Chapter 591: Sneaky

kk was eating a hamburger in the car and listening to the "broadcast" intently. The sound of the window getting knocked on scared him. He turned to look over and found it was Chen Shi.

kk opened the car door and Chen Shi sat inside. A man's voice came over the radio. "Okay, I’ll hand over the materials on Friday. Thank you for your notice."

"What is this?" Chen Shi asked.

"He’s calling."

"Who is ‘he’?"

"That teacher who lacks virtue. Didn't you tell me to follow him? I put a bug in his bag! When I brushed past him, I stuffed it in. Haha, aren’t I awesome?"

"You really do anything you please! Eavesdropping is illegal, you know?"

"I know. Does he dare to sue us though?"

"Why wouldn’t he dare? The more people who roam free from their crimes, the more they know how to use the law." Chen Shi shook his head. "Find an opportunity to take the bug back. Don't be found. Otherwise, it would become adverse evidence."

kk said indifferently, "You don't have any favorable evidence to begin with. Wasn't this guy unable to be prosecuted after killing someone? I'm helping you!"

Cao Rui’s appearance at the time of his death was still vivid, which made Yan Ke’s impunity hit Chen Shi really hard. He sighed, "The bug will need to be removed as soon as possible. If you want to eavesdrop, tell me next time! By the way, since you want to eavesdrop, why don’t you eavesdrop on Zhou Tiannan?"

"I really wanted to. I installed one in his house before but it was found. I’ve been to his house three or four times and found nothing. The old thief is too treacherous."

"Are there any leads from Yan Ke’s side?"

"No, but I saw him go to the hardware store yesterday and sneak out with a bag."

The two sat quietly for a while. kk said, "Brother Chen, I read the newspaper. This case has made you troubled again, right? Would you like me to kill Zhou Tiannan? The police can justly search his home."

Chen Shi made a "pay attention to me" gesture and said, "Walking over the law is one thing, but don't even think about breaking the law!"

"Just saying… Haii... if I had superpowers, that would be great. I would make this guy disappear and all the troubles would be over!”

Chen Shi glanced at his phone. Lin Dongxue had sent a message, "We’ve arrested the black hat man."

Chen Shi patted kk on the shoulder. "I have something to do. You can let me know if anything comes up."

Arriving at the bureau, the black hat man was sitting in the interrogation room without saying a word. Chen Shi asked, "Where did you catch him?"

"When Xiaodong investigated the last few suspects, he found this man sneaking around nearby, and arrested him."

"Great! Xiaodong has made great merits!"

"This guy is very tight-lipped. We still don't know what his name is!"

In the interrogation room, Lin Qiupu slammed on the table angrily and asked, "Name! Occupation!"

The man said disdainfully, "What did I do? Why did you arrest me?"

"We suspect that you were involved in Qu Jing’an's death." Lin Qiupu took out the photos and pointed at it. "You want to say that this isn’t you?"

The man sneered, "Drinking a cup of coffee breaks the law?!"

"You’re still acting? A few people who met with you were directly involved in the murder plan. Do you want to say that you’re innocent?"

The man shrugged. "Speak reasonably, okay? For example, I said a few words to the driver in a car. The next day, the driver killed someone. Then this matter needs to be blamed on me? ... What’s wrong with having coffee with friends?”

"Friends? Are you friends with these people?"

"Internet friends!" he said obstinately.

"Hard as a dead duck’s beak[1]!" Lin Dongxue sighed. She turned around and saw a police officer from the forensics department had come and asked, "Little Zhou, did you find out his identity?"

"I found it through his fingerprints. His name is Zhang Wei. He was suspected of killing his wife to scam insurance...

"Let me guess. There was a lack of evidence and he was acquitted?" Chen Shi said.

Little Zhou said, "Yes, there was insufficient evidence! I’ll give the report to Captain Lin." Then, he walked into the interrogation room.

Chen Shi said, "I think this man has also received ‘benefits’. He’s not the murderer behind the scenes, but a message relayer, and he won’t say anything. If Zhou Tiannan can ask them to do things, it means he has something he’s holding over them."

No matter how Lin Qiupu interrogated, the man didn’t say anything and was finally sent to the detention center first. Lin Qiupu asked someone to search Zhang Wei's house. Chen Shi felt that this was useless as there wouldn’t be any evidence there.

"You have to investigate it even if it's useless. We finally caught a suspect and it wasn’t easy." Lin Qiupu said. "By the way, Qu Jingli's contract signing location is set tomorrow. It’s in his newly completed company building. We’ll take people to guard there at night. Don't let suspicious people go in again."

"The police decided to protect Qu Jingli?" Chen Shi asked.

"We already know that Zhou Tiannan wants to take action against those brothers, so we can't just watch him get killed!"

Chen Shi, Lin Dongxue, and other police officers went to the scene. The building was just completed and hadn’t been officially opened, so the whole building was empty. The person who managed the building showed them to Chief Qu’s office. Some office facilities had already been put inside.

Chen Shi asked the police to drive their cars away, and the crowd squatted in the building to wait. The whole process was boring. Chen Shi kept yawning. Suddenly, there was contact made from his companions via radio, "Suspicious person found!"

"Describe them!" Chen Shi said.

"It's a man with a bag in his hand. They have a suspicious look... He took wire cutters out of the bag. Do you want to arrest him?"

Chen Shi thought about whether or not to do so. The gang didn’t have any contact with each other, and arresting one of them wouldn’t leak it to the others. He said, "Catch him!"

When Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi hurried over, the man was already subdued and yelling on the ground. He had a bag beside him with tools such as wire cutters, wrenches, other tools, and a receiver.

Chen Shi yelled, "Who told you to come?!"

The man was terrified and responded, "A man in a black hat."

"What did he ask you to do?"

"Connect... Connect this to the wires."

"This one?"

"Yes, I don't know anything else."

Lin Dongxue said, "I will take this guy away first and take that thing back for identification."

"I’ll accompany you."

The two escorted the person back to the office, and the receiver was taken apart to see that there was a fuse link with electric holders at both ends. Looking at this structure, it would melt as soon as the signal was received, and then the power supply would get cut off.

This device seems to be designed to cut off power at the scene, but with the tip of the iceberg alone, it was impossible to judge Zhou Tiannan's scheme.

At that time, the colleagues who stayed in the building called and expressed excitement, "We arrested another suspicious guy and found a detonator on him!"

"What?" Lin Dongxue was shocked. "It doesn’t have a fuse line or explosives?"

"Only the detonator."

Chen Shi pondered, "Zhou Tiannan intends to come up with a big commotion and get a bomb to kill Qu Jingli at the scene."

Lin Dongxue frowned. "How many people would die?!"

1. Used to describe stubborn people. 


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