Chapter 59: Lin Dongxue's Investigation

Teacher Li desperately pleaded for mercy, and raised his hands high to prevent the police from handcuffing him. This comical struggle between them amused the other officers.

Teacher Li pleaded with a tearful face “No matter what, I am still a teacher. Could you leave me a bit of face? I can come back to the station with you all, but don’t handcuff me!”

“Fine!” Lin Qiupu compromised, “But if you play tricks, don't blame me for not giving you face.”

“Of course!”

Lin Qiupu looked around the house. “Take those discs and send them to the department that checks pornography.”

Teacher Li queried, “Officers, collecting these aren’t against the law, is it?”

“We cannot confirm that at this point. We need to let the professionals verify it.”

As Mr. Li was taken out of the school, there were cheers coming from one of the windows. “The big pervert was caught!”

Lin Qiupu glanced at the window filled with children's gloating smiles and asked, “Your class?”

“Yes, don't listen to them. There’s these boys who love to nickname all the teachers.”

“I hope it is just a nickname.” Lin Qiupu cautioned.

If this Teacher Li wasn’t checked, they wouldn’t have known about this terrible background. In the afternoon, Lin Qiupu rushed to summon everyone to brief them on it. He had found that the teacher had a child molestation background. Once, he forced kisses upon two girls in an elevator. When the news spread online, this guy was searched for by the netizens and everyone voiced out that they wanted to beat him up. Not only was he fired from the original public school he was teaching at, but his teaching qualification was also revoked.

Later, he got into this private high school through connections. It seems that his “personal hobby” has been kept under wraps ever since.

The body was thrown downstairs by his dormitory. The missing person happened to be a student in one of his classes. The deceased was also hinted to not have liked this teacher before his death. Adding an important point, Li could not provide any evidence of absence during the time of death.

Lin Qiupu identified this person as very suspicious and asked the whole group to focus on this angle.

As the suspect surfaced, everyone's attitude was very lively. As if covered in chicken blood, they went on to investigate Li's situation with great drive. Only Lin Dongxue remembered Chen Shi's words, so she was not misled by Lin Qiupu.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, Lin Dongxue left the bureau. Xu Xiaodong followed close behind and requested, “Are you going out to investigate the case? Let me come with you!”

“Is my brother making you follow me again?”

“No… Uh…” Xu Xiaodong clearly let the cat out of the bag. “Where are you going? I will drive you.”

Not being able to hold off Xu Xiaodong's enthusiasm, Lin Dongxue got in his car eventually. After getting in the car, Xu Xiaodong asked, “Why didn't Master Chen intervene this time? Did he leave you with any tricks and plans?”

“You used to call him Brother Chen, and now you’re calling him Master Chen?” Lin Dongxue snickered.

“Oh, I haven’t really respected anyone in my life, but I really can’t help but respect him. He is really amazing! What did he say to you anyway?”

Lin Dongxue grabbed his wrist and looked at him with a look of caution. “Hey, surely you’re not a spy sent by my brother, right?”

“Of course not!” Xu Xiaodong denied it. “Captain Lin only asked me to protect you, but he didn't ask me to gain intelligence. I just wanted to know myself.”

“You see? You leaked your motive already!”

Annoyed, Xu Xiaodong pretended to slap himself in the face. “Do you have confidence in solving this case?”

Lin Dongxue did not respond.

“The last time we gained some recognition, it was so cool. I knew that I would be able to eat meat[1] if I were to be with you and Master Chen. Please take me along this time as well! I’ll shout dinner for the both of you.”

“I don't have any confidence, so don't put all of your hopes on me.”

“It's okay, I am very happy just working with you on the case.”

Lin Dongxue rolled her eyes at him, but Xu Xiaodong still had naïve smile on his face.

The two went to the school. It turns out the students in the private school get let out fairly early. It was only 4:30pm, but they saw a large number of students rushing out. Lin Dongxue exclaimed, “Oh no, we’re late! Find students in the 4th class of the 2nd grade.”

“How would I search for them if they’re all wearing the same uniform?”

A group of children gathered around. A fat little boy dragging around unwiped snot came over to tug at Lin Dongxue’s sleeve and asked, “Sister, sister! Is our class teacher Li arrested?”

“Did he kill Du Lei?”

“Is Teacher Li never coming back? That’s great! I don’t have to write my language assignment anymore.”

The questions kept piling up, making Lin Dongxue feel overwhelmed. Then, she asked, “Are you all from class 4?”


“Then, does anyone know where Du Lei lives?”

Everyone shook their heads, except for the fat little boy. “Wang Jinsong must know since they leave school together every day.”

“Where is Wang Jinsong right now?”

“In the small alley ahead, there is an internet cafe. He often goes there.”

Lin Dongxue and Xu Xiaodong immediately went to the black Internet cafe[2]. In the messy Internet cafe, there were many children wearing the same school uniform playing games, and there were also many young gang members. The two really didn’t know if the parents knew that their children were playing in this sort of place. They wondered what their parents would think if they found out.

When Lin Dongxue looked around, Xu Xiaodong stood behind a child and pointed, “Why do you have so many Doran’s rings?[3] Buy boots!”

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Lin Dongxue gave him a look.

“Unconsciously, I’ve become infected.” Xu Xiaodong laughed like an idiot.

“How old are you? Still playing games?”

“Have you never heard of that saying? Men will never grow up, but their toys get more and more expensive.”

“I hate naive men.”

Xu Xiaodong immediately changed his attitude, fixed his collar and explained. “Actually, only my appearance is naive. however, on the inside, I’m actually quite mature... I have done a small test before and my mental age is over forty!”

“Cut the crap!”

Lin Dongxue was stunned by all the cigarette smoke here and she felt a bit suffocated from it. When she was about to leave, she heard a very loud scream.

“The mid lane! Garen, has your mind gone to shit? Grab the blue buff! Don't focus on Nunu you piece of shit, hit Nami! Fuck! When I get back, get ready to group!“[4]

The child wore earphones and was yelling at the players in the game he was playing with. He kept slamming the keyboard, and even the cafe management looked distressed when they looked over.

“This child will become a great individual in the future.” Xu Xiaodong commented.

Lin Dongxue found that the child's face was a bit familiar. When she went over, she found that it was Wang Jinsong. She poked him with a finger. Wang Jinsong looked back and glared at her, then immersed himself back into the game. After playing for a while, he finally realized who he had just glared at, turned his head and, due to him wearing headphones, he loudly asserted, “I have to finish this round first!”

“We’ll go outside and wait for you.” Lin Dongxue gestured due to the loud background noise.

“Okay, okay... Cunt, stop taking my minions, I’ll fuck your mum!"[5]

The two stood by the door waiting and Lin Dongxue looked into the door from time to time. Xu Xiaodong asked, “Are you thirsty? I’ll buy you a bottle of water.”

“No thanks, I'm fine.”

Lin Dongxue looked back again and found that the person was gone. She hurried in and asked the café boss. The boss notified them that the child had just paid for his time and left.

“Where did he go? Isn't this only the door?”

“There is another exit next to the toilet.”

Lin Dongxue ran there to see a small figure running on the road, making the bag they were carrying jump up and down. She was so angry she almost cussed. She ordered, “Chase after him!”

1. Have rewards/benefits. 

2. An Internet café where hooligans aggregated. 

3. It’s an item in League of Legends. A full list of items can be found here (if you’re interested): 

4. All to do with League of Legends. Garen, Nunu and Nami are champions (characters) that you can select to play as. The game has three lanes and jungle areas. The blue buff is a jungle monster that gives you a buff. A list of champions can be found here (if you’re interested): 

5. He’s making comments regarding League of Legends here as well. People need to last-hit minions/creeps in order to earn money. This process is called CS (Creep Score) which is the number of creeps that the person has last hit. 

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