Chapter 584: The Price

On the afternoon of October 13th , Chen Shi was released from the detention room. He hadn't slept almost the whole night and had sat there thinking about things. He was totally haggard. Lin Qiupu swallowed back the words that he had prepared to reprimand him. He said, "Don't be so impulsive next time."

Chen Shi took out his consultant certificate. "I don’t want to work as a consultant anymore. I’ll just drive taxis in the future.”

"Why?!" Lin Qiupu blocked his hand. "You don’t plan to use violence to suppress violence, right? If so, where would it place the principles and positions of us police?"

"I'm not a policeman. What’s the use in telling me this?"

"Calm down! Come to the meeting."

There was a gloomy atmosphere in the meeting room. Lin Dongxue's eyes were swollen. She whispered to Chen Shi, "We told the child's family. As for the grandmother, we’ve been hiding it. How can we tell her this kind of thing?"

"Raise your spirits!" Lin Qiupu slammed the table. "I admit that this was a major mistake made by us police. It was because we underestimated how cunning and venomous our opponents are. The deceased is still not resting in peace. I know everyone is holding a grudge, but don’t forget that we’re the police. This battle is still going on, and we will continue to fight with them. Evil will never prevail against justice, and one day, this account will be settled completely. The moment that they’re most arrogant will be when they’re about to perish!”

After a pause, he announced, "I have asked the superiors to form a team to formally investigate Zhou Tiannan and his gang!"

At the same time, Yan Ke was teaching a class in the classroom. It was quiet below the podium. It was so quiet that it was strange. Only his voice explaining the text echoed within the classroom. He noticed that the students looked at him with strange eyes.

His eyes fell on the missing seat in the corner. Thinking about it, Cao Rui was from this class.

Some rumors had spread between the teachers and the students, but he didn't care. As the students left, peace would soon return. The thing that humans were best at was forgetting.

With one finger missing on his right hand, it was a bit inconvenient to hold the chalk. He was still adjusting to it.

The feeling of the sun shining on him felt great and even the smell of the chalk was wonderful. This was the taste of freedom. He felt as if everything had been a dream, and standing on this podium was like living another life.

"Students, Kong Yiji's personality is multifaceted. He has both a pedantic old-school literati side and a kind side. Which student is going to summarize these two aspects... Zhou Shuren, you answer it."

The boy was motionless and looked at him with angry eyes.

"Okay, let's change to another classmate... Sun Wanyue, you do it!"

The girl didn't move either, as if she was a statue.

"Class rep, write down their names and visit my office after class!"

The class leader, who was usually the most obedient, also stayed motionless. Yan Ke realized that no one had opened their textbooks. He slammed the textbook on the table. "What are you guys doing? Do you have some opinions about me?”

"Teacher, you don't deserve to stand here!" said one student.

"Who said that? Stand up for me!" Yan Ke shouted.

"You don't deserve to stand here!"

"Get lost!"


At first, it was just individual voices, but they gradually converged together into a clamor. Every student was criticizing him. All their young faces were full of anger. Some boys even began to tear apart their Chinese textbooks, crumpling the papers into balls and throwing them at him. Soon, everyone followed their actions.

"Get lost! Get lost!"

Countless paper balls were thrown at Yan Ke. He used his textbook and arms to ward them off in disbelief. He dropped the sentence, "I'm going to look for your form teacher" before fleeing. Behind him, the students in the class cheered for their success in their first revolt. He found it hard to listen to.

Yan Ke fled back to the office, fuming. There was another person in the office. Zhou Tiannan was holding a cigar and staring out of the window.

Yan Ke quickly tidied his hair, took out a box of highly-priced cigars from the drawer, and walked over. Zhou Tiannan raised his eyes to look at him. Yan Ke squatted down and said with a smiling face, "Mr. Zhou, I bought this for you."

"Driven out by the students?"

Yan Ke smiled, "This group of disobedient students. I don’t know who spread the rumor."

"That kind of resistance is actually fear. You shouldn't be afraid of them. They are afraid of you."

Yan Ke nodded slowly, as if appreciating this philosophy, and then offered the cigar box with both hands, "Mr. Zhou, please take this as a small token of my appreciation."

"We shouldn't have any contact with each other. This is for each other’s safety. The police will not give up so easily."

"Okay... okay. You can order me any time if there’s any matter. I will always owe you a life."

Zhou Tiannan swiveled his cigar and looked at the flickering flame. "I have something I need your help with recently, but don't worry, it's not murder or arson. It's just a small thing!" He smiled and looked at Yan Ke. "As long as you complete it, it’s settled between us."

"I will definitely do it!" Yan Ke said firmly. Something in his heart had quietly changed. He was no longer his past self.


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