card and people will find out."

"Haha, you know a lot now."

Chen Shi opened the main program of the Trojan, and the operation interface of the sales office computer appeared in the small window. He “stole” all the forms that seemed to be customer information, cleared the other party’s background operation records and deleted the Trojan. Perfect.

"I'm not worse than Uncle Little Worm!" Chen Shi said arrogantly.

"If it was Uncle Little Worm, he wouldn’t have needed to go to the scene, and he wouldn’t have needed to shut off the antivirus software. You still fall short... Are you really going to buy that house?"

"Half of it was for investigation and I’m also half-serious about buying it."

"Did someone die in that house?"

"That… I'll know when I investigate."

1. A stratagem used by Liu Bang in 206 BC against Xiang Yu. They were secretly crossing the Wei River at Chencang. 

2. Corpse,  or someone with no dreams or motivation. 


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