Chapter 595: Fall

After listening to Chen Shi’s speech, Zhou Tiannan took a leisurely drag of his cigar and smiled. “Mr. Chen should really switch to writing a novel. That spontaneous story you made up is so interesting. I wouldn’t mind if you use my name in the story, but If it’s true, I will sue you for slander."

"Actually, you don't need to say anything. I already know the answer. It’s just a pity that it was in my hindsight. I’m not as great as Mr. Zhou."

"Did you know? I hate the act of going back on one’s words..." Zhou Tiannan's eyes showed a fierce light, as if to imply his motivation behind killing the Qu brothers.

"The Qu Brothers went against their word? They asked you to help them sit in the chief executive officer position, but they didn’t give you the promised compensation, did they?"

Zhou Tiannan shook his head and sneered before looking at Lin Dongxue. "Miss Lin, I have something to say to you. As the saying goes, you may know the person for a long time, but you don’t know their true nature. Even if you spend time with them every day, you may not know their secrets.”

Lin Dongxue knew that there was something hidden in his words, but she was still confused. Chen Shi said, "Zhou Tiannan, do you think that luck will be with you every time?"

"You’re wrong. I never believe in luck. I only believe in hard work and talent. In fact, you’re also very talented, but you haven’t used it."

"Evil reaps evil karma. You will pay the price!"

"I won’t send you two off. I still have something to do." Zhou Tiannan smiled. "If you want to meet next time, please let me know in advance. Although I’m a law-abiding citizen, I don't want to be disturbed by the police so much."

Chen Shi stared at his eyes. The confrontation this time failed again, which made him discouraged.

Leaving the building, Lin Dongxue asked, "How could you tell?"

"Tell what?"

"Qu Jingli poisoned himself?"

"I was watching when he was dripping eye drops into his eyes at that time. I recalled that his hand seemed to be shaking. Also, Yan Ke repeatedly said that he was just approaching and didn't do anything. His expression didn’t seem like he was lying."

"In the end, Yan Ke and the others couldn’t be arrested. Two people died, but no one was held responsible for it!"

Chen Shi looked back. Zhou Tiannan smiled and waved at the balcony by the house on that floor. Chen Shi threw him a vicious look and turned to leave.

"Song Lang, you’re excellent, but after all, you’re only a mortal, and you can't fight God!" Zhou Tiannan muttered to himself. The cigar in his hand had been finished. He extinguished it on the iron railing and threw it away. He was ready to go back into the house to celebrate the victory. When he turned around, he found that a person was standing behind him and he didn’t have time to react when the other person pushed heavily on his chest. He fell off of the balcony backwards.

A scream broke the tranquility within the housing community. At this time, Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue had already gotten to the front entrance and ran back immediately. When they saw the person on the ground, Chen Shi was shocked as if he had seen an alien. How could it be that the villain who was still high and mighty in the last moment was now lying on the flower bed with his neck broken and blood seeping from his mouth?

"Hurry and call 120!" shouted the onlookers in the housing district.

Chen Shi walked over, took Zhou Tiannan's hand, and questioned, "Who did it?!"

Zhou Tiannan opened his mouth with difficulty and said a few words in his ear. "Song Lang... You’re really..." Then, his breath stopped as his head went limp.

Chen Shi stood up and was immersed in indescribable astonishment. He looked up. Ironically, Zhou Tiannan just fell from the third floor. He once fell from the sixth floor and didn’t die. That was the starting point of his craze. Now, it ended with a fall.

The police who rushed over afterwards cordoned off and started investigating the scene. The woman in Zhou Tiannan's house came from a high-end club. She was completely unaware and was terrified. She left her contact information down and the police let her go.

After confirming Zhou Tiannan's death, his body was put into a bag and sent to a police car. Everyone's surprise was beyond description. Lin Qiupu said, "I didn’t think that I would investigate such a murder one day. Chen Shi, come here!"

"How many times do I have to say it? When he fell, Dongxue and I were downstairs." Chen Shi had already been asked until he was impatient.

"Why did you come to find him?"

"I wanted to debunk his murdering technique. I had already told Dongxue about this and she was by my side the whole time.”

Lin Qiupu was very helpless. "Did you see any suspicious people coming in?"

Chen Shi shook his head. "I’ll take my leave first. I have a headache!"

On the way back alone, Chen Shi was in a complicated mood. Of course, he hoped that Zhou Tiannan would have retribution, but not in this way. His death would definitely cause a vicious circle.

Thinking about it, he called Gu You and asked, "Where are you right now?"

"At home!"

"I'll come to you!"

No trace of the murderer was found at the scene. Zhou Tiannan fell with his back to the ground. The ground was very dry. Lin Qiupu thought that someone pushed him down, but the surveillance only caught Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue walking in.

Lin Qiupu suddenly had a thought. It wouldn’t have been Chen Shi who pushed Zhou Tiannan down in a fit of rage during the conversation, right? Lin Dongxue had such a good relationship with him and would definitely cover up for him.

In order to make it clear, he called Lin Dongxue alone to the car. He carefully observed her expression, and asked, "When the fall occurred, you and Chen Shi had already reached the front entrance of the community?"

"Yeah, the security guard can testify to this. The security guard came rushing over afterwards... You’re not suspecting us, right? We wouldn't do this kind of thing!"

Lin Qiupu took her hand and asked, "Are you sure Chen Shi didn’t do anything?"

"What are you saying?! Are you doubting him? You still don't know his character?"

"But we don't know his past. It’s possible for such a smart man to plan a perfect murder. You’re just being used by him to provide evidence of his alibi."

Lin Dongxue withdrew his hand. "Brother, I swear it wasn't him! How could this murder have been done? Who could push someone downstairs from a different location? There are many people who hate Zhou Tiannan. The family members of the people he killed, and of course, us police. Can you not target and doubt Chen Shi alone?"

"I’m just... excluding him first. Don't think too much."

Lin Dongxue looked out unhappily. The car carrying Zhou Tiannan's body was driving away. She said, "Isn't his death a good thing?"

"Somehow, we can search his home justifiably. Perhaps we can find a lot of criminal evidence and make those in impunity pay the price... But, this spiritual leader is dead, so his men won’t stay still."

At the same time, Chen Shi brought Gu You to the agency. When he announced the news, everyone was particularly shocked. Chen Shi closed the curtains, closed the door, and sat down. "Who did it?!"

"No way, right? You’re suspecting us?" kk asked. "Little Worm and I were here the whole time."

"I've been at home the whole time. The computer usage records and the surveillance footage at the housing district can prove it." Gu You said.

Chen Shi still refused to give up. "I don't want to arrest you. I just want to know the truth. Anyone in this room can plan that kind of murder. I want to know who did it!”

Everyone’s expressions were dazed. It seemed that they hadn’t been there. kk said, "I honestly wish that I did it. Everyone wants Zhou Tiannan to die... Fuck, are you kidding me? Such a powerful person died just like that."

"Maybe this is retribution!" Gu You said with a small smile.


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