Chapter 592: Crisis-ridden

Chapter 592: Crisis-ridden[1]

That night, the police arrested a total of four suspicious people. They were all assigned small missions. From the current situation, it seemed that Zhou Tiannan intended to use a bomb to kill Qu Jingli. However, the most critical thing, the bomb, had never appeared.

It was 11:00 in the middle of the night. Lin Dongxue said, "Let's go back first. It will be the signing ceremony tomorrow morning and we’ll have to be extremely alert."

Chen Shi stared at the empty street around. "I was thinking that it went too smoothly this time. Zhou Tiannan's scheme was so easy to disassemble? Would he have a back-up plan, or is this simply just a guise?"

"Haha, you’re thinking too much. You’re worried about the case going smoothly? Zhou Tiannan isn’t a god. Last time, we just allowed him to succeed through a loophole. This time, he won’t succeed."

"I hope so!"

Back at home, Chen Shi found that kk had sent a few text messages to him reporting that Yan Ke went to the building at night, turned around, and walked away. Chen Shi thought that Yan Ke should have been alarmed and didn’t deliver himself into the trap.

According to the current situation, Zhou Tiannan's scheme was finished. But was it really that simple?

Chen Shi's mood was very conflicted. He hoped to stop Zhou Tiannan smoothly, but also wanted to see what earth-shattering plans he could come up with.

That night, he didn't sleep well and dreamed that Qu Jingli had been shot in the head at the signing ceremony. When he woke up, it was already dawn. He had breakfast with Tao Yueyue and Tao Yueyue went back in the house to watch TV. Chen Shi asked, "Aren't you going to school?"

"It’s the weekend!"

"Oh yes, I forgot."

"Do you have an important case to handle today? Can I go with you?"

"Well, not today. Next time!"

Chen Shi went directly to the location of the signing ceremony. At 8:00 in the morning, a lot of cars had already parked there. Lin Dongxue and the others were already in place. The police were all dressed in plain clothes to patrol nearby. When Chen Shi came, Lin Dongxue said, "No suspicious personnel were found. It would be nice if it was peaceful the whole time."

"Oh, are we continuing the investigation on Dahong Group?"

"The economic officers are still following up on that. I heard that some new clues have emerged. They found evidence of economic crimes in Qu Jing’an's computer, but he’s already dead..."

"I think this is the younger brother trying to shirk the blame. There is nothing more convenient than making a dead person the scapegoat."

"We all know this, but the evidence is perfect. If we go on like this, Qu Jingli should still be able to hold the position of chief executive officer... If he is still alive after today!"

"If he is still alive?!" Chen Shi was reminded and began to consider another possibility.

Lin Dongxue's walkie-talkie sounded as a colleague said, "Dongxue, there’s a suspicious man taking photos across the street. Have a look."

"Let’s go!"

Opposite of them was a hotel. The two of them found the room and pushed the door in. A man holding a high-resolution digital camera was frightened and hid in the bathroom. Lin Dongxue shouted, "Come out. What are you doing?!"

"Rep... reporter!" the man said in fear.


The man couldn't take one out. Chen Shi checked the camera and whispered to Lin Dongxue, "This guy’s good. He found all our people... Who are you showing your photos to?"

The man shivered and took out a laptop. All the photos were sent to an account through a social software. The other party's information was empty.

"Who told you to do this?" Chen Shi asked.

"A man. I don't know what he's called."

"What characteristics were there?"

"He wore a black hat the day we met."

"Sure enough!" Chen Shi said, "I guess you know Zhou Tiannan?"

When he heard the name, the man panicked and shook his head desperately. "Don't know. Don't know!"

"Don't pretend... Dongxue, take him away! In addition, I would like to inform everyone to change their clothes as much as possible. They’ve already been exposed."

Lin Dongxue cuffed the man and Chen Shi stood next to the window to look down. There were over 20 police officers here today, and there were 60 guards for Qu Jingli. The fire protection equipment, elevator, power supply, and surveillance cameras at the scene were all guaranteed to be fine. Could Zhou Tiannan really succeed amidst such precautions?

At this time, Qu Jingli left the building under the protection of everyone and was ready to get in the car. Chen Shi asked, "Why is he leaving? Dongxue, you stay here. I will go down and have a look first!"

Chen Shi rushed down. Lin Qiupu in his casual wear stopped Qu Jingli, who was about to get into the car. He asked, "Mr. Qu, why did you suddenly change the location?"

Qu Jingli said helplessly, “I don’t want to either! Z company representatives are worried that the place I arranged isn’t safe. They’ve asked me to sign at his current hotel.”

"It's not safe here? We spent two days rigorously arming preventative measures and arranging so many people. If you want to move the location now, wouldn't the police be put in a passive situation?"

"I didn't ask you to protect me. It was you guys who just had to come."

Qu Jingli pushed Lin Qiupu away, went straight into the car, and ordered the driver, "Drive!"

Seeing these cars driving away, Lin Qiupu gritted his teeth in anger. "Why can't he just stay here and be  protected by us?" Then, he informed everyone to hurry up and keep up with them.

On the way, the bodyguards’ cars escorted Qu Jingli's car on either side, followed by police cars. Chen Shi smiled while driving. "This is such a big display!"

After driving for half an hour, a truck suddenly rushed out of the intersection from west to east, almost hitting the car in front. Lin Qiupu ordered Xu Xiaodong over the radio to get down and take a look. Xu Xiaodong drove to stop the truck and replied, "It’s a driver who drove while being too exhausted."

"Subdue them!"

When they were about to arrive at the hotel, Chen Shi heard a buzzing sound above his head. Many people looked up and saw a drone approaching Qu Jingli's car. Lin Qiupu was alert and called Qu Jingli to tell him to quickly stop the car.

At this moment, the drone exploded, and the windshields of several vehicles were destroyed by the explosive debris. Several police cars rear-ended other cars and the vehicles in front were frightened and immediately fled.

"Chen Shi, you keep up. Don't let him out of your sight!" Lin Qiupu instructed.


Fortunately, his driving skills were top-notch. Chen Shi didn’t collide with other cars. He immediately accelerated to catch up with Qu Jingli while Lin Qiupu stayed to deal with the mess. Lin Dongxue asked, "The explosion of the drone just now wasn’t enough to be fatal?"

"I think the man who manipulated it was just doing it to cut off the team so that Qu Jingli would be an easier target."

Chen Shi stared at the car in front of him without blinking and continued to maintain his alertness. Suddenly, Qu Jingli's car stopped and Qu Jingli ran out in panic, shouting, "Police! Police! Hurry and protect me!"

Without a word, he opened Chen Shi's car door and sat inside, trembling.

It turned out that his driver suddenly foamed in the mouth and had probably been poisoned. The successive "accidents" made Qu Jingli no longer able to put up a front. Chen Shi said, "The signing ceremony should be suspended. You also see that someone wants to kill you. There’s nothing more important than your life.”

"No, I have to sign a contract today. In order to cooperate with Z company, we have paved the way for three full years. How can we just give up?!"

Chen Shi stared at his eyes. "Are you still not going to tell the truth right now? Have you received any murder notices?"

Qu Jingli was already like a wounded bird. He nodded. "Zhou Tiannan sent out word saying that he was going to kill us brothers!"

1. Can also mean growing crisis. 


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