Chapter 587: Sudden Murder

The three chatted away in the milk tea shop for some time. Wang Haitao said, "Oh yeah, did you notice that there are a lot of bodyguards today?"

"It seems like that."

"I heard that only 20 people were originally employed, but the number was temporarily increased to 60. It seems that something is going to happen."

"Mr. Wang, where did you get this information?"

"My father told me. He has a share in the bodyguard company. I came to the signing ceremony in place of him today. He told me to be careful. I’m relieved to see you here."

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue glanced at the scene. Those bodyguards looked really nervous. Lin Dongxue said, "Something won’t happen today, right?"

"Have you heard anything from the police?"

"No... If I have to say something, it would be that during the investigation, it’s been difficult for us to meet the Qu brothers. Even when we met, they also had lots of bodyguards. They seemed overly cautious and seem to be guarding against something at all times."

During Chen Shi's thinking, Wang Haitao said in surprise, "You’re investigating Dahong Group. Have they committed anything?"

Chen Shi said, "This is inconvenient to disclose. However, if your father has their stocks on hand, hurry up and throw them away. The brothers of the Qu family may have been involved in certain matters."

"Thank you for the warning!" Wang Haitao immediately sent a text message.

Lin Dongxue said, "Do you want to tell my brother about this?"

"What would we say about something that’s without any solid proof?"

Wang Haitao said, "If you guys want to go in, I have invitations here. The two of you can join me."

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue exchanged their opinions and thought that it would be a good idea to go in to have a look. They followed Wang Haitao into the hotel. The hotel was currently booked out by the Dahong Group. There were a few tables with cold dishes in the hall. The invited guests came and went, eating and chatting.

Wang Haitao impolitely loaded a plate for himself and began to eat. He asked Chen Shi if he wanted to eat. Chen Shi said there was no need. Wang Haitao said, "I didn't eat breakfast and need to deal with the hunger."

"You're so frugal. You don't want to show off your wealth?"

"Haha, what do you mean show off? The whole city knows my identity. If you can save money, you should. No matter how much money you have, there’s a day when it’ll all be spent. I told my father that and persuaded him to save from unnecessary expenses. He easily accepted. I honestly think my father is quite reasonable."

"Old Master Lu is indeed kind and reasonable." Chen Shi thought that if it weren’t for the death of his two sons, Old Master Lu's mentality wouldn't be the way it is today. However, it wasn’t bad this way. He’d live more peacefully in his later years.

Lin Dongxue turned around and went back to Chen Shi, saying, "Bodyguards are standing in the safe passage and in front of the kitchen door. The security index couldn’t be higher... I’ll contact the local police station to stand by nearby. If something happens, we won’t be caught off guard."

Chen Shi nodded. "Okay!"

Lin Dongxue's had just called when suddenly, a man dressed as a reporter fell to the ground while holding his stomach, screaming painfully. The bodyguards around him immediately went to check the situation. Wang Haitao saw this and spit the food in his mouth back onto the plate.

Chen Shi said to him, "There may be something wrong here, so leave quickly!"

"I must at least meet with the CEO of the Dahong Group. Otherwise, I would have come in vain..."

"Never mind the etiquette anymore. This is for your safety."

"Okay, see you next time!"

Lin Dongxue checked the reporter’s condition. His lips were going blue and he was covered in cold sweat. He seemed to have been poisoned. She immediately called people to take the reporter to the hospital for emergency treatment while Chen Shi looked around. A sneaky man went into the safe passage while the bodyguards weren’t paying attention.

Chen Shi rushed over and grabbed the man by the shoulder. The man was terrified. At this time, Chen Shi found that he was holding a small iron box in his arms.

"What are you holding?!”

"I... I don't know!"

The bodyguards heard the news and ordered the man to open the box for inspection. Chen Shi heard a ticking noise from the box. "Wait, there may be dangerous goods inside!"

"Say what's inside!" shouted a higher-level bodyguard.

The man cried with a sad face, "I really don't know!"

"Who ordered you to come?!"

"I... I can't say."

The bodyguard was going to beat him when Chen Shi grabbed his arm. Chen Shi handed the box to him and instructed, "Take it to a place outside where no one else is located. The police will handle it later."

"Who are you?"

Chen Shi showed his consultant ID, and the other party did as instructed.

Chen Shi asked the bodyguard to control the man first. He said, "You can check nearby to see if there are any other suspicious people coming in!"

"We can't listen to you. Who would be responsible if something goes wrong?"

"Yes, this policeman may also be fake."

The bodyguards didn’t obey his instructions.

Chen Shi was so angry that he wanted to laugh. Lin Dongxue walked over. "The local police said they were stopped by a truck on their way over and they couldn’t find the owner."

"It must have been for the Qu brothers. Where are they?!”

A bodyguard replied, "We can't disclose that."

Lin Dongxue said, "I just saw Qu Jing’an go upstairs under the bodyguard's escort..."

As soon as she said this, there was a scream from the crowd as the elevator started descending rapidly. The bodyguards were frightened. Fortunately, the elevator stopped on the third floor. It may be that someone inside pressed the emergency button.

A group of bodyguards immediately rushed to the third floor, and Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue followed suit.

They saw that at the elevator, several bodyguards were desperately trying to open the door. One bodyguard suddenly screamed before retreating back. When he looked at his hands, they were actually blistered. A fire may have occurred within the elevator.

The temperature could be felt through the elevator door, and screams were constantly heard inside. Thinking about it, it must have been a hell-like scene inside.

Chen Shi broke the fire box on the wall with his elbow, took out the fire axe, and asked Lin Dongxue to get the fire extinguisher. The bodyguards took the fire axe and tried their best to pry the elevator door open. Finally, the door opened. With the influx of air, the flames in the elevator got stronger. Flames spewed out, making everyone not dare to step forward.

Several burning people rushed out, screaming and rolling around. The scene was hard to watch.

Lin Dongxue immediately extinguished the flames on their bodies with the fire extinguisher. When the smoke dissipated, they saw that the people were burned all over. They couldn't even identify who they were. The bodyguards stepped forward to confirm them one by one and found that one of them had already died. It was chief Qu.

Lin Dongxue was stunned, and Chen Shi said, "Hurry and call for reinforcements. Cordon the scene and don't let anyone leave!"

The signing ceremony was forced to be suspended because of this sudden incident, and the people of the partner company hurriedly left the scene. There was already a mess here. People flocked to escape, and there was almost a stampede.

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue were desperate to maintain the order at the scene. After an hour, Lin Qiupu led people into the scene and the situation was finally brought under control. At the chaotic scene, everyone was still living in a state of shock and panic.


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